Monday, December 29, 2008


Oh God... it's been forever since I last wrote in here. It's 0145 in the morning as I sit in front of my laptop pondering on what happened to my blog! I love writing down my thoughts and ever since I have started working, this has taken a back seat! Hmmm... If I were to say that I was too busy to update my blog, that is simply not true. I had ample time to do so due to the flexibility of my job. I have forsaken so many simple pleasures in life (such as blogging!) since I left MMU in June 2006. It's time I take some time to reflect on 2008 and start my 2009 with new resolutions and goals! Restarting my blog is definitely one of my 2009 resolutions! LOL.

I bid you adieu 2008... 2009~ Here I come!