Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Cyst...

About a month ago, my elder sister went for her regular pap smear test at a local hospital. As fate would have it, the hospital she went to was having some health check with the pap smear (it's in a package) and my sister took up the offer. To her surprise, the check up indicated that she had a cyst on her right ovary which has the dimension of 7cm by 4cm. The gynecologist then told my sister to return for a subsequent check up after her period. Few days ago, she went back to her gynecologist and was told that she need to have the cyst removed. By then, the cyst was already 8cm by 4cm.

On Friday 9am, she was admitted to Gleneagles Ampang Hospital and at 1130am, she had her surgery which took about one and half hours. I visited her at about 2pm but she was in no condition to speak to me since the drug has not worn off yet. Her beloved, Tom, who was with her the whole day had to return to my sister's apartment to grab some stuff and I stayed with my sister until the doctor who performed the surgery on my sister came at about 515pm. By then, my dad had arrived and Tom had returned and we followed the doctor to another room to have a look at the cyst. Initially, there was a bucket on the table (which is roughly the size of a KFC bucket) and two smaller bottles on top of it with some flesh in it. For a moment, I thought the doctor was going to take one of the smaller bottles and show us the cyst (it didn't register in my mind that the bottle could not have contained a cyst that is 8cm by 4cm). The doctor then put aside the bottles and opened the bucket. Lo and behold! He took out the cyst which shocked everyone in the room. It was the size of a freaking grape fruit! (Take a look at the pictures below!) The kind doctor went on to tell us that he had to perform something like a c-section incision to remove the cyst and from the initial observation, the cyst was not malignant. Of course, he also added that the cyst will be sent to lab for further tests and he can't be sure until the results are out.

The cyst which was the size of a grape fruit

As of this moment, my sister is currently recuperating in the hospital and she is expected to be discharged this coming Monday. The amazing thing about this is that my sister didn't even feel any pain or discomfort while she was having this huge cyst. Thank God that she went for her regular pap smear and check up else she wouldn't have known about it. This surgery cost her a whopping RM 10,000 and this does not include the room and board as well as other miscellaneous hospital charges. So to my dear readers, please... please (I can't emphasize this enough!) go for regular medical check ups as it might save your life!


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my gosh..
that's enormous!!
Good thing your sis go for regular checkups..

Thanks for sharing this..


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