Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still Waiting

As you are aware, my mum lost her battle to cancer March last year and the medical and living costs incurred by my family was astronomical. Thanks to the medical insurance policy, the 80% of RM 100,000++ spent on her treatment was covered. However, there are still so many individuals out there who are not covered either by their company's insurance or have any personal policies. In this article featured in The Sunday Star's Fit4Life page SF3 (26th August 2007), it shares the frustrations of a cancer patient, Belinda Bateman, in getting financial aid. Belinda, like most individuals out there, thinks that she is sufficiently covered by her company's insurance and did not invest in a policy of her own. However, the moment she was diagnosed with cancer, her company told her to resign after paying for her lumpectomy as she was now a liability to them. Having not much savings and no income, she had to turn to Social Welfare Department and Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) for financial assistance. Unfortunately, due to all the bureaucratic (bullsh*t) red tape, both organizations had to take months to "investigate". Some of you might be aware that you can withdraw your EPF savings for critical illness treatment. Belinda knew this but even with 4th stage cancer and a 3-year old child to feed, EPF had courtesy to turn away a dying woman and ask her to wait for two to three months before she can withdraw her own hard earned money for treatment! Belinda's case clearly illustrates the importance of medical insurance and if you have the illusion that your company will bail you out when you are in need, please pray hard that your company is not as heartless as the one Belinda was working with. (I will pray for you too since you are willing to risk your life at the hands of your employer!) Cheers!

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