Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stay Happy At Work

This is an interesting article which came at the right time as it was published just as my beloved Adel was having some office problems. (Obviously, she was quite unsettled by it!) Featured in The Star Metro Classifieds (21st August 2007), Philip Lee shares on how one can have a blissful working environment. Getting on the boss' good side and being receptive to constructive criticisms is some of the ways to be get there. It was also mentioned in this article that you should never-ever talk negatively/criticize others (one of my principles as well). It reflects badly on you and no doubt any individual who enjoys criticizing his colleagues/boss will be the last on the "trustworthy-list" amongst his peers. Having said that, you should also reach out to your colleagues and find a common ground with them. Your colleagues are the people you face every day at work and the last thing you want to do is to have conflicts with them which ultimately means misery for everyone. This editorial is indeed a useful article and do take your time to download and read. Have a good read and cheers!

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