Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Writing Style

I was chatting with this mighty fine lady over Yahoo! Messenger and we chatted as though we were friends who lost touch for a long time. We talked about everything under the sun (even though we met last Friday night! LoL). After a while, she touched on the way I used to write my blog which struck me as an interesting conversation. The conversation were as follows;

... (omitted parts)

Uncle Chan : my apologies
Uncle Chan : was on the phone
Uncle Chan : you still there?
Drumsticks : yup still here
Drumsticks : its alright.. no worries
Uncle Chan : busy busy blogging eh?
Drumsticks : yeahh.. damn hard to write ler
Drumsticks : deproving in english
Uncle Chan : deproving...?
Drumsticks : yeah
Uncle Chan : is there such a word?
Drumsticks : the fact that i said deproving
Drumsticks : LoL
Uncle Chan : LoL
Uncle Chan : your England has deteriorated
Drumsticks : yeah
Drumsticks : ur writing style has changed too
Drumsticks : less agressive
Drumsticks : more civilised
Uncle Chan : Yeah... i did that on purpose
Uncle Chan : LoL
Drumsticks : really?
Uncle Chan : more civilised <--- what a way of putting it into words
Drumsticks : its true its true!
Drumsticks : less fucking words
Drumsticks : but i truly enjoyed ur writing
Uncle Chan : my uncivilised writing?
Drumsticks : yeah hahah..
Uncle Chan : fucking = LoL
Uncle Chan : Can I use this script in my blog?
Drumsticks : LoL
Drumsticks : go ahead.. honoured
Drumsticks : hahah
Drumsticks : btw, how come u did that on purpose?
Drumsticks : like changing ur style of writing?
Uncle Chan : Cause I want my blog to be viewed by a wider and older audience
Drumsticks : ooohh
Drumsticks : btw, ur articles are pretty insighful
Drumsticks : hahah
Drumsticks : but i miss ur personal posts
Uncle Chan : yeah... working on that
Uncle Chan : two in the pipeline
Uncle Chan : one is definitely this
Uncle Chan : and the other is about Chinaman and western mentality
Uncle Chan : Looking at my blog... it has somehow turned boring
Uncle Chan : LoL
Drumsticks : i guess coz it is missing the personal post like u used to do before
Drumsticks : u know what i mean rite
Drumsticks : sorry i dont find ur blog boring in anyway at all
Drumsticks : haha
Drumsticks : coz i still visit it
Uncle Chan : LoL
Uncle Chan : I am going to post some scathing remarks then
Uncle Chan : spice up my blog
Uncle Chan : LoL
Drumsticks : yeahhh!!
Uncle Chan : eleh... nanti kena kutuk like mad by my colleagues
Uncle Chan : siao liao
Drumsticks : hahhaha
... (omitted parts)

This conversation made me realize how much I have changed since my MMU days. Most of my blog's readers loved the way I used to write (aggressive, fucking language... LoL. Drumsticks, the language you use is so funny!) and that was what separated my blog from the rest. I admit I have consciously toned down my language in this blog because I personally think the more aggressive I am, the less effective it is for me to relay the message of that particular entry. Then again, I think I should reconfigure the filter I impose upon myself and bring back more "Uncle Chan style" into my blog. LoL. Drumstick, thanks for the honest sharing on your thoughts about my blog, I really appreciate it. I look forward in creating more "personal posts" in the future. Cheers!

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