Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Five Ways To Retain Talent

Most often than not, employers tend to overlook the needs and development of their staff. Not to mention that recognition is rarely given to staff whom performed well since most bosses have the mentality of "it's their duty to perform when they work for me". As a result, most staff lack the motivation and enthusiasm to improve themselves and ultimately, they will leave the company for another better paying job. This cycle goes on and on and employers will have to train new staff each time the veteran leaves. Imagine the amount of time and money wasted in that process! All of these can be resolved if the employers make the effort to retain their staff. This is exactly what was shared by David Simpson, the director of Team Building Asia in today's The Star Metro Classifieds (7 August 2007). He outlined five general strategies to further boost the retention rate in a company which are to support the employees' values, needs, development, frequent motivation and most importantly, give recognition when it is due. Regardless of whether you are an employer or not at the moment, I earnestly believe that the values listed in this article will improve your management skills since we all have to manage people every day of our lives! Have a good read and cheers!

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