Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Breaking Barriers

In today's The Star Startwo (7 August 2007) Women section page T10 featured an article on women's right to recognition at work. It is an interesting article as it shares the success story of two women namely Anusoorya Themudu and Nafisah Radin who broke through the social norms where women are often thought of as the weaker and less resilient sex. The former is now the Human Resources Director (Corporate) of General Electric Malaysia and she encourages women to break the cultural barriers where women are generally introverts and often feel guilty to make the right decisions. The other featured individual, Nafisah Radin had to juggle between raising a family of 4 and her business in two separate states for seven years. During her confinement period, she even bought a land and designed her home! For her outstanding efforts, she was awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Talk about women power! Have a good read on these two outstanding women and cheers!

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