Thursday, July 05, 2007

Worklife Issues

It's amazing how many of us take for granted the wonderful articles featured in the Star. I have heard many of my friends and colleagues alike complain that newspapers are dull and boring (other than the Comics Section) but I beg to differ. Each day of the week, the Star Metro Classifieds Central Edition always provide articles that helps us improve ourselves in numerous aspects of our life. I just read the articles entitled "Perfect Your Balancing Act" (The Star Metro Classifieds 4th July 2007) and its subsequent section "Missing In Action?" (The Star Metro Classifieds 5th July 2007) which are written by Anna Murphy. The author emphasizes the few important aspects of our life which are; Career, Family and Friends, Leisure, Continuous Education, Spiritual Growth, Community Work as well as Finance Plan (She didn't touch on Health though... Wonder why?) Do take your time to read it as I truly believe and concur that success is not measured by excelling in one of the areas but to be successful is to have a balanced life that excels in all areas. Cheers!

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