Monday, July 09, 2007

Wedding bells...

On 7 July 2007, I would believe that hundreds of couples nationwide registered or had their wedding reception on this supposedly auspicious day. My colleagues and I were saying, everyone was attending someone else's wedding on that day itself. Being part of the 'crowd', I attended the wedding dinner of Your's Truly's good friend, Pui Fun at her sleepy hometown of Ipoh. Since I wasn't from Ipoh, I had no idea where the restaurant was and after some last minute (and somewhat chaotic) arrangement, I met up with Audrey Ting (whom I have not met for years since we went into our own majors back in MMU) and both of us found our way to the venue ahead of time (with the much needed help from the bride herself). It was a simple wedding reception which only her relatives (the bride's side of the family) and close friends attended.

The wedding dinner started at 8pm sharp after every guest was seated. Surprisingly, the dishes served were quite good and being a Chinese wedding dinner, the guests were quite loud especially the older uncles and aunts who had a few rounds of liquor. Seated at the table with Yours Truly were three of Pui Fun's ex-house mates from MMU, Audrey, Joyce, Yong, Eugene and Siew Goh. The drinks we had started out pretty mild as we had soft drinks until Audrey started the ball rolling by having the first glass of beer. Soon, Yours Truly followed suit and with the combined power of influencing of the both of us, we eventually made everyone seated at our table to indulge in some warm beer (No thanks to the incompetence of the restaurant staff). Not too long after the dinner started, the bride and groom proposed a toast and true to our Chinese wedding style, we shouted out "Yam Seng" thrice and both star of the night went from table to table to chat with the guests. This was when all of us realized that we didn't bring a camera and we had to settle with camera phones.

From left: Eugene, Pui Fun, Yours Truly and Yong

From left: Siew Goh, Joyce, Pui Fun, Audrey and Leong (Pui Fun's younger brother)

Soon after the photos were taken, we continued with our dinner and the wedding reception ended at 10pm sharp (that's a record for me as the dinner started off relatively on time and ended early!). This was followed by a brief gathering at the bride's house before we left for Penang at about 1130pm. Throughout the night, it was so clear that both the bride and groom were brimming with happiness. It was certainly a joyous occasion for the married couple and her friends as Pui Fun has come a long way since her University days. Those whom have known her as much as we did would know how much she struggled with her previous relationship due to issues which I will not discuss here. Now, she is the first amongst our batch to settle down and start a family which I really envy and respect. This is a big contrast to the trend our generation is moving towards now; careers come first and the act of starting a family comes secondary (which is why many young adults are pushing their marriage into their 30's).

To Lyk Wuai and Pui Fun, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this entry to you. May you be continuously be blessed with health, happiness and abundance in life. I'm truly happy for you have finally found your true happiness which eluded you awhile back. God bless the both of ya!

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Kurt said...

eh, kayu la, didn't bring camera.

Anyway, congratulations. To Pui Fun. Not you.

Peace. Out.