Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Sky's The Limit

Last Saturday's (14 July 2007) The Star Metro Classifieds featured this article written by Nido Qubein which talked about being the star performer of a company. All of those criteria listed here are already known to most of us such as being a go-getter, share knowledge, team player, etc but I doubt many of us realize the importance of it. Nonetheless, I would like to emphasize the benefits of sharing knowledge. I have not been in any office politics due to my early exit from my previous employment but the short three months I was there, I have seen so many minor matters that have been blown out of proportion due to selfishness. It doesn't take a genius to know what resulted from that and relationships were strained. You have nothing to lose from sharing what you know with others cause it will only reinforce what you already know and it will strengthen the bonds between you and your peers. Plus, those who share their knowledge freely with others who will gain more as others will return always the favour. Hey, you don't expect others to do unto you what you have NOT done unto others right? In short, sharing helps you reaffirms what you already know, build better relationships and reduces the need to 'implore' others to assist you since those you helped are more than willing to return the favour. So what is there to lose by sharing? Hmm... I think I'm getting too carried away. You get my point. Do download the article and read. Cheers!

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