Monday, July 02, 2007

Save First and Spend the Rest

Once again, in yesterday's edition of the Sunday Star, they featured an article on financial planning. This time, it deals with retirement planning for young working adults at the age 24/25. The figures projected here has factored in all the necessary costs and to be honest, it is quite shocking to see that if Adeline (my beloved) and I were to get married this year, we would have to prepare a whopping RM 3.8 million retirement fund if we were to retire comfortably (we're talking about the fund to offset our daily necessities and this does not factor in the cash required for vacation/leisure purposes). Please go ahead and save this article to read and I hope this will jolt you into taking steps for retirement planning.

Note: This article was featured on The Sunday Star, 1st July 2007 in Focus Section (Page 29-30)

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