Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Than Just Surviving

In the Sunday Star's Fit4Life section (29 July 2007), I chanced upon this article by Loh Foon Fong which shared the experience of two breast cancer survivors. The general population generally assumes that breast cancer only afflicts older women but Siew Mei Quin was diagnosed with cancer in her mid-30s. She even shared that through this experience, she became a positive individual! (I have said many times, your attitude on life will make a difference). The other survivor, Wong Mee Yee, had mastectomy (total removal of the breast) at the age of 52 and now she's actively involved in dragon boat races all over the world. It is amazing that both these women took things in their stride and through this harrowing experience, they came out stronger and more positive than before. It is my hope that readers of my blog would realize the importance of having a positive outlook of life and have regular breast examinations as it was illustrated by the survivors, early detection and treatment is the best cure for breast cancer. Have a good read and cheers!

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