Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Achieve Your Targets

In today's The Star Metro Classifieds (31 July 2007), an article written by Lorraine Pirihi shares that one of the main reasons we fail to achieve our targets is because we lack proper personal management skills. The society at large believes that the number of hours we work equals to being productive and thanks to this mindset, people are always complaining that they do not have time. I personally believe that each of us always have time, it's just that we do not manage our time properly. The notion of long hours equals to being productive is utter nonsense since we usually spend most of our time working on unproductive activities instead of our actual goals. As Lorraine aptly puts it, "it is a matter of defining your priorities" and once we have an effective system to manage ourselves, the common rant of "not having enough time" will be a thing in the past. Have a good read and cheers!

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