Monday, June 18, 2007

Wheee!!! New laptop!

After months of procrastination and delaying, I have finally cleared the cob-webs and dust that have been accumulating on my precious blog. Now that I've gotten myself a new laptop, (my new beloved but Adel dearie, it will never-ever take your top spot in my heart. Alright, that sounded mushy! LoL) I've decided to return to the so-called "blogsphere". The first item on my agenda was to update my blog's template and settings. Second on my list was to recollect as much as I could what had happened in the past six months of 2007... so here's a brief description of the most memorable events from January up till June.

January? What the heck did I do in January? I certainly can't recall all the details but I remembered meeting this individual in KLCC area that had me seething the whole day. Never before in my life had I encountered such a snobbish and arrogant S.O.B. It still makes me boil (to a lesser degree) as I recollect the incident even though it was 5 months ago. The details will not be discussed here but through this experience, I made a point to never treat others the way this person treated me that day. The world has sufficient numbers of snobbish S.O.B's and I don't think I should personally add to that figure.

Ah... February. CHINESE NEW YEAR! Muahahahahahah... the time where I managed to recoup some of my savings at the expense of married individuals. Hehe... My "licence-to-collect" will come to an end in a couple of years so I better make the best of it in the next few years! On a more serious note, I attended my first Super Group Agent's Convention Centre in First World, Genting Highlands a few days prior to Chinese New Year. For the uninitiated, Super Group (SG) is the agency I am attached to. We have about 4000++ agents and our 29 branches throughout Peninsular Malaysia contribute to 30% of Great Eastern's total sales each year (Something which we are very proud of. LoL). This convention lasted three days and the first night was our annual dinner cum awards presentation night. To my surprise, about 2000++ agents and managers alike turned up and First World was literally flooded with SG members. Felt as though I was part of some big MNC event (LoL). During the annual dinner, some of my colleagues and I managed to get to the dance floor. As the annual dinner came to an end, the senior SG committee members came to the floor and to my utter amazement, the old farts were wilder than the younger ones. Man... they can really dance. Hahaha...

3rd of March 2007, it's the first anniversary of my mum's passing due to cancer. Man... time passes so fast and in a blink of an eye, it has been a year. Mum, your absence still grieves us but we're glad you're up there with Big Bro. You'll always be with us in our hearts. Love you Mum...

I had the opportunity to join my agency's roadshow in Tesco Puchong to promote one of our savings product. Two weeks of daily duty has really taken a toll on my morale. At first, it was fun because it was a huge challenge to get information from passersby (Now I know how it feels to be a credit card roadshow salesman) but after a few days of repetitive work, it became a drag. On a lighter side, there were instances where I just couldn't help but laugh out loud (LoL!). There was this lady who was walking pass and as usual, I moved towards her direction to promote our savings product. Before I could take my second step, she spotted me and took flight i.e she literally ran off. My colleagues and I were staring at her as she ran and we couldn't stop laughing (we were laughing real loud) at her silliness. Are we really that scary? Come on... we're human beings just like you and we don't bite!

My first vacation of the year! It's back to Sabah; the state which is 20 years behind Peninsular Malaysia in terms of development. This time, six of us flew to Sandakan and we had a great time stuffing ourselves with fresh and cheap (let me repeat that again), fresh and cheap seafood. We even had the opportunity to try out seafood "bak kut teh". Unlike traditional "bak kut teh" where the ingredients are dumped into one huge pot, the seafood "bak kut teh" here separates each ingredient into various pots. It was awesome as each dish has its distinctive flavour due to the particular seafood used. Another exclusive dish they have is the "yau-char-kwai" (no idea what's the English word for it) with kaya and margarine. Not to mention the coconut "tau-fu-fah" (again, I have no idea what's the English counterpart) dessert... the huge clams called "pak-sar" (loosely translated as white sand in English) that have flesh the size of two AAA batteries. Oh... I have also learned that prawns are considered fresh only when it is hard to remove the shell. If it's relatively easy to peel off the shell, it has been frozen for some time. After trying out the seafood in Sandakan, I can daringly say this to Klang-ites and Penang kia's... your seafood doesn't even come close to what Sandakan has to offer.

Oh yeah... on side note. My previous company, Kunoh Technocraft, officially closed down after a year of mismanagement and screw ups. I still remember the time when my former employer said to me that he will wait till the day I go bust in the insurance line and return to his company; LO and BEHOLD! His company went down under and my business is still growing! Talk about irony! LoL...

My laptop arrived this month! I've gotten the Dell XPS M1210 from a Lowyat forumer. The usual price with the minimum specifications without delivery is priced at RM3,699 but this individual sold the laptop to me (with full warranty and Vista Business edition OEM) with the specifications I wanted at RM 3,550. Since this laptop will be purely work related, I didn't care much about the processor and graphics. So I settled for a Centrino Duo Core T5500, 2GB of RAM, onboard graphics, DVD-RW drive and a small 12.1" widescreen monitor. Quite a good deal and this baby of mine weighs less than 2kg with the battery. Nice! Just nice for traveling. Now I'm thinking of skinning my laptop and sticking a protective film on the LCD monitor... but that would have to wait for the time being. Almost broke the bank with this laptop and my five-figure investment into land banking in May.

Well, I guess that summed up the most memorable or outstanding events that occurred in the past 6 months. I will be updating my blog fairly often in the future as blogging has always been a favourite past-time. To all Uncle Chan's crap readers out there, I am back for good. Cheers!

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