Saturday, December 16, 2006

First entry in two months...

It's been so long since I last posted an entry in here. Man, time sure flies! Thanks to Natalie, the awesome president of 5 Loaves 2 Fish (My former University's Catholic Student Society) who invited me to tonight's caroling session in USJ 11, I was inspired once more to blog. Meeting Nat, Mary, Joanne, Alvin, Jonathan, Michael, Regina, Christina, Rory, Elizabeth, Eugene,Bernard, Robinson and new member Eric was really great. I missed you guys and girls so much! Seeing all of you reminded me the fun times we had back when I was still an undergrad in Multimedia University. Ah... those were the days... :Þ

I'll keep this entry real short this time as it's already 2am and I have an early appointment tomorrow morning. Geez... Being part of the working force surely ruins the fun! Anyway, it's been a while since I sang as much as I did today during the caroling session. Nat, you handled the 'kids' (as in the whole 5L2F members whom were present) well... Good job in gathering everyone for practice and making tonight a fun-filled-successful-event. Of course, I wouldn't know the crap you had to go through but I really have to salute you for the leadership skills (and patience!) you have. Christina and Alvin, you two were awesome in controlling the 'kids' as well and making sure the whole caroling session went as planned (Alvin looked so darn cute with his imported-from-Sabah-LED-Christmas-cap). To the duo who were on the guitars, Michael-the-ever-cool-guy and Jonathan-who-is-equally-cool did a great job in blending in with the Hosanna BEC. Rory, Eugene and Robinson... you three didn't change much from the last time I met you. (Rory's still as hyper as ever, Eugene the blur and Robinson the fast-talking guy... please stay as you are. That's what makes you peeps unique!). To my dear Joanne, thanks for labeling me 'the-second-best-guy'. I know I can never be your numero-uno... (Ian already took that spot) but now I know that I am somewhere near the top spot *evil-grin*. As for my sweet Mary... you're a naughty one aren't cha! I knew you wanted to get a shot of the Chivas or Jack Daniels at the last house... too bad you were driving tonight so you had to settle for a small glass of Tiger Beer. No worries... we shall meet up soon enough for some "happy hour". Bernard!!!!! Oh my goodness...please control your alcohol intake! The fact that you kept comparing whose glass of Chivas was darker each time isn't a good sign... My first Indonesian friend, Regina... sorry for whacking your head... you were too photogenic till I just had to give it a slight-tap to check if it's for real. :Þ Last but not least, Elizabeth from UPM and Eric Wong, nice meeting you two tonight. I earnestly hope I can see you two again in the future and get to know you better.

That's about it I guess... Once again, thanks peeps for inviting me to the caroling session. I love you guys and I look forward to our next outing. Take care and God bless!