Sunday, September 24, 2006

3rd week into it...

"Life is Great!"
That's the slogan of the insurance company I am currently working with. Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad. Honestly speaking, Life is indeed Great!! No doubt about it. Just three weeks into my job and I have already encountered all kinds of shit faced by a rookie agent. Friends who make a whole lot of excuses just to avoid you. Did I forget to mention these are my close friends? Forget about them, my university friends too tend to shy away from me and purposely fong-fei-kei (miss the appointment on purpose) at the very last minute without even letting me know. LOL. However, I am so glad these rejections came to me. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful to all of you. No doubt it hurts at first but whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! Obviously, there are faults on my side as well. My eagerness in meeting people can scare people away but hell, it is through this field I have experience amazing things. Close friends or buddies can say all sort of things to discourage you whereas complete strangers are more open to you than those who have known you for three quarters of your life.

I have managed to close two sales within this week from people I barely known! One guy is from my former company whom I have known for about two months whereas the other is a friend of my dad's. Technically speaking, they have yet to pay the premium but they verbally promised to do so in late November and early October respectively. It is true when my fellow agents tell me that it's easier obtaining sales from cold canvassing then approaching those who are close to you. Another former colleague from my previous company even went to the extent of arranging an appointment with his housemate on my behalf! LOL. Thank God for this experience, I love it! To all my friends out there, I truly appreciate the help and lessons you have directly or indirectly taught me. Frankly speaking, I harbour no anger or bitterness towards my friends as you peeps have truly taught me something invaluable. Instead, I am eternally grateful to all of you! Life is Great! Amen to that!


Malcolm said...

Good to know you are enjoying your current work. Good luck!

smubblerz said...

hey uncle chan,
glad to know you are pursuing what you want. few ppl woould have the courage to do that. all the best in insurance.