Friday, August 25, 2006

I really need to recharge my batteries...

It has been a bloody tiring week for me; a far cry from the past weeks when all I had to do was to sit in the office and do practically nothing. Just when I have acclimatized myself to the boredom that awaits me everyday, my boss instructed me to leave for Malacca on Wednesday so that I can proceed to Singapore with him that evening. The purpose of this trip? To familiarize myself to my so-called baby; The Wafer Loader. Damn, this means that the real pressure starts once I am back from this little excursion. My boss would want me to push for sales. For a product that costs a brand-new Honda Civic 2.0l excluding the profit margin, I have a real tough mountain to climb.

On Wednesday morning, I drove down to Malacca and manage to met up with my Foundation Year's lecture group leader, Mr.Jonathan Fun. This basket is doing relatively well as he is the sole distributor of a particular cosmetic brand to Guardian Pharmacy. He has now branched into advertising and secured a contract with Malacca's Toyota. After having a brief yamcha session with him, I departed for my boss' semi-detached house in Taman Pertam Jaya where wasted the early afternoon away. At approximately 1630, my boss, his family and I departed for Singapore. Suprisingly, he wasn't himself that day as he drove at a relatively slow speed; an average of 150kmph (Probably due to the fact that his eldest daughter and son are in the car). Once we arrived at Johor's Custom Checkpoint, I took over the wheels since Malaysian Citizens that have Singaporean PR are not permitted to drive in a Malaysian registered vehicle. Driving a T6 Volvo S80 that has a 2.8l engine was definitely unnerving! It has awesome acceleration power and the best (or worst) part is, it can hit 100kmph without breaking a sweat and knowing how strict Singapore's laws are, it was a chore just to maintain the car at a constant 80/90kmph. Thank God for Volvo's cruise control... maintaining the speed at 80/90kmph was no longer an issue but... I can't really test the engine either. Damn. Arriving at my boss' apartment block in Jurong West at approximately 7pm, we had dinner with his staff in Singapore as well as his sister before heading to his apartment. Once I took my bath, I watched a bit of Singaporean TV before hitting the sack at midnight.

The next morning, my boss' sister, Christie, took me to Acculex's office where I met Keng Swee and Hock Chye who were about to depart to deliver a microscope system to Xylinx. They were instructed to bring me along and I got to visit Singapore's industrial area. Man, their industrial parks make Cyberjaya look like crap. The landscaping was done so that you won't feel as though you are in some hostile factory area but in a garden which has futuristic factories dotted around it. Once the system was delivered, I was brought to God-knows-where to have lunch before heading back to office to study my product. Roughly at 1500, I arrived at Acculex's office and started my study under the tutelage of Keng Swee. Three miserable hours later, my boss' wife, Mrs.Boss and Christie wanted to go shopping at Takashimaya. Sensing an opportunity to escape from the crummy office, I invited myself along. Though seeing women shopping was equally as boring, it is better than facing a boring machine the whole evening. Luckily, I wasn't the only male there, Acculex's support engineer, Mr.Allan was also present and his hungry stomach dictated him to have KFC for dinner. Seeing that I am a guest in Singapore, he also treated me to a bloody-good-to-eat-due-to-the-fact-that-we-were-farking-hungry meal. We tried very hard to savour every bite of the chicken slowly but as slow as we were, the women took even longer to shop. At the end, we had to wait for them to finish shopping as the mall closed at 9pm and we headed back to office before departing for another God-knows-where hawker centre for dinner at 2200.

By the time we got back to the apartment, it was almost 2330 and everyone took their own sweet time to bath as the women-folk sat down to discuss their shopping excursion. At 1am, my boss finally decided to leave Singapore and we had a wonderful-driving-at-night-at-200/220kmph drive back to Malacca. During the two hour journey, my boss still managed to discuss (and indirectly screwed me) work related issues with me. The exhausting drive seems to have no effect on my boss when we arrived at his house at 0305 as he asked me to join him to watch a football match. I politely declined and retreated to the guest room and fell into a deep slumber the moment my head hit the pillow. The next morning, I was rudely awoken by my colleague's call at 0920; he was eager to know if boss was returning to KL. Since I was already awake, I took my shower, had breakfast before departing to meet my Uni foundation year classmate, Mr.Tan Leong Kiong. It was great to meet him after so many years and we talked over old times over brunch. At approximately 1100, I finally took leave from the Historical City and arriving in my office at 1300 (no thanks to the stupid half an hour traffic hold up just before the exit to Seremban). It was as though my boss have not tortured me enough by asking me to stay in the office till the working day is over, he emailed every staff to inform us of an-unavoidable-meeting at 1730. Damn. Thanks to the heavy downpour in Seremban (he was in Senawang to conduct a business deal), his return to Kunoh's office was delayed and he had the courtesy to call to instruct us to have our dinner. Reluctantly, we did as we were told but lady luck was smiling on us as he called my colleague to inform that he was not able to make it due to the terrible traffic jam along North-South Highway and we had a telephone conference session to report our weekly tasks done.

Unfortunately, the smile from lady luck didn't last long as the heavy downpour continued and I was not able to get back to my car. Feeling farking tired and pissed, I had to stay back in the office to wait till the raining subsides. That is why I purposedly blogged such a farking boring entry to kill time. It's already 2046 and it's still raining cats and dogs out there and the traffic condition is horrendous. Man, this week is definitely not my week. Like the title of this entry, I really need to recharge my batteries...