Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another weird dream...

This morning, I had another of my weird "spiritual" dream. The reason it's weird is because most of these dreams involve some form of Catholic exorcism (probably I have watched too many horror movies! :Þ). Those who knew me from my earlier university years would have heard me narrating these dreams. Well, here goes.

The dream was quite sketchy and I can't really remember the finer details but I can recall that I was not part of the dream per se. I was merely an floating invisible observer throughout the incident. It all began with two families travelling together and they came to a stop at this motel/apartment in a small town. Just as these families were preparing to check into the motel/apartment, another family of three arrived and coincidentally, they were acquantainces of the two families. Let's call this family, The A-family. Mysteriously, the two families who arrived earlier has decreased to one and I shall be referring to them as the B-family. The A-family, which consist the father, mother and son was very agitated when they arrived due to unknown reasons.

As they checked into their respective apartments, I followed them into the apartment (like a ghost tailing them) and immediately I sensed that there were other unearthly occupants. These bodiless occupants consist of a family of four with a husband, wife, an elder son and younger daughter. I don't know why they were in the apartment or what was the cause of their deaths but one thing is for sure, I can sense that they were hostile towards A-family. These spirits started to harass A-family by moving items and pushing them to ground. Like I mentioned earlier, the A-family was already on the edge when they first arrived and they immediately seeked the help of a Catholic priest to perform exorcism. (Don't ask me why they didn't shift out as I was just an invisible observer)

The priest promptly arrived at the apartment and I can immediately sense this priest was not a man of strong faith. I could feel his fear of the spirits but due to his position as a priest, he was bound to perform exorcism. He reluctantly took up the Holy Water and sprinkled it around the apartment as he recited the Lord's Prayer. The unearthly residents were angered by his actions and due to his lack of faith, the spirits attacked and possessed this poor man. What happened after that was unclear as this was the only part I can remember. The weird thing about this dream is that I can clearly feel the fear of the A-family and the priest as well as the anger and hostile intentions of the spirits. The most vivid account was when the priest was performing exorcism and the horror he felt when he knew he was possessed.

Just like all my previous weird dreams such as the dream where my dead aunt whom I have never seen before came to me for help or the dream where I had to seek divine help to exorcise a possessed man (just to name a few), I have no idea what the dream meant. It was entertaining though and gave me materials to blog. :Þ Hopefully, there are more of such dreams so that I can blog about it. I find it harder to blog these days because finding materials to blog is becoming harder by the week!

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