Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Students gone wild...

After finishing the first final examination paper, six Final Year Engineering students decided to head out and have a bit of fun before their second paper on the 25th of May. The destination chosen was Sunway Pyramid and these six students had only one objective in mind, to have FUN!!!! This excursion was spearheaded by Yours Truly (whom incidently was the one driving) and consisted of another three horny males and two hapless individuals from the opposite sex. The male species consisted of Ah Ham a.k.a Mr.Vain-Camera-Freak, Linkon and Albird whereas the females consisted of the less-than-5ft Laney and CF president, Ms. Charis.

Immediately after the exam paper, we returned to our respective quarters to freshen up and I rallied the troops at 1700. Ah Ham, being the "smallest" of the lot, was given the honour to grace the front passenger seat whereas the rest had to resist molesting each other as they sat behind (with a lot of body contact!). It was quite an uneventful journey to our destination as the troops were famished. The moment we arrived at the mall, Ah Ham immediately started his usual antics (randomly snapping pictures, running and hopping here and there). Thus, to lessen the embarassment he would inflict on the group, Albird, Charis and Yours Truly sacrificed ourselves to contain Ah Ham. Linkon and Laney was spared as they headed to a nearby hair saloon for Linkon's image transformation.

After unsuccessfully rummaging through Giant supermarket for grub, the unlucky trio, along with Ah Ham, proceeded to McDonalds to purchase ice-cream to appease our growling stomachs. Charis was kind enough to sponsor Arnotte's Tim Tams as the four hungry souls ravaged the ice-cream cone.

Tim Tams, courtesy of Charis

Albird was halfway through his ice-cream

Once our stomachs were temporarily appeased, Linkon's image-makeover was done and the lucky duo met up with us. Linkon was still in shock when he returned. We concluded that the image transformation gave him such a huge shock that he needed time to recover.

Linkon: Shocked and erm... still in shock

As Linkon was reeling from the self-imposed shock treatment, we headed to ice-skating rink but unfortunately, we were told that it would be closed at 2000. Even if we entered, we had less than 40 minutes to laugh at each other stumbling and falling on our arses in the rink. Undeterred, we rallied ourselves and headed to the cinema to purchase tickets for the Da Vinci Code movie which will be screened this coming Thursday. Lady Luck was definitely not smiling upon us because we weren't able to purchase the tickets. However, our unlucky streak did not affect our morale and we headed to the bowling alley in order to fulfill our mission objective; to have fun!

Over the reception counter, we registered for two games in two lanes and each trooper was given standard issued bowling foot wear. After donning the shoes, we collected the bowling balls which we were comfortable with and started bowling! On the left lane, Ah Ham, Laney and Yours Truly displayed our extraordinary bowling capabilities and Albird, Linkon and Charis did the same on the right lane. Ah Ham, armed with his Casio Exslim S600 camera, was busy taking pictures instead of bowling!!! Probably out of her spirit of kiasu-ism, Laney took out her Canon Ixus Zoom 11 and tried to out do Ah Ham. Such competitive spirit amongst the troops was admirable but I wish they channeled that enthusiasm into the bowling game instead!

Charis and Yours Truly relaxing while the two camera freaks snapped photos

You know they have gone too far when Ah Ham took picture of Albird and Laney taking a photo of themselves.

Though he was obsessed with snapping photos, Ah Ham still managed to reveal his infamous 'V' post

Undeterred by Ah Ham and Laney's antics, the rest pressed on. Albird, not knowing what he was doing, had a hard time aiming straight. He successfully bowled his way to longkang-bowling-superstardom in his first few attempts. Sensing his comrade was having trouble, Linkon stood up and gave Albird a few pointers on bowling. Yours Truly did not disappoint and erm... dominated the first game. Charis, on the other hand, was in top form in the subsequent game and bowled superbly (She slipped into a brief moment of shock as she never expected herself to be that good).

Linkon helping out his comrade, Albird

Charis, shocked at her own bowling skills

Yours Truly's score of 139 in the first game

Charis' final score of 112 in the second game

We successfully bowled our dominant arms to Pain-Kingdom and our stomachs growled out in unison for food. The bowling session has effectively negated our earlier appeasement efforts with Tim Tams and ice-cream. Our hunger dictated us to patronize the place where all chickens fear and despise, Hartz Chicken Buffet Restaurant. Ah Ham and Laney tried to dissuade the angry stomachs to steer clear from this chicken butcher centre but to no avail. Once there, we obediently handed our money to the evil looking Chicken-Butcher-Cashier and Ah Ham did a last ditch attempt to dissuade us from patronizing this blood soaked restaurant. His actions did cause some confusion but our growing hunger willed us to enter. The moment we saw food, our animal instincts kicked in and it wasn't long before we gathered enough grub and began feasting. It should be noted that Albird, Linkon and Charis did lose a bit of their sanity due to hunger but fortunately, their sanity returned when they had their stomachs filled.

Confusion in front of the restaurant

Our food gathering instincts served us well

Hunger can make you lose your sanity

The feast continued until the evil chicken butchers told us that they were closing. Their evil aura dissuaded us from disobeying them and we left. Lady Luck continued to shun us as we only discovered on our way out that Laney was eligible to patronize the restaurant as a child since she was shorter than 5 feet.

Laney was considered a child by the restaurant's standards

As the night was still young, we decided to head to the Administrative Capital of this land, the electricity-wasting Putrajaya. On the way to this wasteful land, the occupants of the cute-and-adorable-lime-green-MyVi had a wonderful time bashing a good friend of ours. There were times when a few of us tried to change the topic but Ah Ham always brought us back to the bash-a-particular-friend session (It was quite obvious that Ah Ham was venting all his pent up frustrations during this session). After enduring approximately 40 minutes of bash-a-particular-friend session, we finally arrived at the wasteful-administrative capital. Linkon took us for a whirlwind tour of the new section of the capital. We visited the lake by the Putrajaya Mosque, the Palace of Justice, the building just across the Palace of Justice (no idea what's the name) as well as the Penang-bridge-wannabe-bridge. It was a hot and windless night but it did not deter Ah Ham from doing what he does best, hopping, running and crazily snapping photos. Somehow, his crazy-aura spilled over to the rest and all hell broke loose. Charis, Linkon and Albird began to think that they were Power Rangers. Kiasu-ism took over Laney as she ran off to randomly take photos. Thankfully, I retained my sanity and managed to control the crowd.

Power Rangers Wannabes

As you can clearly see, every one became Power Rangers except for Yours Truly

Power Ranger Wannabe Linkon even tried to lift the dome off the Palace of Justice

Under some mysterious circumstances, each Power Ranger Wannabe slowly came to their senses and reverted back to their true-selves once we arrived at the Penang-bridge-wannabe-bridge. We took a brief moment to rest on this bridge while admiring the "generosity" of our Government which is spending millions of tax-payers' money per night just to keep Putrajaya lit. At midnight, we were pretty exhausted and headed back to so-called "Intelligent-City". Having spent the entire evening just having fun did take a toll on our energy levels and we all dropped like flies the moment we reached our respective quarters. Now, we are in the midst of preparation for our next excursion to MidValley for the Da Vinci Code movie. There are talks to watch X-Men III after our last final examination paper next Thursday but these are just speculations. Till the next excursion, Yours Truly will sign off for now.

P.S: To Charis, Happy 23rd Birthday!!!! :Þ

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another weird dream...

This morning, I had another of my weird "spiritual" dream. The reason it's weird is because most of these dreams involve some form of Catholic exorcism (probably I have watched too many horror movies! :Þ). Those who knew me from my earlier university years would have heard me narrating these dreams. Well, here goes.

The dream was quite sketchy and I can't really remember the finer details but I can recall that I was not part of the dream per se. I was merely an floating invisible observer throughout the incident. It all began with two families travelling together and they came to a stop at this motel/apartment in a small town. Just as these families were preparing to check into the motel/apartment, another family of three arrived and coincidentally, they were acquantainces of the two families. Let's call this family, The A-family. Mysteriously, the two families who arrived earlier has decreased to one and I shall be referring to them as the B-family. The A-family, which consist the father, mother and son was very agitated when they arrived due to unknown reasons.

As they checked into their respective apartments, I followed them into the apartment (like a ghost tailing them) and immediately I sensed that there were other unearthly occupants. These bodiless occupants consist of a family of four with a husband, wife, an elder son and younger daughter. I don't know why they were in the apartment or what was the cause of their deaths but one thing is for sure, I can sense that they were hostile towards A-family. These spirits started to harass A-family by moving items and pushing them to ground. Like I mentioned earlier, the A-family was already on the edge when they first arrived and they immediately seeked the help of a Catholic priest to perform exorcism. (Don't ask me why they didn't shift out as I was just an invisible observer)

The priest promptly arrived at the apartment and I can immediately sense this priest was not a man of strong faith. I could feel his fear of the spirits but due to his position as a priest, he was bound to perform exorcism. He reluctantly took up the Holy Water and sprinkled it around the apartment as he recited the Lord's Prayer. The unearthly residents were angered by his actions and due to his lack of faith, the spirits attacked and possessed this poor man. What happened after that was unclear as this was the only part I can remember. The weird thing about this dream is that I can clearly feel the fear of the A-family and the priest as well as the anger and hostile intentions of the spirits. The most vivid account was when the priest was performing exorcism and the horror he felt when he knew he was possessed.

Just like all my previous weird dreams such as the dream where my dead aunt whom I have never seen before came to me for help or the dream where I had to seek divine help to exorcise a possessed man (just to name a few), I have no idea what the dream meant. It was entertaining though and gave me materials to blog. :Þ Hopefully, there are more of such dreams so that I can blog about it. I find it harder to blog these days because finding materials to blog is becoming harder by the week!