Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back in business...

A month has passed since I last updated my blog. A lot of things have happened since the passing of my mum on the 3rd of March. I have been labouring over my Final Year Project (FYP) for the whole time and now that my supervisor have approved my final draft of the report, I can take a breather now. Working non-stop from morning to night for the past two weeks to finish my report was a torture. Editing and proof-reading it over and over again. Urgh... I am so glad this phase is over! All I need to do now is to ready my presentation slides and do my thing on the 26th April! Thank God I was assigned to the second earliest slot on the first day of FYP part two presentation!! Hopefully, they won't make alterations to the schedule!

Ah... I think I can cut myself some slack for these few days. Been missing so many classes till my VR tutor noticed that I was missing. She issued a verbal warning to my spy, who has been signing my attendance, to tell me that I will be in deep shit if I don't start attending tutorials. Hell... To those who have known me since Alpha (First Year of Degree) would know that I don't attend classes at all. Just when I am reaching the end of my academic career in MMU, this aspiring new tutor caught me. Sigh...

Well, at least my other subject's tutor and lecturer hasn't noticed my disappearance. (Erm...I have only attended two miserable lectures and one tutorial the entire trimester...) Hehehe... Another seven weeks before MMU Prison releases me to the world! I can't wait to GRADUATE!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

P.S: Uncle Chan's crap is officially back in blogging business after one month of absence due to my stupid FYP. To all my blog's readers who have been requesting me to start blogging once more, this entry is dedicated to you!

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