Saturday, April 29, 2006


It's taking forever for me to find materials to blog. Back in University certainly takes away the privilege of bitching about your boss. LOL. The last entry was on 18th April! So many things have happened since then!

I finally got my own car on the 17th April. (Ok-ok...It' was a day before my last entry. Didn't put this in my previous rant!) It's the most affordable car with all the necessary modern safety features. A cute-and-butt-less car (much like the owner) that comes with Anti-Braking-System (ABS) and two Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags for the driver and front passenger. Painted bright lime-green, this baby of mine comes with immobilizer and powered by a 1.3 litre DVVT engine. You guessed it, it's the super-in-demand car that has an eight month waiting list, the Perodua MyVi. Thanks to the stupid demand and my desperate need for a car, I had to fork out another RM3000 on top of the RM49,000 to obtain a fast car. Thus, instead of waiting 6-8 months, I got my car in two weeks. It was worth it. I have been driving this car for two weeks and the petrol consumption is at 13.5cents/kilometre, it has been decently sound proofed and doesn't rattle like a Proton. So far, the only complain I have about this car is its stupid floor mat. Perodua probably tried to cut cost to the extend of sacrificing decent sized floor mats that is able to cover the car floor! The rear floor mats are so small that all the dirt and pebbles will just roll onto the carpet beneath. Geez...

The next major event that occurred since my last entry; The submission of my Final Year Project (FYP) report and presentation. Thanks to my supervisor, Mr. Logeswaran, who dictates how my report flow should go and how my presentation slides should be, I completed my report ahead of the deadline and my FYP presentation went smoothly. Well, I did get bombarded by my "all-time-favourite" moderator, Dr. Ian, but my supervisor helped me deflect some of those bombardments. Phew... Now that the ordeal of FYP is behind me, all I need to to is to complete my last assignment which is due next Tuesday (2nd May) and sit for my finals before graduating! Woohoo! I seriously can't wait to get out of MMU!!!!!

Hmmm... that's all I can remember at the moment. Well, I hope I find more things to blog in the coming days. I can't be letting my blog lay idle for days! Hehe... Oh God. Please help me find more things to rant about in the coming days. Amen. LOL. :Þ

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I was in my beloved's apartment using her roomie's computer to log into my Yahoo! Messenger account when I received forwarded messages from a few chinese friends. They forwarded a notice posted on my "beloved" Multimedia University's (MMU) online bulletin board. Here's a screenshot of the notice.

What about the link? MMU was quick to remove this "offensive" notice from our online bulletin but thanks to Jeff Ooi's blog, I managed to obtain this screenshot. Of course, my chinese compatriots were quite agitated when they read this notice. Well, looking at it, this notice is indeed very racist. They favour Indians and Malays over Chinese. Hmmm... What is this? Aren't we all Malaysians? Bangsa Malaysia? Why the heck did they put up such notice? WTF?

Before we actually roll up our sleeves and start bashing the hapless STAD clerk or the CITS for putting up this notice, we should ask ourselves; What's new? We live in Malaysia for crying out loud! Racism is the norm! Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a nasi lemak with another race? Look around you! In campus or anywhere in Malaysia, each race tends to stick to their own kind. Chinese and Indians perceive Malays as lazy-good-for-nothings whereas the Malays think Chinese are evil and heartless money making machines and Indians as good for nothing drunkards. Chinese companies tend to hire their own kin. Same goes to Malay and Indian companies. Back to my original question; Why are you so infuriated by this notice? Wake up folks, this is Malaysia we are talking about. So, shut your hole and stop forwarding stupid remarks lambasting this notice.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back in business...

A month has passed since I last updated my blog. A lot of things have happened since the passing of my mum on the 3rd of March. I have been labouring over my Final Year Project (FYP) for the whole time and now that my supervisor have approved my final draft of the report, I can take a breather now. Working non-stop from morning to night for the past two weeks to finish my report was a torture. Editing and proof-reading it over and over again. Urgh... I am so glad this phase is over! All I need to do now is to ready my presentation slides and do my thing on the 26th April! Thank God I was assigned to the second earliest slot on the first day of FYP part two presentation!! Hopefully, they won't make alterations to the schedule!

Ah... I think I can cut myself some slack for these few days. Been missing so many classes till my VR tutor noticed that I was missing. She issued a verbal warning to my spy, who has been signing my attendance, to tell me that I will be in deep shit if I don't start attending tutorials. Hell... To those who have known me since Alpha (First Year of Degree) would know that I don't attend classes at all. Just when I am reaching the end of my academic career in MMU, this aspiring new tutor caught me. Sigh...

Well, at least my other subject's tutor and lecturer hasn't noticed my disappearance. (Erm...I have only attended two miserable lectures and one tutorial the entire trimester...) Hehehe... Another seven weeks before MMU Prison releases me to the world! I can't wait to GRADUATE!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

P.S: Uncle Chan's crap is officially back in blogging business after one month of absence due to my stupid FYP. To all my blog's readers who have been requesting me to start blogging once more, this entry is dedicated to you!