Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Friends? Fuck them...

Recently I came to a conclusion that friends are... well... bunch of leechers. Family...they are the ones you would want to place your faith in. Why do people hang out with people who have cars? So that they can hitch a ride to class or go to the movies without resorting to taking the bus. Why do average students flock to be friends with super-smart asses in class? So that they can leech knowledge from them. This may include assignment and tutorial solutions as well as requiring the smart asses to assist them in their revision.

Why do people flock to be friends with popular people? So that they can leech their popularity and share the limelight. Why do people approach their so-called confidante/confidant? That's because the confidante/confidant is the only person whom you can hog their time and bitch about your dislikes without feeling guilty since it is your right to do so. The list goes on and on... In short, friends can be concluded as people who leeches off you and in a symbiotic relationship, lets you leech off them. The only person you can really trust, is yourself. Going through a hard time? Slug it out. Never rely on anyone. Feel like bawling your heart out? Do that to the wall, they are better listeners.

Ah...I am just bitching about irrelevant things. That's what blogging is about. In conclusion, the term "friends" is just a fucked-up term for a symbiotic leeching process. Final conclusion? Fuck friends. They are just a bunch of leechers.


Christy said...

Awww....ain't I your friend? I don't leech you, do I?

Happy Ash Wednesday by the way :)
Unto ash you return

Jouleous! said...

To SOME extent, i share the same ideals with you about 'friends'. I had my fair share of friendship fuckery lemme tell you that. I wonder why i had to be such a softie before, but now i know better.