Friday, February 03, 2006


On Thursday night, I was able to get tickets to the politically-charged movie Syriana starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and Jeffrey Wright. To many people, this is a pretty darn boring show and they wouldn't pay a single cent to watch it. I on the other hand, applaud Stephen Gaghan who is the director as well as the screenwriter for showing the Uncle Sam's true nature; to deceive the public on the true reason why U.S.A is so keen in meddling with Middle-East affairs.

The motto of the movie, Everything Is Connected aptly describes the situation in Middle East. The US Government is so eager to secure oil fields that they sanction assassinations on leaders whom do not have the same views as them. Pressured by rich businessmen, the mighty military even provides the state of the art military hardware to ensure the assassination is successful. The greed for oil even drove them into providing scapegoats to the Federal Court so that the Court can overlook the corruption that took place to secure such oil fields. Besides, this movie also brilliantly captures the frustration and anger of a young prince who wanted to reduce his country's reliance on oil export and build an alternative economy that will ensure the survival of his country. Not to mention that it vividly potrayed the events and circumstances that led a young jobless and desperate Muslim into carrying out kamikaze terrorist bombing as well as the politics that were involved in ensuring the US backed leader was installed into power.

Sounds too unbelievable? Some might watch this movie in disbelief that the wholesome U.S.A is capable of such acts. (or probably wouldn't understand what the movie is about in the first place!) They would probably label it as 'just another liberal rant'. I don't blame these people for being ignorant that the good o' Uncle Sam takes advantage of countries that are in disarray and if it's necessary, to create chaos to ensure that Uncle Sam's interests are protected. Syriana is just one of the rare movies that potrays the true nature of the US Government instead of the usual bunch of Hollywood movies that are all out to glorify their country. Watch it if you are able to digest the bluntness of this movie.

Well, to be fair, all the Governments in the world are like that. It's just that US gets highlighted in this movie. The conclusion I drew from this movie is that nothing is what is seems to be. No, I am not trying to imply that there's a huge conspiracy going on in the world. Things are not as simple as our Government (or any Government for that matter) wants us to believe.

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