Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back in Dullsville...

It has been three days since I returned to this God forsaken "Intelligent City". In my absence, nothing much has changed. The food is still bad, lectures are still boring, Cyberia guards are rude and incompetent as usual, the scorching heat needs to time to get use to and the much anticipated completion of MMU's second phase is still ... an anticipation. The only thing that has yet to appear is the nightly smog that engulfs Cyberjaya.

On a positive note, I had made peace with a friend of mine. Our peace agreement has enabled our friends to be at ease when all of us gather for outings. The little Cold War in my little household didn't thaw but at least the warring sections are relatively at ease with each other. At the moment, things are moving in the positive direction and in my last leg of my studies in this university, I hope it will proceed down this path as I do not want to leave MMU with any grudges or misunderstandings with my fellow university mates.

As my academic career with Multimedia University is in its last chapter, I have to start seeking out employment opportunities even before I graduate. The market is pretty darn competitive and to a certain extent, pretty desperate. Thousands of students graduate from Universities/Colleges and I have to compete with these graduates as well as previous years' graduates for jobs. Soon, my parents will pass the financial burden which they had been carrying all these years back to me. I have to start repaying my study loan and find means to afford a car. Somehow, the idea of seeking employment in Singapore seems pretty tempting as I need not buy a car and the cost of living is relatively lower than Malaysia. That's just a thought... probably the market in Singapore is even more competitive than it is here and with my CGPA, I don't have the edge to compete with other first class degree holders.

Well, there's no point dwelling on some-what depressing issues such as employment and financial burdens. Worrying doesn't do any good. I will enjoy my last chapter in MMU and I sincerely look forward to a great final trimester.

P.S : My internal clock is still tuned to wake up early in the morning. I have been sleeping late for the past few days but I will automatically wake up around 8-830am without fail!!! Industrial Training screwed my unhealthy life style! Geez!!!!

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