Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The end of the road?

I still remember when I was in Form 3 when I was preparing myself for Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) (or bluntly interpreted as Lower Secondary Examinations) when one of my good friend's mum battled cancer. Back then, all I could do was to sympathize with him and gave him moral support. I could never understand how he felt throughout Form 3 and I will never possibly comprehend the agony he suffered when his mum passed away when the Government examinations was just around the corner... or so I thought...

I am at the most crucial point of my academic career in Multimedia University. This will be my last trimester in this university and I have to complete my Final Year Project (FYP) in order to graduate. I am already in my fourth week of the trimester and in less than six weeks, I have to submit my FYP. Midterms and assignment deadlines are looming nearer and it is this time, a huge emotional strain has befallen on my family and I.

At this very moment, my mum is warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Damansara Specialist Centre. In my previous entry a couple of months back entitled Faith is a wonderful thing, I shared that my mum was afflicted with cancer and it has spread to her lungs and brains. Less than four months later, the cancer cells has spread to a point where the doctors have already told my family and I to make preparations for the worst as there is nothing much they can do. My mum is on permanent morphine drips in order to help her cope with the immense pain she is going through and she is on a respiratory machine to assist her to breathe. Even with so much drugs, she is still in agony and her laboured breathing, makes it even more unbearable for my family and myself. We do not know how long she has to live but according to the heart specialist who saw her chest scan she took when she was admitted to the ICU last evening, he conceded that my mother has less then three months to live and even that is being optimistic.

I did not post this entry to gain sympathy from any one of you who reads my blog. My family and I do not need or wish for any sympathies. All I ask of you, the readers, is to offer up a prayer for my mum so that God may grant her the strength to withstand the horrible agony she is in now. Do offer up a prayer or two for my family and I as we are really going through a very emotional period of our lives.

All my family and I can do now is to offer prayers for my mum and leave the rest to God. I hope that you understand the situation my family and I are in and we do not wish to be flooded with well wishes and visitations. We appreciate your good intentions but we only wish for privacy and your prayers. Thanks and God bless. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The horror...

Recently, I noticed that I there has been water dripping on me whenever I use the toilet bowl. It was more evident whenever I am comfortably seated to drop warm-brown-sausages-look-alike into the small pool of water beneath. I dismissed it as droplets of water and since it rarely occurs, I didn't take much notice of it... This was a huge mistake.

Today, my good o' roommie told me about the droppings and we both took a look at our toilet's ceiling and to our horror...we saw this.Evidently, the "drops-of-water" weren't ordinary water as I first assumed. Stalactites had already formed from the top sewage pipe to our fluorescent light... where it goes from there, I don't think it needs elaboration. Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately remedied the situation by placing a huge rag on top (after demolishing the nicely formed stalactite) to absorb future droplets.

My advise to all who stay in Cyberia Condominiums...do take a look at your toilet ceiling if you ever felt droplets dripping on you.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No wonder I don't like engineering...

You scored as Art. You should be an Art major! How bohemian!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Relationships and you...

Woohoo!! It was Valentine's Day again (yesterday) and all the guys who are attached had to fork out a whole truckload of cash for this special occasion. Cash for an over-priced Valentine's Day dinner at some fine-dining restaurant, flowers that are outrageously expensive (only for Valentine's Day), and some lavish gift for his beloved. As for the women-folk, they only need to fork out a lump sum for her beloved's present. All these can cost easily from RM200 to RM2000 depending on how extravagant and how deep your pockets are.

Wait a minute... isn't Valentine's Day a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love for each other? How does all these materialistic items fit in? Students who are taking allowance from their parents are willing to spend up to a thousand ringgit (or more) and workers who are just earning RM1,800 permonth spending RM2,400 for a Nokia N70 for his/her beloved. Isn't this a bit excessive? What happened to the good o' spending time together and having heart to heart talk? Is Valentine's Day a day to break the bank and spend unnecessarily on lavish gifts? I don't quite see the connection between expressing your love for the other through extravagant gifts. (especially when you are a student or a fresh graduate who is barely making ends meet with your meagre salary)

Once again, I am appalled by the way the world commercializes a very special occasion. The nobel occasion of celebrating one's love for the other has 'evolved' (or 'devolved'?) into a time when you must spend lavishly in order to prove your love for your partner. I have nothing against spending for the one you love on each Valentine's Day,(in fact, you SHOULD) but when you start using materialistic items as a measurement of love, you have one screwed up relationship.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I enjoy lazing around and doing nothing. I don't mind sitting in front of my computer and watch anime or play games the whole day. It's great to sleep the whole day away, only to wake up to scavenge for food for the growling stomach... but too much of everything is downright sickening. One hour of class from Mondays to Wednesdays and two hours on Friday if there aren't any tutorial or laboratory sessions. Even with tutorials, there is only an extra 2 miserable hours of classes. Geez...I have tried asking my Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality (VR) lecturer to bring forward the Wednesday's lecture to Monday morning so that we can have two continuous hours of class but that lazy bum told me to go make it happen. What the hell? As a student, I can't check the availability of classrooms and make bookings. Telling me to handle it is like asking me to talk to the wall. Idiot.

To make things worse, I had been having a horrible headache for almost two weeks. There was a point my headache made me so dizzy that I wanted to puke. Panadols didn't work. Sleeping only made it worse. Went to the optician to have my eyes checked, it turned out that my dominant or right eye's short-sightedness increased by 50 and my left eye's astigmatism was in the wrong axis. (No idea what the heck that means. It's something like my left eye deflects rays into my eyes on a different angle from before thus reducing my astigmatism) Unfortunately, the optician couldn't make my glasses in time and now that I am back in Dullsville, I have to bear with the old glasses (and headache) for another week.

Well, at least the weather for the past week has been quite cooling which enabled me to hide myself in my room to sleep without dying of heat stroke. Sigh... day one of the second week of the final trimester. I can't imagine how it would be like for the coming weeks... Oh God, help me!

P.S : This is an interesting website. Is it racist? Read it and decide if it is.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back in Dullsville...

It has been three days since I returned to this God forsaken "Intelligent City". In my absence, nothing much has changed. The food is still bad, lectures are still boring, Cyberia guards are rude and incompetent as usual, the scorching heat needs to time to get use to and the much anticipated completion of MMU's second phase is still ... an anticipation. The only thing that has yet to appear is the nightly smog that engulfs Cyberjaya.

On a positive note, I had made peace with a friend of mine. Our peace agreement has enabled our friends to be at ease when all of us gather for outings. The little Cold War in my little household didn't thaw but at least the warring sections are relatively at ease with each other. At the moment, things are moving in the positive direction and in my last leg of my studies in this university, I hope it will proceed down this path as I do not want to leave MMU with any grudges or misunderstandings with my fellow university mates.

As my academic career with Multimedia University is in its last chapter, I have to start seeking out employment opportunities even before I graduate. The market is pretty darn competitive and to a certain extent, pretty desperate. Thousands of students graduate from Universities/Colleges and I have to compete with these graduates as well as previous years' graduates for jobs. Soon, my parents will pass the financial burden which they had been carrying all these years back to me. I have to start repaying my study loan and find means to afford a car. Somehow, the idea of seeking employment in Singapore seems pretty tempting as I need not buy a car and the cost of living is relatively lower than Malaysia. That's just a thought... probably the market in Singapore is even more competitive than it is here and with my CGPA, I don't have the edge to compete with other first class degree holders.

Well, there's no point dwelling on some-what depressing issues such as employment and financial burdens. Worrying doesn't do any good. I will enjoy my last chapter in MMU and I sincerely look forward to a great final trimester.

P.S : My internal clock is still tuned to wake up early in the morning. I have been sleeping late for the past few days but I will automatically wake up around 8-830am without fail!!! Industrial Training screwed my unhealthy life style! Geez!!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006


On Thursday night, I was able to get tickets to the politically-charged movie Syriana starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and Jeffrey Wright. To many people, this is a pretty darn boring show and they wouldn't pay a single cent to watch it. I on the other hand, applaud Stephen Gaghan who is the director as well as the screenwriter for showing the Uncle Sam's true nature; to deceive the public on the true reason why U.S.A is so keen in meddling with Middle-East affairs.

The motto of the movie, Everything Is Connected aptly describes the situation in Middle East. The US Government is so eager to secure oil fields that they sanction assassinations on leaders whom do not have the same views as them. Pressured by rich businessmen, the mighty military even provides the state of the art military hardware to ensure the assassination is successful. The greed for oil even drove them into providing scapegoats to the Federal Court so that the Court can overlook the corruption that took place to secure such oil fields. Besides, this movie also brilliantly captures the frustration and anger of a young prince who wanted to reduce his country's reliance on oil export and build an alternative economy that will ensure the survival of his country. Not to mention that it vividly potrayed the events and circumstances that led a young jobless and desperate Muslim into carrying out kamikaze terrorist bombing as well as the politics that were involved in ensuring the US backed leader was installed into power.

Sounds too unbelievable? Some might watch this movie in disbelief that the wholesome U.S.A is capable of such acts. (or probably wouldn't understand what the movie is about in the first place!) They would probably label it as 'just another liberal rant'. I don't blame these people for being ignorant that the good o' Uncle Sam takes advantage of countries that are in disarray and if it's necessary, to create chaos to ensure that Uncle Sam's interests are protected. Syriana is just one of the rare movies that potrays the true nature of the US Government instead of the usual bunch of Hollywood movies that are all out to glorify their country. Watch it if you are able to digest the bluntness of this movie.

Well, to be fair, all the Governments in the world are like that. It's just that US gets highlighted in this movie. The conclusion I drew from this movie is that nothing is what is seems to be. No, I am not trying to imply that there's a huge conspiracy going on in the world. Things are not as simple as our Government (or any Government for that matter) wants us to believe.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chinese New Year celebration...

It's the same thing every year, ethnic Chinese celebrate this event by visiting one another while bearing angpow (red packets with money) and gifts to the host. As filial children, we are bound to accompany our parents in visiting relatives whom we barely know. It's either we bore ourselves to death by watching movies that are screened on the idiot's box or listen to the elders gossiping or criticizing the Government. To make things more 'interesting', the older folk always say the same things every year depending on which age group you are in.

For those who are between the age of 5 to 12, the usual statements are;
"Wah!!! So big already!! How old is she/he? He/she looks exactly like the father/mother!" and these statements are usually accompanied by painful pinches on the cheeks of the child. Been there and done that, why can't the adults see that this act of pinching scars the child for life! Ish... This can be classified as child abuse!

For those between the age of 13 to 18...
"Wah!!! So tall already!!! You are taller than the last time I saw you! Form what?" (Form as in secondary level 1 to 6)
If by some unlucky fate, you had just obtain results for your Penilaian Menengah Rendah (Lower Secondary Public Exam) or Sijil Penilaian Malaysia (Malaysia's equivalent to 'O' Level) that year, you will be interrogated for your results and depending on your academic achievement, you will either beam with pride or wished that you were never born. Relatives have the inate ability to crush your pride and make you feel worthless if you didn't score as many A's as their children. Heck...gatherings like this are always the place for parents to show off their children's academic achievements. So... if you aren't the smart one, try not to attend any of these gatherings unless you are mentally prepared for the abuses later on.

What about those between the age of 19 to 23?
"Wah!!! Gotten prettier/more good looking wor! What are you doing now? Studying or working? Oh...studying in which University/College? That university/college good ah? Eh...working ah? Working as what? Got girlfriend/boyfriend ah?"
I don't mind being interrogated but year-in-year-out...they ask the same freaking questions. Urgh!!!! Why do we even bother answering their questions when they will forget about it almost instantaneously and repeat their questions next year? Damn...they should start making notes on who is doing what and stop repeating themselves!!!!

For those aged 24 and above... and if you aren't married yet, God help you;
"Wah...when are you getting married? Got someone already ah? Your parents are waiting until their necks have grown long for grandchildren la..."
Thank God I have not reached that age group to be interrogated in such a manner. It's not that I am against them asking such questions but there are relatives who are so inconsiderate that they embarass us in front of everyone. It's as though they have every right to know every aspect of our life...

Well, Chinese New Year isn't all that bad (apart from all those nosy relatives)... It is also the time when all immediate family members return and gather at their parents' house for reunion dinner. Thanks to this, we can meet up with most of our friends whom we have not met for the whole year! Not to mention the sinfully tasty cookies and pastries that awaits us! For avid gamblers, this is the time when older folks provide the capital for you to gamble your hearts out!

If only we can remove the annoying-relatives part... I think Chinese New Year celebrations will be more enjoyable! Hehe... Anyway, I am rambling here... I guess I shall end this entry here and brace myself for more tasty cookies and angpows! Muahahahaha...