Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why are people the way they are?

When I first started blogging, one of my good friends from high school days (one year my junior) made this statement,"Aren't you afraid you might anger some people with your blog?" I didn't even bother to think and replied,"If I was afraid, I wouldn't even start blogging at all". Reason is, I am a crude, untactful (on purpose and can be very persuasive when situation demands it) and straight-to-the-point-no-nonsense person. I have my fair share of people who dislikes me. Does this make me fear posting like I do? No. I post to bitch about people whom I dislike because I don't want to suffer in silence. Prior to blogging, I would made known if some ass had angered me and I don't care if that would give the impression that I am backstabbing that individual or being labelled as 'gossiping'. Better for people to think indifferently about me than for me to swallow crap and eat me from inside. Too bad not everyone thinks like me.

I have encountered so many friends who gave me the honour to be their confidant (male version of confidante. Uncle Chan's Shrink Service anyone? :Þ) to rant about things in life. This particular case is about a housemate from hell (A guy whom I never liked because he just loves to put "air" around him and brags when he doesn't have nuts to back up his claims) during Industrial training somewhere in Malaysia. I won't be mentioning details here but all I can say is, this guy is a pure ass. Those who saw how jackass I was (and probably still is), I pale in comparison to this guy. There are things even I won't bring myself to do no matter how pissed I am and he does all that to his housemates whom aren't even his enemies. Well, I might be hearing biased stories about him but those stories coming from two very nice and relatively well known individuals (in our circle of friends in MMU), I find very little cause to doubt the things I heard.

When asked on the reason these two chose to keep mum over such insults and abuse, they replied that they didn't want to make a fuss out of it. The end. Nudge to provide an answer on why they didn't retaliate and set the record straight with all the false accusations, (which were made to make this asshole look good. Remember that I mentioned that this asshole loves to put on 'air'? He also loves to belittle others just to boost his own image and ego. I know cause I have mixed around with him often enough to know this) this friend of mine just replied,"I can't bring myself to be as low as him". What the hell? I reasoned that they will be only setting the record straight and let the world know the sufferings they endured but the answer came back the same. All they can do now is to endure this mental torture from this asshole until their Industrial Training is over in a week's time. One thing they were very convicted in is, I quote,"I will never be his friend after this...EVER!"

I could only listen to this rant in disbelief. If I was in any of their shoes, I would have done things very differently. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) not everyone is as confrontational and direct as I am. Some people just choose to accept the whole truck-load of shit and suffer in silence. My advice to the people who reads my blog, try to be more confrontational. I am not advocating that you get into fist or cat-fights, (which mysteriously seem to be very attractive to some guys?) all I am saying is don't let people walk all over you. Not making a fuss is one thing, letting people go overboard and step all over you is another. Make your stand known and though you might anger some people along the way, it's better compared to the mental torture you have to go through if you didn't.

Take cue from me (fuiyoo...talking like a pro! :Þ), like the saying goes, a pen is sharper than a sword (did I get it right?). Rant all you want in a blog. You aren't spreading slander or what not but merely expressing facts and opinions of certain individuals whom you feel strongly against about. Think of it as rendering a public service to the world by letting people know how mean and jackass some individuals can be. ;)


cheehan said...

"don't let people walk all over you" I do agree this .. u can be easy going all the time, but don forget to protect yourself ..

daniel said...

Nick, will you be joining politics somedaY?

speaking up is good, but speaking up with firm tact is a better way.

Unka said...

@ Daniel...

Politics? Do I look like I am up for politics? No idea. Probably will...depends on what God wants me to be. :)

Agree with you whole heartedly...too bad such tact at times can't be use on some hard-headed individuals. ;)