Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What a week...

Things have been great for the past week in shit-hole Legend Hotel. No, it's not because things got better. They have not changed their policy of not paying trainees and Mr.Lazy-One never got more hardworking. Things were great simply because... I have mastered the art of avoidance. My partner in crime, Mr.Yap, has been very corporative in executing whatever means necessary for us to sneak out of the office and just not work. Hehe... We have been assisting each other to get out of the office without arousing suspicion but there are times we just don't give a damn and leave the office without telling Mr.Lazy-One or Mr.Senior-Officer. Hell, it's the last two weeks of this torture and I honestly wouldn't give a rat's ass what my superiors think especially Mr.Lazy-One.

Though we have perfected the art of avoidance, there are times that we really have to get things done and today is a good example. Somehow, everything in Legend-Shit-Hole-Hotel went wrong and required MIS' expertise. It all began after lunch hour when Mr.Lazy-One told me to bring a laptop to check connectivity for room 1718 in the riser room where the network switches are located. Once I was there, the room's light was not working and MIS (pathetically) does not have any torch lights. I have to make do with the lights from the corridor. Fine...I can deal with that and I began my quest to find the network cable for room 1718. Suprise suprise, there are five switches and each switch has 24 patch cords (network cable) attached to it. I had to unplug each cable, look at the label and plug it for all 120 cables in a small 1X1 metre room with no light. Lo-and-behold! After spending almost an hour rummaging through the wire maze, I can't find it because most of the labels have faded. Not able to do anything, I reported back to office but Mr.Lazy-One asked me to verify if room 1718 has no network connection at all. Obediently, I did as I was told and completed it in 20 minutes. (I could have procrastinated longer but lugging a laptop around is no fun)

Having done that, I thought I could sit down and relax for a while but the phone rang and room 1709 was having connectivity problems. I was once again dispatched to the scene along with a security escort. By looking at the thin-client in that room, I immediately notified the ACN vendor (which is suppose to provide support to all the thin-clients in the first place!) and told him the problem. The vendor told me he will restart the thin-client from the server side and I thought case was closed... so I thought. I returned to my office and again Mr.Lazy-One sent me back up to the operator room on 9th floor to call FCS vendor to troubleshoot the FCS System (A system that captures all outgoing calls made by the hotel and bills it to the customers) Just when I was about to call the vendor, I recalled that our Computerized Lodging System (CLS) had been shut down earlier on for maintenance and I phoned Mr.Lazy-One to ask if that affected the FCS System. The answer I obtain was a resounding no. (Later I found out from Mr.Senior-Officer that it was indeed the CLS system that was affecting the FCS system. Stupid Mr.Lazy-One...)For the next thirty minutes, I was talking on the phone with the FCS vendor and finally, the vendor told me that he will dial into the FCS system to solve the problem. Basket...if he had done that earlier, I wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of blindly clicking on the system's interface.

As I was just putting down the phone, the operator on duty, Jay, told me that the guest in room 1709 was looking for me. I called up the ACN Vendor once more and asked if he had resolved the problem and was assured that the problem was rectified. Almost instantaneously after I ended the conversation with the vendor, I rang the guest's room and another problem cropped up. Again, I had to run back up to the room with my security escort to see what the problem was. Went in, saw what the problem was and I rushed back to the operator room to call the ACN Vendor again. While I was talking to the ACN Vendor, Mr.Senior-Officer (SO) called me on my mobile phone and I had to put the vendor on hold to talk to Mr.Senior-Officer. This was the conversation that had transpired.

Mr.SO : Aun, did you call FCS vendor?
Me : Yes, I did
Mr.SO : Who ask you to call?
Me : Mr.Nicholas asked because user complained that the system stopped capturing calls
Mr.SO : Oh...actually there is no problem with FCS
Me : Erm sir...I am on the phone with ACN Vendor. Can I get back to you later
Mr.SO : Ok nevermind. FCS vendor called me and talked to me already. You no need to do anything with the system.
Me : Ok ok. I talking to the ACN vendor now... I need to go
Mr.SO : Ok nevermind. (What's with him and this phrase????) You don't do anything with the system. No need call FCS already. Ok? I will talk to FCS.
Me : ... ... ... Ok ok. (And he finally ended the conversation)

By the time I got back to the ACN vendor, he had already hung up. What the heck was wrong with Mr.Senior-Officer? I have made it known twice that I was on the phone but he insisted on talking to me with his usual slow talk. He is either very blur or he is just plain inconsiderate. Within the next 5 minutes, I managed to call the ACN vendor and was told that they cannot rectify the problem by today. This time, I didn't bother letting the guest know and I told the front desk personnel that they must change rooms for the guest as the vendors are not able to resolve the issue.

At long last, I managed to finish all the problems that popped up within that 3 hours. From 2pm to 5pm, I have been running around making calls and going into hotel rooms to provide support. The moment I got back into the office, I immediately started the art of avoidance. I summoned my partner in crime to have a drink at our cafeteria. 20 minutes gone. We walked all over the place and another 10 minutes gone. Just about then, we got bored of walking aimlessly so we headed back to office and unlucky me, Legend College was having problems printing and I was sent to rectify the problem. By the time I reach the administration's office, it was already 10 minutes to 6pm and the staff were getting ready to leave! Thank God my fellow trainee was smart enough to call me at 6pm to ask my whereabouts. He told me that Mr.Lazy-One wasn't in and Mr.Senior-Officer was on the phone... excellent timing for us to leave! He volunteered to bring my bag to the security office and I agreed to meet him there. at 608pm, we clocked out at the security office and we were on our way home! Hehe...another day where we managed to clock out before 610pm! Wahahahahahah...what an achievement! :Þ

Tomorrow will be another day where the art of avoidance will be practiced and perfected further! I shall look forward to another day in Legend-Shit-Hole-Hotel without much work! Let's hope there will be lesser work tomorrow...better still, no work at all! :Þ

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tan said...

lol, u 2 working at home ar :)) but today so many prob wor, i only got 1 case in GS :)) :-"

btw, MIS got torch light!!! i used it before, i am very very sure about this :p