Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lessons learnt... part 2

User discretion is advised. Scattered profanities in this entry.

Last week, Yap and I decided to try our luck to end our training a week earlier. Thus, both of us approached Human Resource's officer to inquire about the procedure. Without even questioning us much, the officer gave us the application form for leave and instructed us to get it from our department's manager, the dreaded Arrogant-One or better known as Mr.Li Sen. We did as we were told and lo-and-behold, we were given 30 minutes of lecture on how to manipulate others and consolidate your power by hording all the latest computer peripherals and not letting anyone outside my department use it. Once he had completed his nothing-to-do-with-our-application-for-early-termination speech, he told us to ask our supervisor since we are directly under his supervision. Lesson learnt; never ask Mr.Arrogant-One anything unless you are prepared for a lecture that has nothing to do with the question you asked.

The next day, we summoned our courage to ask our "beloved" supervisor, the Lazy-One or Mr.Nicholas to approve our application. Once again, we were given half an hour of harsh lecture (more like scolding) that we can't apply leave. Lesson learnt; Legend Trainees have no rights. Even the janitors can apply for leave but not us. We have to work without pay for long hours and get scolding for fun. At the end of that day, Mr.Lazy-One was struck by some lightning or must have hit his head hard because he asked both of us to reduce our application from a week to three days. The reason was that it was easier for him to push our application through. Lame. Mr.Arrogant-One already approved our leave on condition that Mr.Lazy-One approves too. Lesson learnt; Mr.Lazy-One must embark on a journey to recover his courage (better known as 'balls' or testicles) so that he can once more have the guts to make decisions on his own.

Oh, did I forget to mention the food in our Legenda Cafe has deteriorated to a point that the food is only fit for dogs? They no longer follow the menu and the continuous onslaught of curry and spicy dishes everyday has turned my digestive system into battle-hardened-gastronomic- units. Now, thanks to Legend's legendary shitty cafeteria, I have been immunized against all spicy food. Once again, I owe all this to Legend Hotel, the place to be if you want to get accustomed to Malaysian's spicy delicacies.

Today, my fellow trainee, Yap and myself were so busy rushing to finish our assigned tasks; to format a computer each and reinstall all the necessary applications and settings before 6pm. Sounds easy. It actually is! We have done this so many times that we can do it with our eyes closed. The hard part was actually doing this task and running around doing things that were originally Mr.Lazy-One's work! I had to run to the store to bring back 4 identical CPUs to determine which motherboard and power supply was salvagable so that the housekeeping's computer can be reincarnated. Seeing that I was so busy helping Yap with this task (Yap was elsewhere troubleshooting since he couldn't figure out why the PC won't boot), Mr.Lazy-One left me alone. For a brief moment. 20 minutes prior to lunchtime, Mr.Senior-Officer or better known as Mr.Chan instructed me to start on the other PC that I was told to format. At the same time, Mr.Lazy-One received a call from Corporate Office on the 33rd floor to troubleshoot some internet connectivity problem with one of the big shots. Ms.Lee Yen specifically asked for Mr.Lazy-One to come but he sent me instead. I grudgingly complied and to my suprise, I was interrogated by Ms.Lee Yen on the reason Mr.Lazy-One didn't show up again. Once the brief interrogation was over, I was led to the problem. The big shot's laptop can't obtain an IP address and thus, he can't go online (to download porn?). I immediately checked and found out that it was the server that was at fault since it was not assigning IP address like it should. I rang back to Mr.Lazy-One and I had to endure the most insulting conversation I ever had.

Me: Sir,the server is not assigning IP to this laptop.
Mr.Lazy-One: Is the network cable plugged in or not?
Me: ... ... ... Yes (I almost blurted out...You think I am so fucking stupid as not to check that?)
Mr.Lazy-One: The network card got light blinking or not?
Me: DUH!!!!! IT'S THE FUCKING SERVER NOT ASSIGNING IP!!!! What the fuck!?(Well, I wanted to say that. Fortunately I didn't) Yes sir.
Mr.Lazy-One: Try restarting the computer and see
Me: Already done that. (Rolling my eyes and banging my fists on the table) Still doesn't work
Mr.Lazy-One: Ok, you come down and take our laptop and go test it out.
Me: Yes sir.

Thank God it was already lunch time and Ms.Lee Yen told me to go grab lunch first before returning to finish the job. I already lost 10 minutes of my lunch time no thanks to this. After lunch, I loitered around The Mall until it was 2pm and returned to office. Luckily, Mr.Senior-Officer helped me to complete the task since I had to complete installing all the necessary stuff into the PC assigned to me. Mr.Lazy-One on the other hand, was furiously typing on his keyboard. Woa...he is actually working for once! An hour later, he was still furiously fingering his keyboard. I noticed that his fingers were fixated on the arrow keys and the left side of the keyboard. I snuck behind the huge UPS to get a glimpse on what he was busy doing, to my suprise, that bastard was playing a tennis game! What the fuck!? Mr.Senior-Officer, Yap and myself were working our asses off and Mr.Lazy-One was playing tennis!!! This fucking hypocrite was also the one who sternly warned all of us not to play games during office hours. There goes my last shred of respect I ever had for this asshole.

I managed to snap a picture with my phone. That's my supervisor's monitor.

I was damn furious over this but since he was my supervisor, I can't just blurt out and screw him. I kept quiet and went on with my work. Lesson learnt; Managers or supervisors are there to sit back and relax as he instructs his subordinates to do all his work. Mental note to self; Do what I can (ethically) to get my way to the top so that I can earn a fat paycheck and let everyone below me do my work.

Conclusion? Legend Hotel is truly a shitty place to work in. Well, to be fair, it's probably just the Finance and IT division. One thing is for sure, I am never going to work in this hell-hole unless it's the last place on Earth where I can work. Legend Hotel, the truly legendary shit-hole of a workplace.


tan said...

:)), i am in Grand Seasons now :-"
u 2 sure very missing this place liao :)), btw, nice evidence u get there =D>.

Mr Balan is good though :p everything under his control and backup ;), but another trainee, haih.... troubleshoot 1 printer problem, at the end still cant settle and i have to go, problem? he print to a default printer driver(port LPT1) which that port is connected to another printer that the end, the trainee still dun know wat happen

ps: today GS has strawberry pudding ler, but too sweet, end up i feel the watermelon no taste after i ate the pudding :p

bumbz said...

waa....wanna leave early also have to fill form ar..:-o..really systematic worr..hehee

tan said...

bumbz said...
waa....wanna leave early also have to fill form ar..:-o..really systematic worr..hehee

> yup, all company also like that 1 becoz all task has been seperated out specifically mar :p, problem is is your application can go through smoothly without any hassle or not :(

tan said...

haha, shiok ler, i also want play, but balan dun allow to install any game, my PC windows game is not installed, only manage to play solitaire for half hr plus after another trainee go back :p ;)

Unka said...

Basket...stop showing off here! URGH!!!

tan said...

lol, dun call me basket lar, later i beh tahan go install basketball game and play :p, sabar lor, 2 weeks plus more ;)

brian yap said...

juz bear for 2 weeks more,i believe tat we wil hav a most happy cny ever...coz wat?no need to work at tis bastard hotel anymore ma!!!!....haha