Thursday, January 26, 2006


It's been almost a week since my last entry... been too busy with my grandma's funeral and my Industrial Training Report till I neglected my beloved blog. Nothing interesting had occured for the past week except the fact that I was released from the Legendary Shit-Hole Hotel! Woohoo!!!!

On Wednesday, I didn't even bother to do any work other than to print my report. Thanks to Mr.Senior-Officer's instruction to dismantle the power supply unit to the only computer we use that has network access, I had the opportunity to edit my report and print copies of it outside my office. Since it was office's equipment, Yap and I didn't bother saving for them... after all, they didn't even pay us, why should we help them save on office stationeries? For our report, we wasted one whole ream of Double A A4 paper and we didn't feel guilty at all! Hahahah... Tan on the other hand was busy covering our asses since he was the only one in the office... Mr.Lazy-One and Mr.Senior-Officer were happily assigning cases to him. Hehehee...

At lunch time, Mr.Arrogant-One and Mr.Lazy-One brought the three of us to Di-Atas Brasserie (Legend's Restaurant) and treated us to the buffet. Honestly speaking, the main course was nothing spectacular but the pastries and cakes were fantastic! The small tarts they had were awesome! They had more than 10 different types of cakes...not counting the different buns, ice cream, tarts, pies... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I had a hell-of-a-good time sampling all of them! Muahahahahaha... Oh yeah, throughout lunch, Mr.Arrogant-One was trying to brainwash every one of us to abandon the technical field and join Singapore Airlines as Air Stewards. The reason? You get high pay, fly all over the world and most importantly, you get a lot of hot chicks. When I questioned Mr.Arrogant-One if he regretted choosing this career... he simply said,"Of course!". Geez... He has a wife and a kid...and he still thinks like a bloody 18 year old! High pay and hot chicks? Sounds like the fantasy of a adolescent than a so-called head of a department. None-the-less, Mr.Arrogant-One wasn't as arrogant as we thought. He can really talk-cock. For someone his age (late 30s or early 40s), he sure knows how to bull-shit and crack jokes that we (early 20s) can relate to.

After lunch... we all headed back to office to resolve Kitchen Department's computer... and the afternoon passed so fast that day. Before I knew it, it was almost 6pm! As usual, I went around snapping photos and videos and at 6pm, the three of us bid our superiors farewell, clocked out and headed to McDonalds to have one last round of ice-cream. We talked cock for about half-an-hour before leaving the Mall for good.

Here are some pictures I took along with captions...
The infamous Legenda Cafe...the place to be if you want to immunize your digestive system against spicy food.
MIS' trolly and Legend Hotel Grandballroom's toilet. Nice place to hide and escape from work.The three Legendary suckers... From left, Tan Kong Hooi, Brian Yap and Yours TrulyFrom left, Mr.Lazy-One and Mr.Senior-Officer

Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur and The Mall... though I have my grudges against the management... I shall never forget the experience I had here. It was certainly an eye opener to the real working world. Farewell Legend Hotel, I hope I will never see you again in the future! You can burn down for all I care! Hehe...

PS: To all my Chinese friends... Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! To my non-Chinese friends... Happy Holidays!!! See you all next trimester!

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tan said...

tomolo only come so called last day industrial training!!! wondering whether double A have 70g paper type or not :p

also, Happy Chinese New Year to all of u.