Friday, January 20, 2006

Bad dream...bad omen

Yesterday night, my maternal grandmother was admitted into Sunway Hospital's Intensive Care Unit. Upon arrival, her heart had already stop beating and for a brief moment, she was certified dead by the doctor on duty. As if she didn't want to die in a hospital, the last attempt to revive her was successful and she was warded in ICU for observation. Though she was in critical condition, the doctor said she had stabilized significantly and by now, she was already comatosed. Leaving only the eldest and youngest son to stay by her that night, the rest of the family members returned home. (myself included)

This morning, I had a very frightful dream similar to one of the many frightful dreams I had in the past. In the dream, I had entered a mansion and I immediately knew something wasn't right. The mansion was like a huge maze and I was to stay overnight there. A lot of weird things occured such as invisible doors slamming onto me and weird shadowy figures following me. That night (in the dream), as I was sleeping, some invisible force covered my head with a huge cloth and were shoving me around. As if it was reflex, my mind started to recite the Lord's Prayer and the Rosary. Unlike my previous dreams I had about me exorcising spirits or my dead relative asking for my assistance, I felt real fear in this dream and it jolted me awake. Later in the morning, I woke up and went to take my shower and noticed that my necklace with a crucifix was missing. Once I had showered, I went to my bed and found that the chain had me superstitious or what not, at that point, I knew something bad had occured to my grandma.

Unfortunately, my premonition was right and the moment I met my mum downstairs, she instructed me to take emergency leave as the doctor said my grandma's pulse has dropped drastically and she is going to pass on very soon. My father who was on the way to work came home to pick my mum and I. We headed to Damansara Specialist Centre because my mum was scheduled to have her white-blood cells booster jab today in preparation for her next chemotherapy. Once that was done, we headed to my grandma's home. At about 11pm, my uncle, together with the ambulance, brought my grandma back to her home. Soon after they removed the breathing apparatus, the Lord called her back to His side.

About six hours later, I have returned home to rest (and blog about it. :Þ) before heading back to my grandma's home to help out. We weren't able to schedule a funeral service this weekend and had to wait for Monday for the service and her cremation. I have always wanted to end my industrial training early and somehow, I got my wish... in a very weird way... Geez... Anyway, to all those reading this, do pray for my grandma's soul. :) Thanks.

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genie said...

Nick, So sorry to hear that...may god bless you and your family...take care..