Thursday, January 26, 2006


It's been almost a week since my last entry... been too busy with my grandma's funeral and my Industrial Training Report till I neglected my beloved blog. Nothing interesting had occured for the past week except the fact that I was released from the Legendary Shit-Hole Hotel! Woohoo!!!!

On Wednesday, I didn't even bother to do any work other than to print my report. Thanks to Mr.Senior-Officer's instruction to dismantle the power supply unit to the only computer we use that has network access, I had the opportunity to edit my report and print copies of it outside my office. Since it was office's equipment, Yap and I didn't bother saving for them... after all, they didn't even pay us, why should we help them save on office stationeries? For our report, we wasted one whole ream of Double A A4 paper and we didn't feel guilty at all! Hahahah... Tan on the other hand was busy covering our asses since he was the only one in the office... Mr.Lazy-One and Mr.Senior-Officer were happily assigning cases to him. Hehehee...

At lunch time, Mr.Arrogant-One and Mr.Lazy-One brought the three of us to Di-Atas Brasserie (Legend's Restaurant) and treated us to the buffet. Honestly speaking, the main course was nothing spectacular but the pastries and cakes were fantastic! The small tarts they had were awesome! They had more than 10 different types of cakes...not counting the different buns, ice cream, tarts, pies... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I had a hell-of-a-good time sampling all of them! Muahahahahaha... Oh yeah, throughout lunch, Mr.Arrogant-One was trying to brainwash every one of us to abandon the technical field and join Singapore Airlines as Air Stewards. The reason? You get high pay, fly all over the world and most importantly, you get a lot of hot chicks. When I questioned Mr.Arrogant-One if he regretted choosing this career... he simply said,"Of course!". Geez... He has a wife and a kid...and he still thinks like a bloody 18 year old! High pay and hot chicks? Sounds like the fantasy of a adolescent than a so-called head of a department. None-the-less, Mr.Arrogant-One wasn't as arrogant as we thought. He can really talk-cock. For someone his age (late 30s or early 40s), he sure knows how to bull-shit and crack jokes that we (early 20s) can relate to.

After lunch... we all headed back to office to resolve Kitchen Department's computer... and the afternoon passed so fast that day. Before I knew it, it was almost 6pm! As usual, I went around snapping photos and videos and at 6pm, the three of us bid our superiors farewell, clocked out and headed to McDonalds to have one last round of ice-cream. We talked cock for about half-an-hour before leaving the Mall for good.

Here are some pictures I took along with captions...
The infamous Legenda Cafe...the place to be if you want to immunize your digestive system against spicy food.
MIS' trolly and Legend Hotel Grandballroom's toilet. Nice place to hide and escape from work.The three Legendary suckers... From left, Tan Kong Hooi, Brian Yap and Yours TrulyFrom left, Mr.Lazy-One and Mr.Senior-Officer

Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur and The Mall... though I have my grudges against the management... I shall never forget the experience I had here. It was certainly an eye opener to the real working world. Farewell Legend Hotel, I hope I will never see you again in the future! You can burn down for all I care! Hehe...

PS: To all my Chinese friends... Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! To my non-Chinese friends... Happy Holidays!!! See you all next trimester!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bad dream...bad omen

Yesterday night, my maternal grandmother was admitted into Sunway Hospital's Intensive Care Unit. Upon arrival, her heart had already stop beating and for a brief moment, she was certified dead by the doctor on duty. As if she didn't want to die in a hospital, the last attempt to revive her was successful and she was warded in ICU for observation. Though she was in critical condition, the doctor said she had stabilized significantly and by now, she was already comatosed. Leaving only the eldest and youngest son to stay by her that night, the rest of the family members returned home. (myself included)

This morning, I had a very frightful dream similar to one of the many frightful dreams I had in the past. In the dream, I had entered a mansion and I immediately knew something wasn't right. The mansion was like a huge maze and I was to stay overnight there. A lot of weird things occured such as invisible doors slamming onto me and weird shadowy figures following me. That night (in the dream), as I was sleeping, some invisible force covered my head with a huge cloth and were shoving me around. As if it was reflex, my mind started to recite the Lord's Prayer and the Rosary. Unlike my previous dreams I had about me exorcising spirits or my dead relative asking for my assistance, I felt real fear in this dream and it jolted me awake. Later in the morning, I woke up and went to take my shower and noticed that my necklace with a crucifix was missing. Once I had showered, I went to my bed and found that the chain had me superstitious or what not, at that point, I knew something bad had occured to my grandma.

Unfortunately, my premonition was right and the moment I met my mum downstairs, she instructed me to take emergency leave as the doctor said my grandma's pulse has dropped drastically and she is going to pass on very soon. My father who was on the way to work came home to pick my mum and I. We headed to Damansara Specialist Centre because my mum was scheduled to have her white-blood cells booster jab today in preparation for her next chemotherapy. Once that was done, we headed to my grandma's home. At about 11pm, my uncle, together with the ambulance, brought my grandma back to her home. Soon after they removed the breathing apparatus, the Lord called her back to His side.

About six hours later, I have returned home to rest (and blog about it. :Þ) before heading back to my grandma's home to help out. We weren't able to schedule a funeral service this weekend and had to wait for Monday for the service and her cremation. I have always wanted to end my industrial training early and somehow, I got my wish... in a very weird way... Geez... Anyway, to all those reading this, do pray for my grandma's soul. :) Thanks.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What a week...

Things have been great for the past week in shit-hole Legend Hotel. No, it's not because things got better. They have not changed their policy of not paying trainees and Mr.Lazy-One never got more hardworking. Things were great simply because... I have mastered the art of avoidance. My partner in crime, Mr.Yap, has been very corporative in executing whatever means necessary for us to sneak out of the office and just not work. Hehe... We have been assisting each other to get out of the office without arousing suspicion but there are times we just don't give a damn and leave the office without telling Mr.Lazy-One or Mr.Senior-Officer. Hell, it's the last two weeks of this torture and I honestly wouldn't give a rat's ass what my superiors think especially Mr.Lazy-One.

Though we have perfected the art of avoidance, there are times that we really have to get things done and today is a good example. Somehow, everything in Legend-Shit-Hole-Hotel went wrong and required MIS' expertise. It all began after lunch hour when Mr.Lazy-One told me to bring a laptop to check connectivity for room 1718 in the riser room where the network switches are located. Once I was there, the room's light was not working and MIS (pathetically) does not have any torch lights. I have to make do with the lights from the corridor. Fine...I can deal with that and I began my quest to find the network cable for room 1718. Suprise suprise, there are five switches and each switch has 24 patch cords (network cable) attached to it. I had to unplug each cable, look at the label and plug it for all 120 cables in a small 1X1 metre room with no light. Lo-and-behold! After spending almost an hour rummaging through the wire maze, I can't find it because most of the labels have faded. Not able to do anything, I reported back to office but Mr.Lazy-One asked me to verify if room 1718 has no network connection at all. Obediently, I did as I was told and completed it in 20 minutes. (I could have procrastinated longer but lugging a laptop around is no fun)

Having done that, I thought I could sit down and relax for a while but the phone rang and room 1709 was having connectivity problems. I was once again dispatched to the scene along with a security escort. By looking at the thin-client in that room, I immediately notified the ACN vendor (which is suppose to provide support to all the thin-clients in the first place!) and told him the problem. The vendor told me he will restart the thin-client from the server side and I thought case was closed... so I thought. I returned to my office and again Mr.Lazy-One sent me back up to the operator room on 9th floor to call FCS vendor to troubleshoot the FCS System (A system that captures all outgoing calls made by the hotel and bills it to the customers) Just when I was about to call the vendor, I recalled that our Computerized Lodging System (CLS) had been shut down earlier on for maintenance and I phoned Mr.Lazy-One to ask if that affected the FCS System. The answer I obtain was a resounding no. (Later I found out from Mr.Senior-Officer that it was indeed the CLS system that was affecting the FCS system. Stupid Mr.Lazy-One...)For the next thirty minutes, I was talking on the phone with the FCS vendor and finally, the vendor told me that he will dial into the FCS system to solve the problem. Basket...if he had done that earlier, I wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of blindly clicking on the system's interface.

As I was just putting down the phone, the operator on duty, Jay, told me that the guest in room 1709 was looking for me. I called up the ACN Vendor once more and asked if he had resolved the problem and was assured that the problem was rectified. Almost instantaneously after I ended the conversation with the vendor, I rang the guest's room and another problem cropped up. Again, I had to run back up to the room with my security escort to see what the problem was. Went in, saw what the problem was and I rushed back to the operator room to call the ACN Vendor again. While I was talking to the ACN Vendor, Mr.Senior-Officer (SO) called me on my mobile phone and I had to put the vendor on hold to talk to Mr.Senior-Officer. This was the conversation that had transpired.

Mr.SO : Aun, did you call FCS vendor?
Me : Yes, I did
Mr.SO : Who ask you to call?
Me : Mr.Nicholas asked because user complained that the system stopped capturing calls
Mr.SO : Oh...actually there is no problem with FCS
Me : Erm sir...I am on the phone with ACN Vendor. Can I get back to you later
Mr.SO : Ok nevermind. FCS vendor called me and talked to me already. You no need to do anything with the system.
Me : Ok ok. I talking to the ACN vendor now... I need to go
Mr.SO : Ok nevermind. (What's with him and this phrase????) You don't do anything with the system. No need call FCS already. Ok? I will talk to FCS.
Me : ... ... ... Ok ok. (And he finally ended the conversation)

By the time I got back to the ACN vendor, he had already hung up. What the heck was wrong with Mr.Senior-Officer? I have made it known twice that I was on the phone but he insisted on talking to me with his usual slow talk. He is either very blur or he is just plain inconsiderate. Within the next 5 minutes, I managed to call the ACN vendor and was told that they cannot rectify the problem by today. This time, I didn't bother letting the guest know and I told the front desk personnel that they must change rooms for the guest as the vendors are not able to resolve the issue.

At long last, I managed to finish all the problems that popped up within that 3 hours. From 2pm to 5pm, I have been running around making calls and going into hotel rooms to provide support. The moment I got back into the office, I immediately started the art of avoidance. I summoned my partner in crime to have a drink at our cafeteria. 20 minutes gone. We walked all over the place and another 10 minutes gone. Just about then, we got bored of walking aimlessly so we headed back to office and unlucky me, Legend College was having problems printing and I was sent to rectify the problem. By the time I reach the administration's office, it was already 10 minutes to 6pm and the staff were getting ready to leave! Thank God my fellow trainee was smart enough to call me at 6pm to ask my whereabouts. He told me that Mr.Lazy-One wasn't in and Mr.Senior-Officer was on the phone... excellent timing for us to leave! He volunteered to bring my bag to the security office and I agreed to meet him there. at 608pm, we clocked out at the security office and we were on our way home! Hehe...another day where we managed to clock out before 610pm! Wahahahahahah...what an achievement! :Þ

Tomorrow will be another day where the art of avoidance will be practiced and perfected further! I shall look forward to another day in Legend-Shit-Hole-Hotel without much work! Let's hope there will be lesser work tomorrow...better still, no work at all! :Þ

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My computer, my heartache...

I had a freaking frustrating Saturday. I have to format and troubleshoot computers at my work place and I had to do the same for my beloved computer at home. It's not that I mind formatting the harddrive and reinstalling everything for this PC, I was just frustrated at the fact that I had spent the whole freaking day to troubleshoot the problem of my computer crashing on a regular basis, programmes not running the way it should and not able to reboot on its own even after a fresh OS installation.

I tried to use different *ahem* copies of Windows XP with SP2, reverted my SLi graphic cards (Scalable Link interface for dual Graphic Cards) drivers to the older one, flashed my BIOS to the older versions and installed older chipset drivers. Nothing seems to work. The problem of my motherboard's BIOS updater not being able to detect my motherboard keeps popping up (and when this happens, a whole lot of programmes cannot be installed or won't run after installation). Finally, after a whole day of flashing the BIOS and reinstalling Windows, I finally found the problem. My Creative Audigy 2 ZS drivers (for you noobs, it's my soundcard) was the problem. I was using the Beta Unified drivers and everytime I installed that driver, it screws up my registry and corrupts my chipset drivers as well as my OS. Of course, for me to finally pinpoint this problem after a whole day of troubleshooting, I was in a very foul mood (profanities abound!) but thank God I retained my sanity and didn't throw my beloved CPU off the cliff or douse water onto it. Man... this is the last time I am ever going to try any Beta drivers for any of my computer hardware and peripherals!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lessons learnt... part 2

User discretion is advised. Scattered profanities in this entry.

Last week, Yap and I decided to try our luck to end our training a week earlier. Thus, both of us approached Human Resource's officer to inquire about the procedure. Without even questioning us much, the officer gave us the application form for leave and instructed us to get it from our department's manager, the dreaded Arrogant-One or better known as Mr.Li Sen. We did as we were told and lo-and-behold, we were given 30 minutes of lecture on how to manipulate others and consolidate your power by hording all the latest computer peripherals and not letting anyone outside my department use it. Once he had completed his nothing-to-do-with-our-application-for-early-termination speech, he told us to ask our supervisor since we are directly under his supervision. Lesson learnt; never ask Mr.Arrogant-One anything unless you are prepared for a lecture that has nothing to do with the question you asked.

The next day, we summoned our courage to ask our "beloved" supervisor, the Lazy-One or Mr.Nicholas to approve our application. Once again, we were given half an hour of harsh lecture (more like scolding) that we can't apply leave. Lesson learnt; Legend Trainees have no rights. Even the janitors can apply for leave but not us. We have to work without pay for long hours and get scolding for fun. At the end of that day, Mr.Lazy-One was struck by some lightning or must have hit his head hard because he asked both of us to reduce our application from a week to three days. The reason was that it was easier for him to push our application through. Lame. Mr.Arrogant-One already approved our leave on condition that Mr.Lazy-One approves too. Lesson learnt; Mr.Lazy-One must embark on a journey to recover his courage (better known as 'balls' or testicles) so that he can once more have the guts to make decisions on his own.

Oh, did I forget to mention the food in our Legenda Cafe has deteriorated to a point that the food is only fit for dogs? They no longer follow the menu and the continuous onslaught of curry and spicy dishes everyday has turned my digestive system into battle-hardened-gastronomic- units. Now, thanks to Legend's legendary shitty cafeteria, I have been immunized against all spicy food. Once again, I owe all this to Legend Hotel, the place to be if you want to get accustomed to Malaysian's spicy delicacies.

Today, my fellow trainee, Yap and myself were so busy rushing to finish our assigned tasks; to format a computer each and reinstall all the necessary applications and settings before 6pm. Sounds easy. It actually is! We have done this so many times that we can do it with our eyes closed. The hard part was actually doing this task and running around doing things that were originally Mr.Lazy-One's work! I had to run to the store to bring back 4 identical CPUs to determine which motherboard and power supply was salvagable so that the housekeeping's computer can be reincarnated. Seeing that I was so busy helping Yap with this task (Yap was elsewhere troubleshooting since he couldn't figure out why the PC won't boot), Mr.Lazy-One left me alone. For a brief moment. 20 minutes prior to lunchtime, Mr.Senior-Officer or better known as Mr.Chan instructed me to start on the other PC that I was told to format. At the same time, Mr.Lazy-One received a call from Corporate Office on the 33rd floor to troubleshoot some internet connectivity problem with one of the big shots. Ms.Lee Yen specifically asked for Mr.Lazy-One to come but he sent me instead. I grudgingly complied and to my suprise, I was interrogated by Ms.Lee Yen on the reason Mr.Lazy-One didn't show up again. Once the brief interrogation was over, I was led to the problem. The big shot's laptop can't obtain an IP address and thus, he can't go online (to download porn?). I immediately checked and found out that it was the server that was at fault since it was not assigning IP address like it should. I rang back to Mr.Lazy-One and I had to endure the most insulting conversation I ever had.

Me: Sir,the server is not assigning IP to this laptop.
Mr.Lazy-One: Is the network cable plugged in or not?
Me: ... ... ... Yes (I almost blurted out...You think I am so fucking stupid as not to check that?)
Mr.Lazy-One: The network card got light blinking or not?
Me: DUH!!!!! IT'S THE FUCKING SERVER NOT ASSIGNING IP!!!! What the fuck!?(Well, I wanted to say that. Fortunately I didn't) Yes sir.
Mr.Lazy-One: Try restarting the computer and see
Me: Already done that. (Rolling my eyes and banging my fists on the table) Still doesn't work
Mr.Lazy-One: Ok, you come down and take our laptop and go test it out.
Me: Yes sir.

Thank God it was already lunch time and Ms.Lee Yen told me to go grab lunch first before returning to finish the job. I already lost 10 minutes of my lunch time no thanks to this. After lunch, I loitered around The Mall until it was 2pm and returned to office. Luckily, Mr.Senior-Officer helped me to complete the task since I had to complete installing all the necessary stuff into the PC assigned to me. Mr.Lazy-One on the other hand, was furiously typing on his keyboard. Woa...he is actually working for once! An hour later, he was still furiously fingering his keyboard. I noticed that his fingers were fixated on the arrow keys and the left side of the keyboard. I snuck behind the huge UPS to get a glimpse on what he was busy doing, to my suprise, that bastard was playing a tennis game! What the fuck!? Mr.Senior-Officer, Yap and myself were working our asses off and Mr.Lazy-One was playing tennis!!! This fucking hypocrite was also the one who sternly warned all of us not to play games during office hours. There goes my last shred of respect I ever had for this asshole.

I managed to snap a picture with my phone. That's my supervisor's monitor.

I was damn furious over this but since he was my supervisor, I can't just blurt out and screw him. I kept quiet and went on with my work. Lesson learnt; Managers or supervisors are there to sit back and relax as he instructs his subordinates to do all his work. Mental note to self; Do what I can (ethically) to get my way to the top so that I can earn a fat paycheck and let everyone below me do my work.

Conclusion? Legend Hotel is truly a shitty place to work in. Well, to be fair, it's probably just the Finance and IT division. One thing is for sure, I am never going to work in this hell-hole unless it's the last place on Earth where I can work. Legend Hotel, the truly legendary shit-hole of a workplace.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why are people the way they are?

When I first started blogging, one of my good friends from high school days (one year my junior) made this statement,"Aren't you afraid you might anger some people with your blog?" I didn't even bother to think and replied,"If I was afraid, I wouldn't even start blogging at all". Reason is, I am a crude, untactful (on purpose and can be very persuasive when situation demands it) and straight-to-the-point-no-nonsense person. I have my fair share of people who dislikes me. Does this make me fear posting like I do? No. I post to bitch about people whom I dislike because I don't want to suffer in silence. Prior to blogging, I would made known if some ass had angered me and I don't care if that would give the impression that I am backstabbing that individual or being labelled as 'gossiping'. Better for people to think indifferently about me than for me to swallow crap and eat me from inside. Too bad not everyone thinks like me.

I have encountered so many friends who gave me the honour to be their confidant (male version of confidante. Uncle Chan's Shrink Service anyone? :Þ) to rant about things in life. This particular case is about a housemate from hell (A guy whom I never liked because he just loves to put "air" around him and brags when he doesn't have nuts to back up his claims) during Industrial training somewhere in Malaysia. I won't be mentioning details here but all I can say is, this guy is a pure ass. Those who saw how jackass I was (and probably still is), I pale in comparison to this guy. There are things even I won't bring myself to do no matter how pissed I am and he does all that to his housemates whom aren't even his enemies. Well, I might be hearing biased stories about him but those stories coming from two very nice and relatively well known individuals (in our circle of friends in MMU), I find very little cause to doubt the things I heard.

When asked on the reason these two chose to keep mum over such insults and abuse, they replied that they didn't want to make a fuss out of it. The end. Nudge to provide an answer on why they didn't retaliate and set the record straight with all the false accusations, (which were made to make this asshole look good. Remember that I mentioned that this asshole loves to put on 'air'? He also loves to belittle others just to boost his own image and ego. I know cause I have mixed around with him often enough to know this) this friend of mine just replied,"I can't bring myself to be as low as him". What the hell? I reasoned that they will be only setting the record straight and let the world know the sufferings they endured but the answer came back the same. All they can do now is to endure this mental torture from this asshole until their Industrial Training is over in a week's time. One thing they were very convicted in is, I quote,"I will never be his friend after this...EVER!"

I could only listen to this rant in disbelief. If I was in any of their shoes, I would have done things very differently. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) not everyone is as confrontational and direct as I am. Some people just choose to accept the whole truck-load of shit and suffer in silence. My advice to the people who reads my blog, try to be more confrontational. I am not advocating that you get into fist or cat-fights, (which mysteriously seem to be very attractive to some guys?) all I am saying is don't let people walk all over you. Not making a fuss is one thing, letting people go overboard and step all over you is another. Make your stand known and though you might anger some people along the way, it's better compared to the mental torture you have to go through if you didn't.

Take cue from me (fuiyoo...talking like a pro! :Þ), like the saying goes, a pen is sharper than a sword (did I get it right?). Rant all you want in a blog. You aren't spreading slander or what not but merely expressing facts and opinions of certain individuals whom you feel strongly against about. Think of it as rendering a public service to the world by letting people know how mean and jackass some individuals can be. ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

First MC at work...

Urgh... Kept waking up at night because I was either shivering of cold or sweating profusely because I was too hot. Geez... What a way to start year 2006. Went to work today only to end up coming back at 11pm.

When I first clocked in I was already wearing my jacket. My supervisor asked me to consult the doctor and get the proper documentations done. I had to take the doctor's slip from the Finance head of department's secretary, fill up the details, let the Finance head sign it and bring it all the way to Human Resource department to get my slip to consult the doctor. If I was really dead sick, I think I would have probably died before getting all those done. Once I had my slip in hand, I waited till 10am for the clinic to open.

I walked groggily to the clinic located on the 4th floor of The Mall and registered myself. Again, I had to wait for another 15 minutes for the doctor to see me. (Well, at least I did not have to wait for 2 and half hours when I went to Putrajaya Hospital around midnight for high fever 4 years ago) Being such a good patient, I described that I was having on-and-off hot/cold spells, my back near my butt and my legs were aching, my abdomen has a nagging discomfort since last night and had loose bowels. The kind doctor took my temperature which was normal and then politely instructed me to lie on the bed so that he can diagnose me better. Once that was done, the doctor said he had no idea what was wrong with me. All I can do now is to take some antibiotics, fever medication that doubles as painkiller, diarrhea pills and some miniture mentos lookalike pills to address my stomach discomfort. He asked me to monitor myself and see how this thing goes. I bid the doctor farewell and took my medication from the receiptionist. The receiptionists gave me all the necessary items and asked if I think I can work. I stupidly said I could and she instructed me to return for a medical certificate (mc) if I want to return home.

I went back up to my office and my supervisor asked why I didn't take MC. After pondering for 5 minutes on how stupid I was to reject the half day off to rest at home, I went back to the clinic to get my MC. I passed the MC to the secretary of the Finance head and left my office immediately after that. Reached home 40 minutes later and I had to walk through scorching hot afternoon. Geez... Now I am finally home, I am blogging about it. Hahahhaah... crap.

Getting my rest now. Hopefully, I will get better by tomorrow. Till then, it's nap time for me.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Penang,to and back...again

It was a long weekend and I managed to take a day off from work so I went up to Penang with two of my friends. This time, instead of taking the much dreaded 4 hours plus bus ride, my friend drove. Left Kuala Lumpur at around 1015 and we managed to reach Penang before 2pm. Once we arrived, we embarked on a journey to sample as many hawker food as we possibly could! Muahahahahahah... Man, Penang is indeed the makan haven!!!!! Thank God my friend Justin who drove is also another person who just loves to eat. Together Adel and Alice (Justin's beloved), we had awesome eating sessions at various places such as Air Itam, Jelutong and Penang city area. Shioooooooooooooooooooooook... here are some of the pictures along with its respective captions.

Ais Kacang special

This is the ais-kacang special I had at Sawtau Lane. (Did I get the name right?) Nothing spectacular other than it has 8 types of fruits in it. This was our second stop after we arrived in Penang. Prior to this,we had asam laksa at Air Itam area. It is also in Sawtau hawker area I had Penang Rojak. It was awesome!

In the evening, I met up with Chee Han, Joshua, Lincoln and Daniel. Then, we headed to the infamous Pirated DVD Haven; Midlands Shopping Mall. There, DVD 9 are priced at RM3 per piece. Man, I would have felt very guilty if I didn't buy some DVDs. RM3 for DVD 9! It was so darn cheap!!!!!! (One of us... was eager to purchase some *ahem* DVDs but bailed out at the last minute with the reason, he can download it for free! haha...)

Pirated DVD haven

They even had a Top 10 list!

After that, the whole gang headed to some hawker area in Penang where I had the best hor chien (fried oysters) ever. The oysters were just huge. Even the ones in Klang weren't as big as these. Once dinner was over, I headed back to N-park to celebrate a quiet New Year with my beloved and the other couple. Note to myself; having an icy cold beer with chips and lazing around with the ones you really care is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than crowding at certain 'happening' places or go clubbing. Should do this more often!

The next day, the four of us headed down to the area next to Air Itam to taste another asam laksa stall. I can't remember the name of this place but if you are coming from Penang town, you would normally take the 9 o'clock at the round about to Air Itam but this place is the 12 o'clock junction. Trust me when I tell you that this asam laksa is way better than the more popular one in Air Itam. Too bad the stalls weren't open at the time we arrived and we thought they were closed for the day. So we headed to the food court opposite the stalls and had our lunch. To our suprise, the stalls opened at 2pm just as we were leaving and we decided to have a second round of lunch! Muahahahaa...

Here, we just arrived at the hawker stalls.

One thing I love about Penang hawkers is that they use those metal tables and stools. It gives the authentic 'old-school-hawker' feeling unlike those in KL where they use plastic stools and tables.

Kuey Teow Th'ng which was very tasty.

This was the third dish I had. Prior to this, I already had duck rice and the awesome asam-laksa. Once this was done, I had mua chi for dessert. This is some sort like a chewing gum made of flour and mixed with crushed peanuts. I didn't manage to snap a picture of it since I was too busy stuffing myself with food. :Þ

At night...the four of us headed to Jelutong area for dinner! Once there, we quickly settled down and ordered a large variety of hawker food!

Jelutong hawker area

Another picture of the hawker area from where I sat

I had char-kuey-teow (fried kuey-teow mee), loh-mee (mee in thick gravy which I have no idea what it was), hor-chean and char-kuey-kak (fried something? Don't know how to describe this). I washed all the food down with an icy cool lin-chi-kang. Thank God food in Penang is dirt cheap else I would be broke eating the way I did.

Here's the aftermath. Mind you, there were only 4 of us. Hehe...

On the last day, we decided to scale back on our eating and settled down for some hawker food in Penang City area. (I don't really know if it was in Penang City or elsewhere. I was just the passenger! :Þ) Once we had our early lunch, we proceeded to Ghee Heang to purchase some biscuits before sending Adel back and left for KL.

I might sound as though I ate like a pig, erm... I did. The only thing to do in Penang is to eat, eat and eat somemore! The hawker food in Penang is just awesome! Too bad I can't say the same to the places of interest. (No offence to Penangites!) Ah...Penang! This time's visit was truly a gastronomic adventure that didn't bore a hole in my wallet. Hehehe...Penang, I shall return in the near future for a second round of makan adventure!!!!!!