Thursday, December 15, 2005

MMU Supervisor visited...

My MMU supervisor,Mr.Shahiman called me up on Tuesday to notify me that he was coming to visit us at Legend today. He also specifically mentioned that he wants to go through my log book when he comes. The problem is, I have not updated my log books since 11th November and I had to write every support cases I had each day up till the 15th of December (The day he visited). Thank God he notified me two days ahead. After struggling for two nights, i finally updated all my cases into the log book.

This morning, I went to Grand Seasons as usual and solved whatever computer or printer problems I received that morning. At 3pm, I left and returned to Legend Hotel. The moment my supervisor at Legend saw me, he said,"Eh,you and Balan are here, there's no one in Grand Seasons?" I replied,"Oh, there's a new trainee attached to MIS Grand Seasons. He is alone there now". "Oh,good good! If that's the case, you return here tomorrow. I have work for you," he replied. I laughed because I thought he was joking at that time. Another 45 minutes passed and at about 4pm, Mr.Shahiman called Tan to let him know that he was waiting at the Hotel Lobby. Being such an obedient and courteous student, Tan went up to escort Mr.Shahiman to MIS' office. We patiently waited and another ten minutes passed with no sign of Tan or Mr.Shahiman. Yap and myself were about to start a search-and-rescue mission to recover our lost friend when Tan and Mr.Shahiman showed up. Mr.Shahiman came in, introduced himself to my supervisor, had a brief chat with him and left with us to the Hotel Lobby so that he can ask us some questions.

Once at the Lobby area, the first thing that Mr.Shahiman said was,"This is my first time being in the admin of a hotel, I never knew it was so messy!" Our Lecturer's impression on Legend took its first hit. Then Mr.Shahiman started to ask us a couple of unimportant questions such as if we are happy with the working environment, how's the meals here etc. He then proceeded to read our log books. At first glance, he thought we were doing some database project and when he finally read the logs, he gave an incredulous look and asked us to write "intelligently" in our final report on our training so that we would look as though we did something important and related to our field. After going through two log books, Yap mentioned that all these cases are already in a Excel format. Mr.Shahiman then asked,"Why didn't you just print a copy and staple it onto your log book? Erm...well, you can write all your logs to practice your handwriting skills..." At that point, we cursed ourselves for being over-hardworking. We assumed since we always had to write our lab reports, we have to do the same for our log book. Now we know that we can PRINT our reports and paste it into our log book.

Once the formalities were completed, we had a brief chat and he asked us what is the working hours in Legend Hotel. Here's the conversation; (based on what i remember)

Me : Officially, we are to work from 9am to 530pm everyday but we are only allowed to leave after 6pm.
Mr.Shahiman : Why do they keep you till after six?
Me : Sir, they said that if we were to leave at 530pm sharp, we would leave a very bad impression on our department.
Mr.Shahiman : But you are only trainees allowance somemore.
Tan : The company wants it that way mah...
Mr.Shahiman : That's why i said even though this is a hotel, i feel a lot of pressure here.

I think after this conversation, Mr.Shahiman's impression on Legend has dropped another notch. Now, he probably thinks that Legend is the most stingy company around since all the companies he visited earlier on (we were the last company he visited) paid a minimum allowance of RM500. We bid our lecturer farewell and parted at Legend's lobby. I was quite delighted because I get to go home earlier today since Mr.Balan (supervisor at Grand Seasons) gave me green light to go home straight after my meeting with my lecturer.

Just when I was savouring that moment, Mr.Nicholas (supervisor at Legend) told me again to report back to Legend tomorrow so that I can go check connectivity at 15th and 16th floor which had its data points installed recently. Now I know he meant what he said earlier on. Though i get to return home earlier today, I have to report to Grand Seasons in the morning, get the MIS laptop, walk all the way back to Legend with it, check the connectivity at both floors and return to Grand Seasons once I am done. (Me and my big mouth...I shouldn't have told him about the other trainee!!!!)

I must sincerely "thank" Yap for this. Why? Thanks to him, Mr.Nicholas has an impression that I, like Yap, have absolutely nothing to do in Grand Seasons. Coupled with the fact that Yap takes three days just to format and reinstall all the necessary softwares into a computer (According to Mr.Chan) and Tan is always busy doing support outside the office, I have just became the best candidate to check the connectivity on the two floors. This time, it's for testing connectivity, I shudder at the possibility that I will need to return to Legend for the second time just to help out in the near future. Legend...for providing us with one meal everyday, they sure make us work like dogs. Sigh...that's the working world for you.


genie said...

aih....pity u my dear fren...why la all of us also have to work like shit whereas others can be so free....why is it so UNFAIR?? hehehe..anyway..take's just a'll face things tat are worse when u in the corporate world...

tan said...

after tomolo, nicholas will say "aun, u did a great job, u stay back in legend, i will gif balan a call later" :)) ur honeymoon end immediately :d

tan said...

re-read again, find that u miss the conversation regarding the food :))

btw, today nicholas ask us do self-evualation before he evualate us, u will kena tomolo :p

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