Sunday, December 04, 2005

Malaysia...the land of the forgetfuls

Reading the English dailies never fails to make me laugh. It's not because the news reported are funny, it's just that we Malaysians truly stick to our motto,"hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Once the hype over an issue dies down, we all act as though it never happened before. Recently, it was the case of Chinese citizens being wrongly stripped naked by police personnels. Not too long ago it was the issue of Approved Permits (AP) for imported cars. Just before that it was the issue on the cracks appearing on the Middle Ring Road Two (MRR2) elevated highway. Who remembers about the haze that enveloped Klang Valley? All of these issues have been widely reported by literally all the news agencies in Malaysia but now no one remembers them. Did the Government take concrete steps to solve the problems? As far as i am concerned, there are none.

On the haze issue, the Government said they will discuss with their Indonesian counterparts to prevent future peat fires. Have they come to a solution? No news, no announcements, it became a past problem. Let us wait till next year when we are once again enveloped by haze, our Government will most probably repeat the same statements they made this year and forget about it soon after. Let's face it, haze has become almost a yearly affair since 1998. I predict it will continue to be for many years to come.

As far as i know (correct me if i am wrong), no rectification works has been done on MRR2. What amazes me was that the Minister of Works dared to proclaim that the highway will not collapse for another few years even if no rectification work is done. I know that he said this to refute allegations that the highway will collapse but it made me wonder, will Mr.MIC president instruct his ministry to start repairing the highway after some concrete chunks falls off and kills someone? Again, i think this is the most likely scenario given our Government's efficiency track records.

Ah...the issue of AP. The Parliment was making a hell-lot of noise regarding this. It was so evident that corruption was involved here. How can so many APs be given to a few individuals? To make things more interesting, one of the AP kings is Madam Minister's relative. Coincidence? Hmmm...the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) did not launch an investigation. The Prime Minister kept mum and did not sack anyone. After announcing the National Automotive Policy (NAP), the issue just died off. Few months down the road, the whole issue is one was indicted, nothing was done to address the corruptions involved. Another forgotten problem. Malaysia, land of the forgetfuls indeed!

Latest issue! Police abusing their powers! Pak Lah apologizes to China and plans to send Home Minister Azmi Khalid to explain matters to the Chinese Government. An independent panel was formed to investigate this matter. The stupid deputy Internal Security Minister's remark that jeorpadized relations between Malaysia and China was merely reprimanded and nothing more. Woa...a lot of things happened in such a short time after the video of a nude woman in custody being forced to do ear squats surfaced. Mark my words, once this issue dies down (i predict in less than a week), our "professional" police force will continue with their abuse of power and we will have to wait for another brave soul to step forward in the future to highlight this issue all over again.

Man...i am speaking like a broken tape recorder. Heck...i can talk until cows come home or pigs learn to fly and nothing will be changed. Lets accept the fact that Malaysia is indeed the land of the forgetfuls. My advise to our Tourism Ministry; instead of having the slogan Malaysia Truly Asia, let's change it to Malaysia, the Land of the Forgetfuls as it truly reflects our country.

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