Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's that time of the year again?

Oh my gosh! The year 2005 is coming to an end!!! Christmas has come and gone, New Year's day is coming soon. All the more reason we should booze to usher in the New Year! Woohoo!!! Let's make resolutions that we are obligated to break after a few weeks! Yay yay~! Not to forget, prepare tonnes of panadol to nurse the bad hangover on the first day of 2006.

Alright alright...enough of those crap. A year has come and gone. I am getting older by the day and I am already part of the young adult section. What happened throughout 2005? I won't be able to pen down every single detail of every event but I will highlight the major disasters that I can remember. For starters, the world commemorated the first anniversary of the tsunami disaster that flattened many coastal towns and cities yesterday (26th December). (Alright alright, that happened in 2004 but I still consider it part of 2005 because it struck during the final days of 2004). Northern states of the Malay Peninsular were flooded thanks to the heavy downpour a week ago. It has been two and half months since a huge earthquake struck South Asia that devastated Pakistan which left hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who live in rural areas homeless. (Not to mention, most of them starved to death because help couldn't reach them) Hurricane Katrina swept across New Orleans in early September that showed the World that the so-called the World's only Superpower can't even provide relief and support to its citizens. (In its own backyard) On a microscopic scale, the deadly (or is it?) bird flu spread its "coverage area" to include Europe. Those arrogant Europeans who once thought bird flu was not their problem were finally jolted into taking concrete steps to address the problem. Not to forget the Africans who are afflicted by HIV or die just because they are too poor to stay alive.

Did I miss anything? Well, even if I did, the things I mentioned already shown that it has been a long and turbulent year for humanity. One major disaster struck one after another. No, I am not prophesying that the end of the world is nigh. It has been a long and eventful year for all of us and I don't want to remember all the tragedies that had befallen humanity. Farewell 2005... I hope as we usher in 2006, more good news will come by.

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Lincoln said...

I could recall one more item. Remember the day after Easter? There was a quake in Indonesia that sent tremors to our penisular. The tremors could even be felt in Cyberia. Everyone had to evacuate for a few hours before being let in again. :P