Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Guest entry...

After reading my entry Legendary bastards... Chee Han shared with me his experience at his company in Taman Tun Dr.Ismail. I obtained his permission to publish the email he sent me.

"U know I work in helpdesk rite?? The main antagonist is this this son of the b**ch (SOTB) who joined my company 1 month back. I remember I treat him really good, I added him to frienster, I taught him everything I know, I bring him makan with my makan geng, Gim they all, cuz tat week, when I look at him, I really feel like .. I looked back to myself 1 month back, tat y I feel like wanna treat him good …

the 2nd week, my supervisor asked me to do some info gathering for him, for his meeting with telekom ppl, then tat fella feel tat my existence threaten him, and start to do a lot of things that irridate me … he start to tell around ppl that I m JUST a trainee, and he speak loudly in front of my supervisor that he don’t know everything, as if I did not share my knowledge with him, come on la … IF a trainee can cause so much theat to him, then this employee is really a JUNK !!! in truth, he is .. he come in by connection … he dun even know basic networking stuff like ipconfig, telnet, ping . not even know how to start command prompt !!!!! n worst of all, when I solve cases, he surf, go friendster, chat, download car vids.

this 2 week, most of the senior take turns take leave, and I ganti their day time shift, solving all the cases, without referring much help from the supervisor. Nah, Uncle, I m not boasting, most ppl said this is crazy, but I somehow managed to deal with all the odd cases. Tat fella on the other hand, dun want to do anything, just online, chat .. the 1 getting 2K, doing nothing, n the one getting 500 do everything .. this Monday, another newbie come, n I m assigned to teach him again. I wonder if y my supervisor like to ask me do work :p N again, tat idiot intro to the newbie that I m JUST a trainee … in the log (web based report) my senior address me as CSE (customer support engineer), n only him address me as trainee .. wtf, even the senior take me as peer, n he wanna tell ppl that he is superior ..

today, 1 senior on leave again, n when a level 3 engineer, who is so happen and ask abt the senior on shift, I told the engineer, its tat fella .. I said, he is the FULL EMPLOYEE … n in the end, when calls in, he refers to me everything b4 he take action, n I said, “full employee huh”, quite loud

anyway .. really fed up of this fella .. I don care .. I m like your type of ppl, very transparent one, I dun like someone, I will let the whole world know, I know I will rugi a lot, but I don care, I m after all, a trainee, if I don like the company, I need not to go back ..."

Lesson to the world, be wary of jackasses wherever you go.
P.S : first guest entry. Chee Han... Thanks for the input!


Yee Yong said...

hahaha, tan chee han dai sei
js jk, dun use yr super mega body to bang me ar :p

anyway, tell me who's the f*cker, I bring one gang to wallop them. fren for so many years ady, help u for free la :D

cheehan said...

ha ha .. thanks .. ignore him la, this type of ppl .. anyway, thanks uncle for helping me to publish this, and thanks yee yong

Unka said...

Welcome welcome...
Jom...sama sama gang bash that fella. We do it for free for Chee Han...if the fella report police, we blame Chee Han only lo