Friday, December 30, 2005

Farewell Grand Seasons...

I can't believe how fast time flies. Less than a month ago I was transferred to Grand Seasons Hotel from Legend Hotel. Little did I realize, I have reached the end of the month (and end of the year!) and I have to bid farewell to this wonderful place. Though it's only less than a month I have been working here, I grew attached to the awesome working environment here. The staff here are all very friendly (there are some assholes though) and great to work with. The food's way better and working conditions are less stressful compared to its sister hotel. I have to admit that the work load here is less than those in Legend but this is because of the wonderful maintainence job done by my supervisor, Mr.Balan.

Before I left, I managed to take some pictures with my Nokia 6630 on almost all the staff in Sales and Human Resource Department. Of course, how can I not take pictures of the staff in my MIS department? Regretfully, I missed out certain departments due to time constrain. I missed out Ms.Yatie, Ms.Lin, Ms.Kelly, Mr.Azizi, Ms.Chang, Ms.Uma and Ms.Elsy from Accounts department, Ms.Rohaya from Engineering department, Ms.June and Ms.Catherine from Purchasing and Ms.Rosemary from Executive office. Mr.Vincent (Acting GM), Mr.Yap from Human Resource, Mr.Hazali and Ms.Zaza from Sales Department weren't in when I was going around snapping pictures so I didn't manage to snap their photos. Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah! Mr.Surjit, the head of F&B and Ms.Siah from Back Office. Ms. Siah always pesters me to replace her faulty keyboard. Not forgetting Mr.Alex (who taught me ways to sabotage my supervisor. No, he isn't Mr.Balan's enemy, he is my supervisor's good friend!) and Mr.Sumen from Cost Control. Anyway, here are the photos I took today and as usual the captions that accompanies each of them.

First photo is a picture of my MIS department!

From left : Mr.Balan, my supervisor and Riyaz, my fellow trainee!

I am truly grateful to have worked under Mr.Balan. He is always eager to teach Riyaz and myself what he knows and never treated us as trainees, he thought of us as his peers. (Unlike some stuck up ape in Legend who only sits in his comfortable office next to the server room and opens his golden mouth whenever he wants any of the trainees to photocopy documents or send some items up to Corporate office) Besides, Mr.Balan always back us up to his bosses when something went wrong and gives praises when it's due. Thank you Mr.Balan for everything you taught me and making me feel appreciated for all I have done.

Subsequent photos are people from Sales...

From left : Ms.Norazfan, Ms.Azura and Ms. Syikin (There are the only ones who calls me Nicholas)


Ms.Noor Ahmad

From left : Mr.How and Yvonne Liew, the Assistant Director Of Sales

Ms.Yvonne Pung! (One of the many Yvonnes. She is also the youngest in her family! :Þ)

From left : Mr.Selvan, Ms.Kit Yee, Mr.Peter Rozario and Ms.Agnes.

Ms.Kit Yee,Ms.Agnes and Ms.Yvonne Pung are the most hyper women I have met in Grand Seasons. Ms.Kit Yee is sarcastically funny, Ms.Agnes is just plain hyper and Ms.Yvonne Pung...erm erm...she just loves to talk! Hahahahah...

Ms.Goh Siew Hung
From left : Mr.Peter Rozario (again!) and Yvonne Ang (finally, the last of the Yvonne's!)
Expecting mother, Ms.Pauline! She's the secretary to Grand Season's acting General Manager, Mr.Vincent

I once said I would love to stay on in Grand Seasons for January and she tried to help me by asking Mr.Vincent to retain me. Too bad I am a trainee directly under Legend and Mr.Vincent can't really do much to help me. Ms.Pauline's help was very much appreciated!

Me and Ms.Rozita, the secretary to Mr.Surjit, head of F&B department.

Peeps from Human Resource Dept!

Ms.Hazita (who asked me to install YM for her without letting Mr.Balan know)

Ms.Rajeswary (who lectured me on the do's and don'ts on my first day in Grand Seasons)

That's about all the photos I took today. At 6'o clock, I left my office and the people from Sales department gave me a very loud farewell. Even Mr.Vincent bid me farewell and wished me all the best when I left. Man... I am really going to miss these people. I don't know if I will have the opportunity to work again in Grand Seasons but I know I am really going to miss this place. Grand Seasons Hotel, thanks for hosting me as a trainee.


tan said...

next month u going to work with your so called "stuck up ape" .......hahaha, i am free :D waiting to go GS taste the food there :D

Unka said...

Neh...the stuck up ape...the Chinese fella leh, the one who come with a Proton Waja leh... know who la... :P