Sunday, December 11, 2005

5L2F Outing...

It's been a while since i last saw peeps from 5L2F. Having industrial training really cut me off from the gatherings and I sure missed them like hell! Since they were organizing a futsal event today, i jumped at the opportunity to hang out with them.

We began by congregating in Saint Ignatius Church located in Kelana Jaya to attend the 9am mass. Joanne, Alvin, Eugene John (since there are two Eugene's, i will be referring him as John) and Michael came down from Cyberjaya. Eugene Lim, came down from Klang and bumped into me at KL Sentral. (I was coming from Kepong). Mary came to Church from Damansara Jaya. Once Eugene and I reached Kelana Jaya LRT station, Natalie (yippee!) came with her mum to pick us up and sent us to Church. An hour later, we went to a nearby mamak to have our breakfast. Barny didn't manage to join us for breakfast because he overslept. Here are some of the photographs i took with captions.

Here, we're in a mamak just outside the church compound to have our breakfast.
Mary, our beloved 5L2F President! (Can't stop smiling because erm...she loves to smile or she's just too happy seeing me?? Hmmmmmmmm...)
From the left: Natalie, Alvin and Eugene (who is busy sipping his teh kundur)
From the left: John, Joanne (too happy that she got her roti kosong first) and Michael

Immediately after breakfast, Barny met up with us in the Church. Nat, Eugene and myself followed Barny's Honda City and Jo,Alvin,Mary and John went with Michael's Toyota Corona. We then headed to the Kelana Jaya LRT station to pick Wei Ni. Once Wei Ni was in Barny's car, we headed to Sunway Extreme park! At about 11am, we reached our destination...
Just arrived at the Futsal area (Nat's PMS-ing here...)
Our beloved President is in the limelight again! The white shoulder on the right corner is Eugene.
Barny and Jo are already discussing the strategy to play futsal. Wei Ni on the other hand, is trying to erm...model for Nat?

Just about now, Michael and Alvin went to register for a court. Subsequently we proceeded to change into our sport attires. 10 minutes later, we were all ready to play ball!!

Mary,being the President had the honour of kick-starting the game. Let the games begin!
John showing off his kicking skills.
Nat complained that i have chopstick legs. Alvin, welcome to the club as well. :Þ

After about half an hour of kicking the ball around (i use the term "kicking" because we weren't playing futsal, we were merely running around crazily trying to kick the ball to whichever direction possible), we had a short break as all of us were already half dead.

See all the tired faces? John and Michael were still busy playing ball. Mary is looking at her bulu-less legs. (She did mention that she was jealous of us guys because of our hairy legs...why would a girl want to be hairy?)

We resumed our session of random-kicking of the ball until the staff came and told us our time was up! All of us exited the futsal arena and lazed on the plastic chairs just next to it. Few of us went to purchase icy cold mineral water and 100 Plus for the rest of us. By now, we all stinked to high heaven. Haha...

Barny smiling away...doesn't he look like a cute mice?

We talked crap for about 20 minutes as we rest our aching legs. Then we decided to head down to the go-cart track for a spin. Unfortunately, AM Bank was having an event there and they sealed off the track from public until noon. Sadly, we dragged our tired bodies uphill back to the plastic chairs. Since we can't do anything more in Sunway Extreme Park, we decided to leave for lunch. Barny, Alvin, Mary and i headed for the showers. The rest decided to stay in their sweaty outfits because they were too lazy to shower! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Mary trying to be erm…What was she trying to be again?

Once the four of us finished our showers, we got into the car and headed to Sunway Pyramid for our lunch. On the way there, we had a very enlightening sex education. It all started when Eugene proclaimed;” I have big breast for a guy!” We had a bloody good time laughing and Wei Ni got excited and started our sex education session. (She had the guts to say that I was horny when she was the one who talked the most!) Our little sex education wasn’t exactly very educational, we merely discussed on the size of boobs, the reason why certain women dig sexy male butts and definition of certain terms (which I am not revealing here). When we arrived at Sunway Pyramid, the parking in the mall was full and we decided to head on to Summit for lunch. Thank God Summit is a dead place. We managed to park our cars in the basement and proceeded to the food court. We discussed and decided to have our meal at Mandy’s Café. (It’s like Dave’s Deli’s Clone). We patiently queued up and ordered our food. Once the food was served, we dug in!

Eugene’s taking a bite at his lasagna which he proclaimed,”Eh! Why so small wan?”
As you can clearly see, Wei Ni, Nat (who is behind Wei Ni), Barny, Alvin and Jo stuffing food into their mouths.
John on the other hand, waits patiently for his fish and chips. Michael was having a tough time consoling him.

After a very gratifying lunch, we proceeded to the next item on our agenda, MOVIES! Unfortunately, the queue at GSC was too long and we decided not to watch Narnia and headed for bowling instead. Michael and John were missing in action since they didn’t want to watch the movie. (The probably left us for other forms of ‘entertainment’?)

Alvin and Mary giving encouragement to Jo who was bowling (Or was it someone else? I can’t remember)
From the left : Jo, Wei Ni and Nat (She’s PMS-ing again. Ignore her)
Nat and her winning pose. She won the bowling session! (Though she was PMS-ing most of the time) Thanks to this, she now owes everyone ice-cream!

By the time we finished bowling, it was already 5pm. We parted ways. Eugene, Wei Ni and I followed Barny and Nat, Jo, Alvin, John, Mary went with Michael. The group that followed Barny stopped by at the shops in front of Pyramid for dinner whereas Michael’s group dropped Mary off in Damansara Jaya. Unfortunately, Mary had no keys and they decided to have dinner nearby to wait for Mary’s family to return home. After that, they left for Cyberjaya.

It was a long and tiring day for all of us but we all truly enjoyed ourselves. Though we did not manage to watch Narnia or race each other in go-carts, we still had tremendous fun with futsal and bowling. I earnestly look forward to our next outing. Probably this time, it will be PAINT BALL!


Rory said...

Oi !!! why you so bad wan ??? Keep saying Nat PMS-ing la ???? hahahahah ...
sorry I din turn up, would really love to see you again. Hopefully, the next time, I will have a chance. Take care and God Bless !!!

Unka said...

Hahahaha...Nat looked like she was pms-ing mah. :Þ
Okie la...let me clear the air, I assumed she was PMS-ing