Friday, December 30, 2005

Farewell Grand Seasons...

I can't believe how fast time flies. Less than a month ago I was transferred to Grand Seasons Hotel from Legend Hotel. Little did I realize, I have reached the end of the month (and end of the year!) and I have to bid farewell to this wonderful place. Though it's only less than a month I have been working here, I grew attached to the awesome working environment here. The staff here are all very friendly (there are some assholes though) and great to work with. The food's way better and working conditions are less stressful compared to its sister hotel. I have to admit that the work load here is less than those in Legend but this is because of the wonderful maintainence job done by my supervisor, Mr.Balan.

Before I left, I managed to take some pictures with my Nokia 6630 on almost all the staff in Sales and Human Resource Department. Of course, how can I not take pictures of the staff in my MIS department? Regretfully, I missed out certain departments due to time constrain. I missed out Ms.Yatie, Ms.Lin, Ms.Kelly, Mr.Azizi, Ms.Chang, Ms.Uma and Ms.Elsy from Accounts department, Ms.Rohaya from Engineering department, Ms.June and Ms.Catherine from Purchasing and Ms.Rosemary from Executive office. Mr.Vincent (Acting GM), Mr.Yap from Human Resource, Mr.Hazali and Ms.Zaza from Sales Department weren't in when I was going around snapping pictures so I didn't manage to snap their photos. Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah! Mr.Surjit, the head of F&B and Ms.Siah from Back Office. Ms. Siah always pesters me to replace her faulty keyboard. Not forgetting Mr.Alex (who taught me ways to sabotage my supervisor. No, he isn't Mr.Balan's enemy, he is my supervisor's good friend!) and Mr.Sumen from Cost Control. Anyway, here are the photos I took today and as usual the captions that accompanies each of them.

First photo is a picture of my MIS department!

From left : Mr.Balan, my supervisor and Riyaz, my fellow trainee!

I am truly grateful to have worked under Mr.Balan. He is always eager to teach Riyaz and myself what he knows and never treated us as trainees, he thought of us as his peers. (Unlike some stuck up ape in Legend who only sits in his comfortable office next to the server room and opens his golden mouth whenever he wants any of the trainees to photocopy documents or send some items up to Corporate office) Besides, Mr.Balan always back us up to his bosses when something went wrong and gives praises when it's due. Thank you Mr.Balan for everything you taught me and making me feel appreciated for all I have done.

Subsequent photos are people from Sales...

From left : Ms.Norazfan, Ms.Azura and Ms. Syikin (There are the only ones who calls me Nicholas)


Ms.Noor Ahmad

From left : Mr.How and Yvonne Liew, the Assistant Director Of Sales

Ms.Yvonne Pung! (One of the many Yvonnes. She is also the youngest in her family! :Þ)

From left : Mr.Selvan, Ms.Kit Yee, Mr.Peter Rozario and Ms.Agnes.

Ms.Kit Yee,Ms.Agnes and Ms.Yvonne Pung are the most hyper women I have met in Grand Seasons. Ms.Kit Yee is sarcastically funny, Ms.Agnes is just plain hyper and Ms.Yvonne Pung...erm erm...she just loves to talk! Hahahahah...

Ms.Goh Siew Hung
From left : Mr.Peter Rozario (again!) and Yvonne Ang (finally, the last of the Yvonne's!)
Expecting mother, Ms.Pauline! She's the secretary to Grand Season's acting General Manager, Mr.Vincent

I once said I would love to stay on in Grand Seasons for January and she tried to help me by asking Mr.Vincent to retain me. Too bad I am a trainee directly under Legend and Mr.Vincent can't really do much to help me. Ms.Pauline's help was very much appreciated!

Me and Ms.Rozita, the secretary to Mr.Surjit, head of F&B department.

Peeps from Human Resource Dept!

Ms.Hazita (who asked me to install YM for her without letting Mr.Balan know)

Ms.Rajeswary (who lectured me on the do's and don'ts on my first day in Grand Seasons)

That's about all the photos I took today. At 6'o clock, I left my office and the people from Sales department gave me a very loud farewell. Even Mr.Vincent bid me farewell and wished me all the best when I left. Man... I am really going to miss these people. I don't know if I will have the opportunity to work again in Grand Seasons but I know I am really going to miss this place. Grand Seasons Hotel, thanks for hosting me as a trainee.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Interesting discussion...

I went to MidValley on Wednesday night with two female friends to kill time after work. After having dinner at Manhattan Fish Market (which sucked. Never order the platter for three. I forgot the name) we headed to the Centre Court to watch some Christmas performance by a group of unknown dancers. (My "favourite" ex-scoutmaster happened to be one of the male faggots...OPS!! Erm...I meant performers who were dancing up there). After that, the three of us headed down to McD's to try out the new flavoured ice cream that is only available in MidValley and Gurney Plaza's McD's.

One we got our rasberry, butter pecan and tropical orange flavoured ice creams respectively, we proceeded to place out butts on the very comfortable cushioned chair in McD's. This was when the we had a very interesting discussion about appearance and relationships. (Yes yes, lame topic, but that's what most of us are really interested now, isn't it?) I can't remember what we discussed at first but one thing led to the other and I fired the first salvo by saying,"From what I can see, the 'chun-chicks' (pretty ladies) usually have very ugly boyfriends" The first female friend (I shall henceforth refer her as S) said,"This shows that men only prioritize appearance and nothing else. Women aren't like that. " My second female friend (Whom I will refer to as N) nodded in agreement. "Yes, that might be the case since 9 out of 10 men are like that but there is still one who isn't so" was my reply. N, being all fired up, replied,"That fella must be a blind man!" and we all broke into laughter. Then we all shared our 'knowledge' on our friends (who remained anonymous throughout the conversation) who had affairs behind his/her boyfriend's back as well as morons who can't give up when the person they were after clearly rejected them without any hope of being with them.

We all talked for another 20 minutes when I asked both of them,"Can you accept a guy to be your boyfriend when he is shorter than you" Almost instantly both S and N replied,"NO!" There goes their conviction that women can accept men regardless of their looks. S added,"There was once this guy who treated me really good. I had feelings for him but I just couldn't bring myself to accept him because he was just too short!" my guess is, these two fellows place as much importance on appearance as their male counterparts.

Today while at work, I had another similar conversation with another female friend of mine over Yahoo! Messenger. (I shall henceforth refer her as K) As we were discussing, K willingly admitted that women do put emphasis on appearance but she added that appearance is superficial. In a relationship, what matters the most is about having the proper chemistry. She also said that handsome guys can be real jerks once you get to know them. (Same goes for women) At that very moment, I got disconnected (no-thanks to the 'ultra-high end' Pentium 166Mhz with 32MB EDO RAM Internet server in Grand Seasons which just loves to crash) and suffered a long lecture from my supervisor because I was too free today, (even though I finished all the tasks he assigned to me for the week ahead of schedule) I didn't manage to further discuss this topic with her.

I can't really say that it was very educational to have the conversations with these three pretty ladies but it did reaffirm one thing; Men and Women alike love pretty things. Men suffer more criticism because we always give the impression that we only date sexy and seductive women. Women on the other hand, have a free hand to gawk at macho good looking men and adore their sexy six packs abdomen without being chastised. When men comment on how sexy the lady who just waltzed pass is with her C-cup boobs and fishnet stockings, women label us as perverts. I have female friends who have Korean actors as their computers' wallpaper and go nuts when they see the actor's body and smile. They go all goo-goo-gaa-gaa over guys body and good looks and gets away with it. I have read a very famous Singaporean young female adult blog (Don't ask me who, go 'google' it. Hint: Her blog was voted to be the most popular blog in Singapore for 2004) that complained that her boyfriend's organ wasn't big enough. She also taught fellow readers how to measure the organ with your hands so that you can brag about it when you discuss your sex life with your close buddies. (Why the hands? Because you can't bring in a ruler to measure it when you have sex, can you?) When I related this to my female friends, all they said was,"Yeerrrrr...why like that one" The End. Not another word from them. If the blog happened to be written by a male... you will hear no end about how perverted guys can be.

Ish...what's this!? Double standards and women dare say they are being given unfair treatment. Guys are also being treated unjustly! We demand the right to gawk at beautiful women and comment without being treated as perverts. We demand the right to openly admire posters or wallpapers of good looking women without being called losers. You can do it, so can we! EQUAL RIGHTS FOR MEN!!!

PS: Ignore the last paragraph, I was just trying to be funny. :Þ

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's that time of the year again?

Oh my gosh! The year 2005 is coming to an end!!! Christmas has come and gone, New Year's day is coming soon. All the more reason we should booze to usher in the New Year! Woohoo!!! Let's make resolutions that we are obligated to break after a few weeks! Yay yay~! Not to forget, prepare tonnes of panadol to nurse the bad hangover on the first day of 2006.

Alright alright...enough of those crap. A year has come and gone. I am getting older by the day and I am already part of the young adult section. What happened throughout 2005? I won't be able to pen down every single detail of every event but I will highlight the major disasters that I can remember. For starters, the world commemorated the first anniversary of the tsunami disaster that flattened many coastal towns and cities yesterday (26th December). (Alright alright, that happened in 2004 but I still consider it part of 2005 because it struck during the final days of 2004). Northern states of the Malay Peninsular were flooded thanks to the heavy downpour a week ago. It has been two and half months since a huge earthquake struck South Asia that devastated Pakistan which left hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who live in rural areas homeless. (Not to mention, most of them starved to death because help couldn't reach them) Hurricane Katrina swept across New Orleans in early September that showed the World that the so-called the World's only Superpower can't even provide relief and support to its citizens. (In its own backyard) On a microscopic scale, the deadly (or is it?) bird flu spread its "coverage area" to include Europe. Those arrogant Europeans who once thought bird flu was not their problem were finally jolted into taking concrete steps to address the problem. Not to forget the Africans who are afflicted by HIV or die just because they are too poor to stay alive.

Did I miss anything? Well, even if I did, the things I mentioned already shown that it has been a long and turbulent year for humanity. One major disaster struck one after another. No, I am not prophesying that the end of the world is nigh. It has been a long and eventful year for all of us and I don't want to remember all the tragedies that had befallen humanity. Farewell 2005... I hope as we usher in 2006, more good news will come by.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Guest entry...

After reading my entry Legendary bastards... Chee Han shared with me his experience at his company in Taman Tun Dr.Ismail. I obtained his permission to publish the email he sent me.

"U know I work in helpdesk rite?? The main antagonist is this this son of the b**ch (SOTB) who joined my company 1 month back. I remember I treat him really good, I added him to frienster, I taught him everything I know, I bring him makan with my makan geng, Gim they all, cuz tat week, when I look at him, I really feel like .. I looked back to myself 1 month back, tat y I feel like wanna treat him good …

the 2nd week, my supervisor asked me to do some info gathering for him, for his meeting with telekom ppl, then tat fella feel tat my existence threaten him, and start to do a lot of things that irridate me … he start to tell around ppl that I m JUST a trainee, and he speak loudly in front of my supervisor that he don’t know everything, as if I did not share my knowledge with him, come on la … IF a trainee can cause so much theat to him, then this employee is really a JUNK !!! in truth, he is .. he come in by connection … he dun even know basic networking stuff like ipconfig, telnet, ping . not even know how to start command prompt !!!!! n worst of all, when I solve cases, he surf, go friendster, chat, download car vids.

this 2 week, most of the senior take turns take leave, and I ganti their day time shift, solving all the cases, without referring much help from the supervisor. Nah, Uncle, I m not boasting, most ppl said this is crazy, but I somehow managed to deal with all the odd cases. Tat fella on the other hand, dun want to do anything, just online, chat .. the 1 getting 2K, doing nothing, n the one getting 500 do everything .. this Monday, another newbie come, n I m assigned to teach him again. I wonder if y my supervisor like to ask me do work :p N again, tat idiot intro to the newbie that I m JUST a trainee … in the log (web based report) my senior address me as CSE (customer support engineer), n only him address me as trainee .. wtf, even the senior take me as peer, n he wanna tell ppl that he is superior ..

today, 1 senior on leave again, n when a level 3 engineer, who is so happen and ask abt the senior on shift, I told the engineer, its tat fella .. I said, he is the FULL EMPLOYEE … n in the end, when calls in, he refers to me everything b4 he take action, n I said, “full employee huh”, quite loud

anyway .. really fed up of this fella .. I don care .. I m like your type of ppl, very transparent one, I dun like someone, I will let the whole world know, I know I will rugi a lot, but I don care, I m after all, a trainee, if I don like the company, I need not to go back ..."

Lesson to the world, be wary of jackasses wherever you go.
P.S : first guest entry. Chee Han... Thanks for the input!

Legendary bastards...

This entry contains a lot of profanities. Reader discretion is advised.

My blood is really boiling now
. I can deal with the fact that Legend Hotel is fucking kiam-siap (stingy) and makes use of trainees like me to the fullest. I can swallow the fact that they do not provide allowance, instead, they do provide decent meals. I don't mind paying for my own transportation and work late into the day (9am to 630pm is the norm. There are times when I stayed back beyond 730pm). It is acceptable that Legend share trainees with Grand Seasons. What I can't accept is...why the fuck do you make me walk back and forth from Grand Seasons to Legend? Not enough staff to help out? Fucking hire MORE. It's already impossible for MIS Legend to provide support to so many departments in Legend Hotel, Legend Worldwide Holidays and The Mall with 2 permanent staff. Too fucking stingy to do so? Get more fucking trainees from other universities/colleges instead of treating me like your fucking bitch who has to return to Legend whenever you feel like it.

I was already quite pissed because one particular trainee in Legend who always leave shit for me to follow up, isn't doing his work. ('He' is not Tan. Go figure) When he left Legend, I had to follow up on his filing work which took him more than two and half weeks and yet, he can't finish it. When I left for Grand Seasons, I had to redo the inventory check for all the computers and printers in Grand Seasons because the MIS supervisor there didn't trust his work. Now that he is back in Legend, MIS supervisor in Legend recalled me once from Grand Seasons to do some connectivity check simply because, my supervisor didn't trust him to shoulder that responsibility. WHAT THE FUCK!? As if things weren't fucked up enough, I had to rush and finish my work in Grand Seasons that day only to reach there and to be told by my supervisor in Legend that Tan has completed half of the work I was assigned to do. I was wondering, why can't he ask Tan to fucking complete the other half of the work instead of recalling me to fucking do it? Plus, the other trainee I was mentioning earlier was just sitting in the office formatting hard-drives that day! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Grand Seasons' Staff Appreciation day and in conjunction with this, they will be organizing some makan session in Olas (the Hotel's restaurant) for all of us. I was looking forward to this event because for once, I can really eat some good authentic Hotel food. Thanks to my supervisor in Legend (and the other trainee's incompetence), I was brutally robbed of this chance. Chibai... I also found out that my smart-ass supervisor wants me back in Legend for ONE fucking hour only (during lunch time). I have to return there for TWO fucking days' lunch time. After that miserable hour, I have to report back to Grand Seasons. Walk 10 minutes from Grand Seasons to Legend to work for an hour then walk another 10 minutes back to Grand Seasons from Legend for two fucking days. Thank you fucking very much Mr.Supervisor in Legend.

To Tan who will be leaving for Grand Seasons end of this month to replace me, let me be an example for what is in store for you. Be assured that you too will be recalled from time to time to cover the other trainee's imcompetent ass.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


"One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic" (Joseph Stalin)

This statement aptly describes the World today. I have been watching this movie called Hotel Rwanda which tells the story of Paul Rusesabagina who is a Hotel Manager in Rwanda. During the Rwandan Genocide, he sheltered over a thousand refugees in his hotel when the so-called first world countries chose to ignore them. Back in the early 90's, I was too young to understand what genocide or the implications of it. It was until I watched this movie, I knew a little more about the genocide and I googled it to find more answers. Almost a million Tutsi's and moderate Hutu's were massacred by the interehamwe ("coming-together") or Hutu militias and the Rwandan military. The UN, the sole-superpower of the World as well as various first world countries turned their backs to this. The movie might have have added a lot of "salt-and-flavourings" to dramatize the actual event in Rwanda but it does not change the fact that the world turn its back on the people of Rwanda. (There are still thousands of people who are massacred on a daily basis and no one gives a damn about it)

The movie highlighted that those who are in power to stop such atrocities chose to do nothing because the people who are being slaugthered do not even qualify as niggers (Western blacks). To them (and the World at large), African lives are worthless. Even our cats and dogs' lives worth more then theirs. It also highlighted how f*cking useless our United Nations (UN) is. UN is just a farce with no power at all because it has no balls to take action when any of the major Western countries disagree. (I personally think UN is nothing more than a mere paper tiger) Watching this movie reminded me of another movie I watched acted by Nicholas Cage called Lord Of War. I totally agree with what Ethan Hawke's character Agent Valentine said,"...9 out of 10 war victims today are killed with assault rifles and small arms...those nuclear missiles, they just sit in their silos...AK-47 is the real weapon of mass destruction." It is the humans who use such weapons to annihilate another. What does this tell us? The answer is plain simple, humans are the worst animals on this planet. We can do unto ourselves things that no animals can do. We rape, decapitate, torture, dismember along with all sorts of so-called inhumane acts to ourselves. Smartest animal on Earth huh? The most evolved brains and sophisticated mind huh? Yes, we are the most evolved being who can think of the best ways to mutilate and destroy ourselves.

I don't pretend that I know the solution to the World's problem. I have been living in a very comfortable bubble that shielded me from war and famine. I won't even try to pretend that I understand how the people under the duress of war or those who are starving to death feel. What I write here is just my personal opinion. The Catholic Church, along with all the other religions in the world warned us about demons and Satan from Hell and that we must be wary not to fall under their influence. I'd say, before we start worrying about demons we cannot see, we should look out for demons that are very real and very visible to us, namely human beings.

I have to confess...

It's been bugging me for quite some time and I think I had to let it out. I can't bear with it anymore! It's agonizing...I can't think straight...I must get it out of my system now! (Looks around with guilt)

Alright!! I admit it! I am a shopper-holic!!!!! (Looks embarassed) I enjoy shopping! I love buying stuff!! I don't care if I am a guy or the perception that shopping is only for the fairer sex...i just LOVE shopping!

Shopping gives me gratification! I may be buying clothes, accessories for my Ipod or just plain foodstuff at Carrefour or Tesco, I feel great doing so! Muahahahahahahaha... I have the tendency to spend spend spend! That's why I am always broke. Plus, I always mix with a crowd that always encourage me to shop! Urgh...

Must put a stop to this!!! Must stop...must quit being a shopper-holic! Must resist temptation...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

MMU Supervisor visited...

My MMU supervisor,Mr.Shahiman called me up on Tuesday to notify me that he was coming to visit us at Legend today. He also specifically mentioned that he wants to go through my log book when he comes. The problem is, I have not updated my log books since 11th November and I had to write every support cases I had each day up till the 15th of December (The day he visited). Thank God he notified me two days ahead. After struggling for two nights, i finally updated all my cases into the log book.

This morning, I went to Grand Seasons as usual and solved whatever computer or printer problems I received that morning. At 3pm, I left and returned to Legend Hotel. The moment my supervisor at Legend saw me, he said,"Eh,you and Balan are here, there's no one in Grand Seasons?" I replied,"Oh, there's a new trainee attached to MIS Grand Seasons. He is alone there now". "Oh,good good! If that's the case, you return here tomorrow. I have work for you," he replied. I laughed because I thought he was joking at that time. Another 45 minutes passed and at about 4pm, Mr.Shahiman called Tan to let him know that he was waiting at the Hotel Lobby. Being such an obedient and courteous student, Tan went up to escort Mr.Shahiman to MIS' office. We patiently waited and another ten minutes passed with no sign of Tan or Mr.Shahiman. Yap and myself were about to start a search-and-rescue mission to recover our lost friend when Tan and Mr.Shahiman showed up. Mr.Shahiman came in, introduced himself to my supervisor, had a brief chat with him and left with us to the Hotel Lobby so that he can ask us some questions.

Once at the Lobby area, the first thing that Mr.Shahiman said was,"This is my first time being in the admin of a hotel, I never knew it was so messy!" Our Lecturer's impression on Legend took its first hit. Then Mr.Shahiman started to ask us a couple of unimportant questions such as if we are happy with the working environment, how's the meals here etc. He then proceeded to read our log books. At first glance, he thought we were doing some database project and when he finally read the logs, he gave an incredulous look and asked us to write "intelligently" in our final report on our training so that we would look as though we did something important and related to our field. After going through two log books, Yap mentioned that all these cases are already in a Excel format. Mr.Shahiman then asked,"Why didn't you just print a copy and staple it onto your log book? Erm...well, you can write all your logs to practice your handwriting skills..." At that point, we cursed ourselves for being over-hardworking. We assumed since we always had to write our lab reports, we have to do the same for our log book. Now we know that we can PRINT our reports and paste it into our log book.

Once the formalities were completed, we had a brief chat and he asked us what is the working hours in Legend Hotel. Here's the conversation; (based on what i remember)

Me : Officially, we are to work from 9am to 530pm everyday but we are only allowed to leave after 6pm.
Mr.Shahiman : Why do they keep you till after six?
Me : Sir, they said that if we were to leave at 530pm sharp, we would leave a very bad impression on our department.
Mr.Shahiman : But you are only trainees allowance somemore.
Tan : The company wants it that way mah...
Mr.Shahiman : That's why i said even though this is a hotel, i feel a lot of pressure here.

I think after this conversation, Mr.Shahiman's impression on Legend has dropped another notch. Now, he probably thinks that Legend is the most stingy company around since all the companies he visited earlier on (we were the last company he visited) paid a minimum allowance of RM500. We bid our lecturer farewell and parted at Legend's lobby. I was quite delighted because I get to go home earlier today since Mr.Balan (supervisor at Grand Seasons) gave me green light to go home straight after my meeting with my lecturer.

Just when I was savouring that moment, Mr.Nicholas (supervisor at Legend) told me again to report back to Legend tomorrow so that I can go check connectivity at 15th and 16th floor which had its data points installed recently. Now I know he meant what he said earlier on. Though i get to return home earlier today, I have to report to Grand Seasons in the morning, get the MIS laptop, walk all the way back to Legend with it, check the connectivity at both floors and return to Grand Seasons once I am done. (Me and my big mouth...I shouldn't have told him about the other trainee!!!!)

I must sincerely "thank" Yap for this. Why? Thanks to him, Mr.Nicholas has an impression that I, like Yap, have absolutely nothing to do in Grand Seasons. Coupled with the fact that Yap takes three days just to format and reinstall all the necessary softwares into a computer (According to Mr.Chan) and Tan is always busy doing support outside the office, I have just became the best candidate to check the connectivity on the two floors. This time, it's for testing connectivity, I shudder at the possibility that I will need to return to Legend for the second time just to help out in the near future. Legend...for providing us with one meal everyday, they sure make us work like dogs. Sigh...that's the working world for you.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

5L2F Outing...

It's been a while since i last saw peeps from 5L2F. Having industrial training really cut me off from the gatherings and I sure missed them like hell! Since they were organizing a futsal event today, i jumped at the opportunity to hang out with them.

We began by congregating in Saint Ignatius Church located in Kelana Jaya to attend the 9am mass. Joanne, Alvin, Eugene John (since there are two Eugene's, i will be referring him as John) and Michael came down from Cyberjaya. Eugene Lim, came down from Klang and bumped into me at KL Sentral. (I was coming from Kepong). Mary came to Church from Damansara Jaya. Once Eugene and I reached Kelana Jaya LRT station, Natalie (yippee!) came with her mum to pick us up and sent us to Church. An hour later, we went to a nearby mamak to have our breakfast. Barny didn't manage to join us for breakfast because he overslept. Here are some of the photographs i took with captions.

Here, we're in a mamak just outside the church compound to have our breakfast.
Mary, our beloved 5L2F President! (Can't stop smiling because erm...she loves to smile or she's just too happy seeing me?? Hmmmmmmmm...)
From the left: Natalie, Alvin and Eugene (who is busy sipping his teh kundur)
From the left: John, Joanne (too happy that she got her roti kosong first) and Michael

Immediately after breakfast, Barny met up with us in the Church. Nat, Eugene and myself followed Barny's Honda City and Jo,Alvin,Mary and John went with Michael's Toyota Corona. We then headed to the Kelana Jaya LRT station to pick Wei Ni. Once Wei Ni was in Barny's car, we headed to Sunway Extreme park! At about 11am, we reached our destination...
Just arrived at the Futsal area (Nat's PMS-ing here...)
Our beloved President is in the limelight again! The white shoulder on the right corner is Eugene.
Barny and Jo are already discussing the strategy to play futsal. Wei Ni on the other hand, is trying to erm...model for Nat?

Just about now, Michael and Alvin went to register for a court. Subsequently we proceeded to change into our sport attires. 10 minutes later, we were all ready to play ball!!

Mary,being the President had the honour of kick-starting the game. Let the games begin!
John showing off his kicking skills.
Nat complained that i have chopstick legs. Alvin, welcome to the club as well. :Þ

After about half an hour of kicking the ball around (i use the term "kicking" because we weren't playing futsal, we were merely running around crazily trying to kick the ball to whichever direction possible), we had a short break as all of us were already half dead.

See all the tired faces? John and Michael were still busy playing ball. Mary is looking at her bulu-less legs. (She did mention that she was jealous of us guys because of our hairy legs...why would a girl want to be hairy?)

We resumed our session of random-kicking of the ball until the staff came and told us our time was up! All of us exited the futsal arena and lazed on the plastic chairs just next to it. Few of us went to purchase icy cold mineral water and 100 Plus for the rest of us. By now, we all stinked to high heaven. Haha...

Barny smiling away...doesn't he look like a cute mice?

We talked crap for about 20 minutes as we rest our aching legs. Then we decided to head down to the go-cart track for a spin. Unfortunately, AM Bank was having an event there and they sealed off the track from public until noon. Sadly, we dragged our tired bodies uphill back to the plastic chairs. Since we can't do anything more in Sunway Extreme Park, we decided to leave for lunch. Barny, Alvin, Mary and i headed for the showers. The rest decided to stay in their sweaty outfits because they were too lazy to shower! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Mary trying to be erm…What was she trying to be again?

Once the four of us finished our showers, we got into the car and headed to Sunway Pyramid for our lunch. On the way there, we had a very enlightening sex education. It all started when Eugene proclaimed;” I have big breast for a guy!” We had a bloody good time laughing and Wei Ni got excited and started our sex education session. (She had the guts to say that I was horny when she was the one who talked the most!) Our little sex education wasn’t exactly very educational, we merely discussed on the size of boobs, the reason why certain women dig sexy male butts and definition of certain terms (which I am not revealing here). When we arrived at Sunway Pyramid, the parking in the mall was full and we decided to head on to Summit for lunch. Thank God Summit is a dead place. We managed to park our cars in the basement and proceeded to the food court. We discussed and decided to have our meal at Mandy’s Café. (It’s like Dave’s Deli’s Clone). We patiently queued up and ordered our food. Once the food was served, we dug in!

Eugene’s taking a bite at his lasagna which he proclaimed,”Eh! Why so small wan?”
As you can clearly see, Wei Ni, Nat (who is behind Wei Ni), Barny, Alvin and Jo stuffing food into their mouths.
John on the other hand, waits patiently for his fish and chips. Michael was having a tough time consoling him.

After a very gratifying lunch, we proceeded to the next item on our agenda, MOVIES! Unfortunately, the queue at GSC was too long and we decided not to watch Narnia and headed for bowling instead. Michael and John were missing in action since they didn’t want to watch the movie. (The probably left us for other forms of ‘entertainment’?)

Alvin and Mary giving encouragement to Jo who was bowling (Or was it someone else? I can’t remember)
From the left : Jo, Wei Ni and Nat (She’s PMS-ing again. Ignore her)
Nat and her winning pose. She won the bowling session! (Though she was PMS-ing most of the time) Thanks to this, she now owes everyone ice-cream!

By the time we finished bowling, it was already 5pm. We parted ways. Eugene, Wei Ni and I followed Barny and Nat, Jo, Alvin, John, Mary went with Michael. The group that followed Barny stopped by at the shops in front of Pyramid for dinner whereas Michael’s group dropped Mary off in Damansara Jaya. Unfortunately, Mary had no keys and they decided to have dinner nearby to wait for Mary’s family to return home. After that, they left for Cyberjaya.

It was a long and tiring day for all of us but we all truly enjoyed ourselves. Though we did not manage to watch Narnia or race each other in go-carts, we still had tremendous fun with futsal and bowling. I earnestly look forward to our next outing. Probably this time, it will be PAINT BALL!

Friday, December 09, 2005

A story of two friends...

This entry has been deleted at the request of a friend who deemed it too offensive. It has also fueled a dispute between two individuals who treated the comments box as their medium to voice their disagreement. So i am doing this to prevent my blog from becoming a bashing tool for others.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Having a blogger's block...:Þ

On the way back from work today, I had so many thoughts that i wanted to pen down in my blog. When i actually sat down in front of my computer to start typing, i was stumped. (For the first time!) I guess i am having a blogger's block. Hahahahaha...what a corny term. Anyway, wanting to satisfy my urge to write (or type) an entry, i have decided to share some pictures of the river next to PWTC which i took today. (I have no idea what's the river's name.)

Notice the different shades of colour? One is teh-ais and the other is kopi-ais. Haha...
I do not know what City Hall wanted to achieve by building a nice pathway on the riverbanks. The river isn't exactly very pleasant to look at. During the day, the river is like teh-tarik. I am not only talking about the colour, i really mean the river literally looks like a cup of teh that has just been freshly tarik-ed. Take a good look at the following picture on the left. Look at the amount of froth. (I really appreciate the camera on my Nokia 6630, i can snap pictures whenever i want!) Anyway, i can't seem to shake off the blogger's block. So i think i will end my post here.

P.S : This is the FIRST time i was clueless on how to relate my thoughts. Man...ME! Uncle Chan! The most talkative and opinionated (more on talkative and less on the latter. :Þ) person...not able to write something today! I think i need help!

Monday, December 05, 2005


I find it very annoying that there are people who forward internet messages for the sake of forwarding it. There is always some poor kid who is admitted into some hospital and needs money to perform surgery. I don't mind helping this person forward it around if the case was genuine! Some people just forward even though the message itself is very vague and ambiguous. I seriously doubt AOL,Yahoo! or MSN would endorse mass spamming via their messenging service just to raise some money. I don't see how any companies can keep track of the message being sent from one messenger to another. I always retaliate by spamming back the moron who sent me the message with a huge dose of sarcasm. Here is one;

"If you delete this I swear you have no heart! Hello my name is Uncle Chan and i have a new baby named Ipod. She means the world to me and just recently the technicians at Apple Centre discovered that her LCD panel is not functioning. Unfortunately my wife and I don't have enough money to even pay the bills but my wife and i worked out a deal with Yahoo! and AOL and they have agreed to give us 5 cents to each person that receives this IM. So please forward this to everyone you know and help out."

I merely editted the subject and some of the words but generally the whole message is intact. If you have taken the time to read the original message, you would immediately know it was a fake. take some time to read the messages before forwarding it especially to ME. If you continuously do so, you will be getting an awful a lot of spam from yours truly.

On a side note. I have a new family member!!! His name is Buttons and he is a certified labrador! My sister's friend had 10 puppies so he gave us one. This little puppy is only 10 weeks old and he is sooooooooo cute. :Þ When i have the time, i will take more photos of him and upload it into my blog. Hehe...

Isn't he adorable!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Malaysia...the land of the forgetfuls

Reading the English dailies never fails to make me laugh. It's not because the news reported are funny, it's just that we Malaysians truly stick to our motto,"hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Once the hype over an issue dies down, we all act as though it never happened before. Recently, it was the case of Chinese citizens being wrongly stripped naked by police personnels. Not too long ago it was the issue of Approved Permits (AP) for imported cars. Just before that it was the issue on the cracks appearing on the Middle Ring Road Two (MRR2) elevated highway. Who remembers about the haze that enveloped Klang Valley? All of these issues have been widely reported by literally all the news agencies in Malaysia but now no one remembers them. Did the Government take concrete steps to solve the problems? As far as i am concerned, there are none.

On the haze issue, the Government said they will discuss with their Indonesian counterparts to prevent future peat fires. Have they come to a solution? No news, no announcements, it became a past problem. Let us wait till next year when we are once again enveloped by haze, our Government will most probably repeat the same statements they made this year and forget about it soon after. Let's face it, haze has become almost a yearly affair since 1998. I predict it will continue to be for many years to come.

As far as i know (correct me if i am wrong), no rectification works has been done on MRR2. What amazes me was that the Minister of Works dared to proclaim that the highway will not collapse for another few years even if no rectification work is done. I know that he said this to refute allegations that the highway will collapse but it made me wonder, will Mr.MIC president instruct his ministry to start repairing the highway after some concrete chunks falls off and kills someone? Again, i think this is the most likely scenario given our Government's efficiency track records.

Ah...the issue of AP. The Parliment was making a hell-lot of noise regarding this. It was so evident that corruption was involved here. How can so many APs be given to a few individuals? To make things more interesting, one of the AP kings is Madam Minister's relative. Coincidence? Hmmm...the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) did not launch an investigation. The Prime Minister kept mum and did not sack anyone. After announcing the National Automotive Policy (NAP), the issue just died off. Few months down the road, the whole issue is one was indicted, nothing was done to address the corruptions involved. Another forgotten problem. Malaysia, land of the forgetfuls indeed!

Latest issue! Police abusing their powers! Pak Lah apologizes to China and plans to send Home Minister Azmi Khalid to explain matters to the Chinese Government. An independent panel was formed to investigate this matter. The stupid deputy Internal Security Minister's remark that jeorpadized relations between Malaysia and China was merely reprimanded and nothing more. Woa...a lot of things happened in such a short time after the video of a nude woman in custody being forced to do ear squats surfaced. Mark my words, once this issue dies down (i predict in less than a week), our "professional" police force will continue with their abuse of power and we will have to wait for another brave soul to step forward in the future to highlight this issue all over again.

Man...i am speaking like a broken tape recorder. Heck...i can talk until cows come home or pigs learn to fly and nothing will be changed. Lets accept the fact that Malaysia is indeed the land of the forgetfuls. My advise to our Tourism Ministry; instead of having the slogan Malaysia Truly Asia, let's change it to Malaysia, the Land of the Forgetfuls as it truly reflects our country.