Sunday, November 13, 2005

Working attitude...

My first impression when i was training at Legend Hotel was that this company is a bloody cheapskate and stingy company. It makes use of students like me to do all the donkey-monkey work for them. Each department has at least one trainee. To their credit though they do not provide any allowance but at least they do provide decent meals. After almost a month of working there, my perception on this company has not changed. It is still the most kiam-siap (stingy) company around but thanks to Mr.Nicholas (my supervisor), my perception towards the work given to me has changed.

It's true that i am doing technician work that even a Form 5 student can do. I used to bitch about it day in day out but like i mentioned earlier, thanks to Mr.Nicholas, i am beginning to enjoy what i do. Though Nicholas is a assistant manager, he never once bitch about having to do all the monkey donkey work. Going through reports and making us do inventory work. He is willing to learn everything no matter how stupid or menial a job is. For him, everything is knowledge and it is little things you learn that can help in the future. Unlike his subordinate who has the mentality of "don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't improve on it, just let it be until a problem pops up". My guess is because of this kind of mentality, he is still at the position he is after four years of working with Legend and Nicholas is where he is now though he is relatively young.

I am not saying all this because i dislike one and like the other. After a month of working there, Mr.Nicholas has shown me what proper attitude we should have. Like what The Star highlighted a week ago, graduates are not hungry enough. We tend to be picky at the work assigned to us or use money to measure its worth. What Nicholas shared with me has really opened up my eyes. As part of the future workforce, we can't have the tidak apa attitude. Money is indeed everything but don't let that hinder you from learning. Yes, you might be paid peanuts to work in a company like Legend but it is in this type of companies you get to learn a lot since you have to do every donkey job there is. Unlike big companies which are so departmentalized, in such smaller setups, we have to learn how to set up a network from scratch and later provide maintainence. That is why I have learnt more about technical aspects of Windows OS, printers and networking jargons in this one month compared to 4 years i spent in MMU. I doubt one can learn this much if you work in huge companies which limits your working scope.

Though i did mention that my manager was as arse in my previous entry Materialism , he has merit in making us realize that what we study in a university or from books can never equip us for the real working life. We all know this for a fact but i never thought that it would be that bad. No books will ever equip one for the rat race in this world. I am really glad i got thrown into this el-cheapo company and met my supervisor. I must say, he has really opened up my eyes. I look forward to the next menial task i do next Monday since i will be learning something new!

Now if only i can persuade my supervisor not to transfer me to Grand Seasons next month...which has literally a dead place. I rather work my arse off in Legend than to sit idle for a month in Grand Seasons.

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