Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Two days ago, while i was about to leave from work at the "Legendary" Legend Hotel, the manager of my Department, Mr.Li Sen decided to give the three of us a pep talk (so to speak). He began by questioning the basic networking items such as a crosscable, the difference between a server and a PC's hardware architecture and the difference between a Pentium III and Pentium IV. Of course, not being very well versed with networking jargons and hardware, Brian and myself were stumped. Tan was having a tough time answering the questions since he was targeted the most because he took CCNA before. Not satisfied with our answers, he asked us, "What do you plan to do after you graduate?". He started with me and i plainly answered,"Sales!". Mr.Li Sen gave me an incredulous stare and shot back,"Have you heard of Amway?". "Yeah, but i am thinking of going into medical sales. Selling generic drugs or such," I replied firmly. My manager then turned and gave my supervisor another unbelieving stare and turned his attention to the other two trainees. Both of them couldn't provide him an answer at all. At the end, he looked at my supervisor and sarcastically said,"What a wonderful crowd we have here!" and left. Of course, none of us really gave a rat's butt what he said during this little pep talk since he took up extra 40 minutes of our time. We ended our work at 1840 instead of the usual 1800.

Looking at my manager's reaction when he heard my answer, he must have been thinking,"You studied so much to obtain a degree and you plan to work as a bloody salesman?" I can't blame him, everyone thinks the same even my parents. Why must i be an Engineer even though i have an Engineering degree? What difference does it make if i become a salesman or a professional other than status? Call me materialistic or what not, to me, the most important thing is how much money you earn regardless of your profession. I can be a VCD/DVD peddler for all i care and i can earn more money than a senior lecturer in MMU. I have a friend who doesn't have a degree and he is now a car salesman. He earns on average of RM5000 permonth and if his sales is good, he can easily reach a five figure income. Compare this to an lecturer in MMU. They spent 6-8 years to obtain a degree and a masters/PHD and all they can earn after working so many years is about RM5000-6000. Isn't this pathetic?

My manager also stated that trainees like us should know more things than an average joe on the streets. The technician jobs our supervisor assigned us to can be done by a SPM student and if we wanted to do such menial jobs, we should apply a job at Imbi or Lowyat Plaza. At that point of time, (you guys know me) i really wanted to say,"Sir, you aren't paying me anything for three months and we are doing all the donkey work for you. You are making use of us and you dare make stupid comments like that?". Fortunately my sanity kept me in line else i would be repeating my final year!!!!

Mr.Manager there might think it's a crummy job being a meagre technician/salesperson at Lowyat plaza. That's typical of a salary earner and not a entrepreneur. I dare not say i am an entrepreneur yet but being a lowly salesperson is the start of an entrepreneur. A crummy technician who deals with all the vendors and suppliers can learn the ropes of running a computer shop and how to deal with customer/suppliers. Once he thinks he is able enough, he will start his own business in the same field. He might or might not succeed but at least his chances of striking rich is higher than an office worker who only barks at his subordinates and draws a fixed salary each month.

Think i am materialistic? I am. Don't give me the BS money can't buy happiness and all. True, money can't buy happiness but without money, you can't be happy as well. Open up your eyes! The world isn't as ideal as many of us think. It is a rat race out there. Money is an evil necessity that we must have. So the next time you hear someone mentioning that he/she wants to be a VCD peddler/salesman, don't give them the scornful look. He/she might be the next millionaire.


brian yap said...

ya,u r right!!!we had taught to be 'materialistic' in tis 'materialistic' world!!!
summore i think mr. li sen tot us r IT student fr MMU rather than engineering student!!!he dunno all the stupid job we done in 'legendary' hotel is nth about our study(mayb got touch of sumthing,but not much),we know to complete da task are because of good 'nurturing' environment MMU provide(every1 knows computer well) and mayb of self-interest(i m sure u & tan is)....

to mr. li sen:u yurself said we didn't learn anything for 'juz 2 weeks' training period right now,f***...see wat task and job u r givin a 'boy','technician','store room inventory','file-ing','send email'...and many more which i din listed u expect we can learn things tat u tot we shud know in tis stupid hotel!!!
(tis 1 if i said out tat day,i wil oso b extended my degree for 1 year)...haha....

neo said...

on ur last day , you should just give him the 'finger' man. hehe.
sounds like a pathetic a** to me.

see u around:)

wee liem