Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lesson learnt?

First Lesson: Morning

Mr.Chan received a call from front office (aka Hotel Lobby) stating that a guest in one of the Legend Crest rooms is not able to use the thin client to access the internet. I was dispatched to the scene to determine and rectify the problem. Armed with a Compaq/HP NX7000 Laptop that costs RM7500 and accompanied by a security personnel (a formality), i went to the room. The guest was just leaving and she told us to take a look at the thin client. At once i saw the LCD screen stating "Media is disconnected"...meaning the network cable was not attached to the thin client in the first place! I plugged the cable back and the problem was solved. (The security personnel couldn't stop himself from laughing his head off. Thank God the guest wasn't in the room.) Problem solved. I left the room and bumped into the guest at the lift. One the way down to the lobby, she and i had a brief chat.

Guest: Eh? That was fast. What was the problem?
Me : Oh, the network cable was disconnected
Guest: Oh! That was the reason? I took it off because i wanted to plug it into my laptop last night only to realize my laptop is a wireless one.
Me : (Looking puzzled) Em, you can still use the network cable on your laptop.
Guest: No no no...i can't! Mine is a wireless laptop. I tried to use the wireless connection but your front desk told me that i have to pay for it. Now the room has no wireless, i cannot go online.
Me : (Brandishing my laptop) Ma'am, my laptop also has wireless capabilities but i can still use conventional wired media. You can plug the network cable into your laptop. (Pointing to the network port on my laptop) This is where you should plug the cable and you can access internet.
Guest : Oh!!!! I didn't know that! Well, i don't really use the laptop, my son was whining about not being able to check his email and all. You know kids these days, they just need internet.
Me : Haha...yes ma'am! That's so true.

Just about then, the lift reached the lobby and we both bid each other farewell and left. Lesson acquired; Be patient with technology ignorant individuals and train yourself not to laugh at their stupidity.

Second Lesson : Late Afternoon

All 4 Vice Presidents and Senior Vice President (effectively the President of my company) congregated in my manager's office to look at some video footage. (Tan and i weren't in when they came) Prior to the arrival of the Senior Vice President, one of the VP (the largest in terms of width), hauled up the General Manager of the Finance Department and instructed him (as told by my Supervisor),"Ask all your staff to return to their seats. The Senior VP is coming. If they do not know how to sit properly, tell them to get out of the office!!!". Surely, the GM scrambled and did what he was told.
The same VP then came and ask my supervisor (Again, as told by my supervisor),"What's an iBlog?" My supervisor, not knowing what it was replied that he didn't know. The VP retorted,"What the hell did i hire you for!?"

Lesson acquired; You can be the most unreasonable bast*rd in the company as long as you are one of the big shots. Act arrogant all you want because no one dares to oppose you. (Well, cursing and posting hate mails to him behind his back is another story). If you want to be unreasonable and arrogant, be sure to play office politics and get to the top spot. If not, you will have to endure this crap from those who made it to the top.

End of Lessons.


bumb said...

kakaa..and i thougbt I am a comp noob...nice to know got peeps worse than me..:P

Anonymous said...

haiya,y i were not there ar....

cheehan said...

haha, i just love the "wireless laptop" case

cheehan said...

i also love porridge

smubblerz said...

funny lessons...the lady mustve been so surprised the problem was so simple to solve.

Unka said...

Chee Han...what the heck has porridge got to do with my entry this time?
Bloody fool...don't spam me.

cheehan said...

I did not write abt porridge la, it must be Albert Ang .. CONFIRMED ..

daniel said...

yala harm.. simply talk out of topic

cheehan said...

I am lengchai..

Unka said...

Albert Ang Kwan Loong...don't la abuse Ham's ID...
Dah la always kena bully...now you are giving us fodder to hentam him even more.

Stormcrow said...

haha...couldn't resist