Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jobless Graduates?

The Star Online and its printed edition highlighted the problem of unemployed graduates all over the country. Titled "Graduate Sing The Blues" and "No job, no experience, No experience, no job!" What caught my attention is the fact that the articles mentioned that "They do not know how to communicate, especially in English" (They here refers to the unemployed graduates)

Well well well...isn't this "suprising"? Our Government scrapped English as a medium of education few decades ago resulted in this. Look at our parents' generation, those who are English educated have excellent command of the Language. Don't compare with those who are from Chinese educated background back then. They speak flawless English and have excellent writing skills. Take a good look at our generation now. Most MMU students from the so-called Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan alike can't speak proper English. Though our beloved University utilizes English as its teaching language, the Administration staff can't even speak an English sentence without grammatical errors. Same goes for some of the local lecturers. This reflects how bad the situation actually is.

Besides, look at our Public Universities. I was appalled when my friend studying in University Malaya lamented that he had to learn C-programming in Bahasa Melayu!!!! Another friend of mine studying Bio-Technology in University Malaysia Sabah also have to learn everything in Bahasa Melayu when all the reference books are in English. Pointers in C-language is called Petunjuk. C-library? Perpustakaan-C. Go figure. Our economy demands workers who are well versed in English and our Government has been so stupid to neglect this. What has our National Language done for us other than to allow us to order teh-ais and roti-kosong from our favourite mamak stall or to deal with Government departments? One thing i must credit the introduction of Bahasa Melayu is that it enabled all races to communicate with one another. Even this can be done if English was used as the Education language. Until some one points out the benefits of learning Bahasa Melayu, i find it very hard to see any benefits from learning this language.

Ah...i shall not go further lamenting on the flaws of our Government policies in this matter. At least they are trying to reverse the trend by reintroducing English for all science subjects in primary and secondary school syllabus. This is a good start! Till our Government have the political will to reverse all the flawed policies introduce by their predecessors, i dare say the language problem highlighted in The Star will continue to persist in many years to come.

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Cheehan said...

i do agree tat BM is a good for nothing language, but don be surprise that next time when u work, esp when u deal with local ppl like telekom ppl, u actually need to speak BM with them. some cant even reply in English when u requesting something from them!! This shows how professional malaysia organisations are !! Some malay custs even scolded me, for not communicatin well in BM, questioning me, didn't i study BM?!?! Who the hell cares .. but too bad, they are the cust, i have to apologize for tat, WTF