Thursday, November 10, 2005

A big thank you to all of you...

It's been 3 days since i posted anything in my blog, it's not that i do not want to but i am too busy with training and formatting my computer. To my amazement, i didn't realize a little revelation caused such a huge reaction amongst my friends. Thank you for showing your concern, giving me encouragement as well as those who prayed (i certainly hope you continue doing so! :Þ) for my mother, family and myself.

My mum is currently undergoing intensive radiotherapy at Damansara Specialist Centre and it will last for another 7 days. She has shaved her head bald since last weekend and i have to say, she looks so cute! Really, i am not joking! Her head is very smooth and round. Maybe one of these days i will ask her permission to post her picture in my blog. Hehe...she looks like a monk now. Even my grandma who saw her last Sunday couldn't stop laughing at her! One thing is for sure, when my mum sits idle at home, she constantly nags at each and everyone of us. My siblings and myself get the brunt of her nagging but in return (she doesn't nag my dad much because my dad will be nagging her even more!), we nag her to eat more meat and vegetables everyday! Like i mentioned in my earlier entry, chemotherapy takes a heavy toll on my mum and after every jab, her blood count drops to a very critical level. Coupled with the fact that my mum cannot take iron supplements because of a blood disorder, the only way she can regain iron is through meat. So...we nag her, she nags us. Now we get to hentam her the way she hentam us back when we were kids and aren't willing to eat when we are sick.'s fun because it happens every day during dinner time.

Oh man, look at the time now, it's almost midnight. Sigh...guess i will have to update my blog another time. Working really saps the daylight out of you. Once again, i want to thank all of you. I won't be mentioning names here because the list of God-sent angels are too long for me to list them all here. You guys and girls' words and encouragement really meant a lot to my family and i. I am very touched by the sincerity all of you have shown. Thank you. God bless all of you!

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bumb said...

nikolas i hope ur mummy get well soon...since she can take meat and vege aka solid mean tht means she is recovering right? u so good sure your mummy also good...I m sure god will bless ur whole family..

hugz..>:D< hehe