Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Training in Legend is giving me high blood pressure...

Note : The will be a lot of profanities in this entry. If you can't handle it, get the f**k out of here

TIU KAU LEGEND...MAHAI CHAU CHIBAI. You are not paying me anything and i have to endure all the shit. I am only a fucking trainee!!! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE THINGS HARD FOR ME! You fucking assholes want to play politics or scared to have your arrogant bastards on top of you to fuck you...go do the job yourself. Don't vent your anger on me when i cannot make any decisions.

My smart ass supervisor is too fucking busy (so it seems) to accompany the fucking contractors room to room to do rectification work...i can't make any fucking decisions on my supervisor's behalf and i constantly have to call back to office for instructions. He doesn't want to move his ass from his comfortable chair to get to the room in order to see what is the actual condition...and then when things go wrong, he comes and fuck me. Plus, my supervisor has no balls to stand up to his superiors and sticks to company rules to the letter. Come on man...he bitches about me to Tan saying that i listen to contractors instead of him. I have to face the contractors the whole fucking day!!!!! I can't piss them off because they can purposely fuck up the whole system...and at the end of the day, my head is on the chopping board again. One instance was during lunchtime. We were already on the 18th floor doing the last few rooms and it was already 1pm. How the fuck would i know the rectification would last more than an hour!? Yes, my supervisor did fucking call me to ask me to break for lunch but left two more rooms...i thought of finishing the whole floor so that we can by pass this floor altogether after lunch. Ah...then at around 2pm, that fucker supervisor of mine called me up to instruct me to go to a room on the 17th floor to double check if the network point is working or not. I told the contractors that i needed to check out that room, they offered to help me troubleshoot though they had nothing to do with it. They were nice enough to help me re-terminate the network module and troubleshoot from the riser room where the damn network switch was located. When i was about to finish, my bastard of a supervisor called me up and i told him what has transpired. He fucking screwed me for taking too long to complete such task. WHAT THE FUCK!? He said that all i needed to do was to check for connectivity and nothing more. Chau chibai...the contractors were kind enough to do me a favour to rectify that cabling problem for HIM...that my bastard supervisor fucked me for that. (I should have just asked the contractors to cut the fucking cable and i just report it as not working. That would have at least saved me from unnecessary fucking)

Plus, like i mentioned earlier, my supervisor has no balls. The contractors were kind enough to treat me to lunch at 3pm. He called me up to return to office when i just finished my meal. (that was also less than 20 minutes after i left the office). You know what that ball-less bastard told me? He said,"You cannot leave office after 3pm! You are not the same as the contractors! You can only have meals between 12 to 2pm. If HR sees you outside, they can fire you because you ponteng. If they were to question me about this, i will say i have nothing to do with it and i don't know anything." Mahai...i was with the contractors rushing to finish this fucking thing for him and he can fuck me because of a stupid lunch at 3pm? Chibet...if i were to go out and lepak for half an hour with the excuse i was heading to Legend College inside the Mall for support, neither he nor HR would know if i was really doing my work or not.

That was not the end. After completing all the rooms except one, the contractor requested that i give him a list of the rooms we visited for the past few days so that they have proof that they have completed their task. Hell...i need to print a copy for my supervisor, what's the problem with printing another one for them? When i got back to office...i immediately updated the excel sheet and printed two copies,one for my supervisor and one for the contractors. My supervisor saw it and he said,"Why print for them? They should have their own copy. You work for them is it? Do you work for them? No need to print!". Chau chibai...

I can assure you my supervisor will fuck me again tomorrow. Nevermind, i will bear the whole fuckload...i will then be transferred to Grand Seasons.'s so fucking stressful handling such things especially when your supervisor is as fucked up as mine. TIU!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Contractors,politics and working ethics

For a couple of days since last week, i have been working with my supervisor to ensure the network or patch points in each room on the 17th to 21st floor are working. Each of the newly renovated rooms will have a thin client which is a dumb terminal for the guests to utilize broadband internet. Since my supervisor has a lot of other responsibilities, he has entrusted me to oversee the contractors' rectification works. My job is pretty darn simple, bring a laptop and a patch cord (network cable), move from one room to another to check connectivity. If there are patch points which have been relocated by the contractors when they renovated the rooms, i have to ensure that they relocate them back to the original position. Easy task...but being the intermediary between my supervisor and the contractors is HELL!

Contractors kept complaining to me that my supervisor do not have a grasp on the actual situation and is making life difficult on them. In certain rooms, they argue with me that they cannot carry out rectification based on what my supervisor wants. I relayed this to my supervisor and he insisted that i instruct them to do what they were told. Being a trainee, my words don't carry much weight and i am sandwiched between two disagreeing parties. As if things weren't tense enough, we are supposed to go live on the 1st of December which means, all the renovated rooms must have a working thin client and the room can be rented out. It's already the 29th of November and about 1/5 of the rooms have connectivity issues or defects. Can we finish in time? I highly doubt it.

Besides, because of this project, I have seriously pissed off my supervisor. After working for 7 weeks here, today was the first time my supervisor got angry and screwed Tan and myself. It all began on Monday when i brought a laptop with a stupid DVD my department head gave me to test the laptop's DVDROM. Halfway checking the rooms, one of the contractors asked me to follow him to the riser room where the LAN switch is located. I spent some time there trying to troubleshoot some connectivity problem. Almost 45 minutes later, i returned to the room and by then, the other contractors found out about the DVD and were happily watching the show. Not knowing it was wrong to let them do so, i didn't stop them and soon, my supervisor came. My supervisor, not wanting to make a scene at that time, left without saying a word. Not long after that, i had to rush back to office to grab the crimping tools (the tool that makes the network cable's end points). My supervisor was discussing something with two vendors when i came in. In my eagerness to grab the tools from my supervisor, i interrupted his discussion. That was the last straw...i incurred the wrath of my supervisor the very next morning.

During my grilling session by my supervisor, never once did he raise his voice. He was visibly agitated but he kept his cool and explained to us what Tan and I did wrong. (I really salute Mr.Nicholas for this) Tan was screwed because he pissed off the Vice President of the company and I got screwed because of what i did the day before. Mr.Nicholas then explained to us that there are a lot of politics between departments. There are different departments involved in the renovation of the rooms and none of them like each other. If any of the other department staff saw me letting the contractors watch DVD in the room, they will use it against our department in the future. In addition to that, this project has created so much problems that the Senior Vice President (effectively the President) and the top level management staff are monitoring it closely. Any more foul-ups, heads will definitely roll. I personally don't give a rat's butt who gets fired...i just don't want to get involve in this company's politics.

On the final stretch of my rant,thanks to this stupid project, my transfer to Grand Seasons has been put on hold until further notice. The reason? I have been following this project all this while and neither Yap (who is returning from Grand Seasons) or Tan (who has been working under Mr.Chan) knows a single thing about it. Yap will continue his honeymoon at Grand Seasons while i have to face the contractors tomorrow. Oh yeah, it is as though i am fated to work with these contractors. They are also in charge of renovating the rooms at Grand Seasons and they start work in December. I just hope Mr.Balan (MIS supervisor at Grand Seasons) do not ask me to oversee the renovation in Grand Seasons...i don't think i can handle the stress.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Penang,to and back...

Saw this movie when i was in Penang on Friday night. My friends and i thought of watching a horror movie to scare the crap out of ourselves. Boy, were we "shocked!"
First of all, we noticed that The Fog which was supposedly a horror movie was labelled as "U" (which meant it was for general viewing) Hmmm...something's not right here.
The movie revolves around this small town island where the founders robbed a ship of lepers in the early 1800s. The 4 founding fathers promised to sell the lepers a huge chunk of the island but ended up murdering the lepers after they received the payment.
The 4 founders than built up a nice town with the money and 2 generations later,the dead lepers decided to come back for revenge by murdering everyone who touches The Fog. Though the movie's slogan was "pay for your ancestor's sins"...the spirits of the lepers were randomly killing everyone (there goes their catch phrase!). After much killing and mayhem...the lepers killed off all of the descendents of the founders except the lead actor. Then curiousity overwhelmed the lead actress and she decided to approach the lepers. The leader of the dead lepers came forward and kissed her. Amazingly after the kiss, the lead actress became one of them and the whole legion of dead lepers left. Sounds stupid? It is. My advice to you is, DON'T WATCH IT. This B-grade movie is no where near scary and the story is flawed!!! Don't bother buying pirated VCD/DVD or downloading this crap movie. It is a total waste of your time. Just DON'T WATCH IT!!!!

In the picture on the right is a Japanese Steamboat Restaurant which is located on Gottlieb Road. My friends and i decided to give it a try since we have never encountered any Japanese steamboat restaurants around KL. Before we stepped into the restaurant, the owner and his cohorts opened the door for us and began their hard-selling technique. They literally forced us to enter by insisting that we browse their menu inside. Since there were only the 5 of us in the restaurant, the staff devoted all their attention to us. After a brief and loud description of their menu, we placed our orders. Each of us is given an individual steamboat wok and they asked if we wanted spicy (tomyam) or non-spicy soup. To our utter amazement, we were charged an additional RM2 for the spicy soup when we thought it was included in our meal. Not wanting to make a big fuss out of it, 3 of us ordered the spicy soup. When the soup finally arrived, it didn't taste like tomyam but instead, it was so spicy that it numbed our tastebuds. Having such a spicy meal, we were forced to drink a lot of green tea. Again, to our amazement, they do not provide refills for tea!!! The cup they served us with can only contain less than 2 gulps of tea. (Even Genki Sushi or Sushi King provide refills) To make things worse, the staff zealously came to our table to turn down the stove. Each time they do that, they completely turned off the stove and we had to wait for them to start the fire all over again. As for the food stuff they gave us for the steamboat, not only was it small in portion, the vegetables had black spots all over it. When asked about it, they insisted that the vegetables were fresh and there is nothing they can do about it. At the end, we finished our meal in a hurry, paid for it (which was overpriced) and left for another food court nearby to have supper. This is the first and the last time we will ever step into that restaurant.
For those who are staying in Penang or paying this island a visit, just remember not to patronize this restaurant. The address is as follows;

Restoran Yosenabe Sdn.Bhd.
7M, Ground Floor, Jalan Gottlieb,
10350, Pulau Pinang

Its main branch is located at

763, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
Sungai Nibong, 11900 P.Pinang

If you cannot remember the address, just remember this signboard.
Don't patronize this restaurant!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hectic...hectic day

I wanted to relay my experience of a very stressful and hectic day in this entry but after typing a while, i realized, it was going to be a very long entry. I decided to axe it and just say this,



Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lesson learnt?

First Lesson: Morning

Mr.Chan received a call from front office (aka Hotel Lobby) stating that a guest in one of the Legend Crest rooms is not able to use the thin client to access the internet. I was dispatched to the scene to determine and rectify the problem. Armed with a Compaq/HP NX7000 Laptop that costs RM7500 and accompanied by a security personnel (a formality), i went to the room. The guest was just leaving and she told us to take a look at the thin client. At once i saw the LCD screen stating "Media is disconnected"...meaning the network cable was not attached to the thin client in the first place! I plugged the cable back and the problem was solved. (The security personnel couldn't stop himself from laughing his head off. Thank God the guest wasn't in the room.) Problem solved. I left the room and bumped into the guest at the lift. One the way down to the lobby, she and i had a brief chat.

Guest: Eh? That was fast. What was the problem?
Me : Oh, the network cable was disconnected
Guest: Oh! That was the reason? I took it off because i wanted to plug it into my laptop last night only to realize my laptop is a wireless one.
Me : (Looking puzzled) Em, you can still use the network cable on your laptop.
Guest: No no no...i can't! Mine is a wireless laptop. I tried to use the wireless connection but your front desk told me that i have to pay for it. Now the room has no wireless, i cannot go online.
Me : (Brandishing my laptop) Ma'am, my laptop also has wireless capabilities but i can still use conventional wired media. You can plug the network cable into your laptop. (Pointing to the network port on my laptop) This is where you should plug the cable and you can access internet.
Guest : Oh!!!! I didn't know that! Well, i don't really use the laptop, my son was whining about not being able to check his email and all. You know kids these days, they just need internet.
Me : Haha...yes ma'am! That's so true.

Just about then, the lift reached the lobby and we both bid each other farewell and left. Lesson acquired; Be patient with technology ignorant individuals and train yourself not to laugh at their stupidity.

Second Lesson : Late Afternoon

All 4 Vice Presidents and Senior Vice President (effectively the President of my company) congregated in my manager's office to look at some video footage. (Tan and i weren't in when they came) Prior to the arrival of the Senior Vice President, one of the VP (the largest in terms of width), hauled up the General Manager of the Finance Department and instructed him (as told by my Supervisor),"Ask all your staff to return to their seats. The Senior VP is coming. If they do not know how to sit properly, tell them to get out of the office!!!". Surely, the GM scrambled and did what he was told.
The same VP then came and ask my supervisor (Again, as told by my supervisor),"What's an iBlog?" My supervisor, not knowing what it was replied that he didn't know. The VP retorted,"What the hell did i hire you for!?"

Lesson acquired; You can be the most unreasonable bast*rd in the company as long as you are one of the big shots. Act arrogant all you want because no one dares to oppose you. (Well, cursing and posting hate mails to him behind his back is another story). If you want to be unreasonable and arrogant, be sure to play office politics and get to the top spot. If not, you will have to endure this crap from those who made it to the top.

End of Lessons.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Big buildings...

Looks very posh and classy eh? Not really. This is a corridor of Legend Hotel. This is floor is empty because it is undergoing some renovation. Yesterday and today, i was given the task to check out the connectivity of all the newly renovated rooms to see if the network ports are functional. My task includes dismantling the face plate, which is the plastic cover of the network port to see if there are PVC conduits. After that, i have to use the laptop to obtain a valid IP address from the server. It takes about 6-10 minutes per room depending on how hard it is to screw back the $@#$@#$@# face plates. Today, i had to finish up the rooms i missed out and re-check some of the rooms. My supervisor who followed me yesterday had to attend to other matters and left me after i finished checking 17th and 18th floor. This two floors were quite crowded because it was open for public though some of the contractors are still working. On the 21st floor on the other was deserted. I had to check more than 20 rooms on that floor alone.
I might sound like i am a sissy or a person who is easily scared. It's not that. I have stayed alone in a whole freaking resort up in Mount Kinabalu without fearing a single thing. Mind you, Mesilau Resort is smack in the centre of Kinabalu forest. Today, while i was doing my work on the 21st floor, i felt very uneasy. Though it was raining cats and dogs outside, it was so quiet on the inside till i can hear myself breathing. The corridors were brightly lit but throughout the time i was there, i felt bloody uneasy. Can't really explain why. I wasn't fearful of getting mugged or raped...something about the environment really creeps me out.
After completing my task on the 21st floor, i returned to the Legend Crest room (sort of a VIP standard room) on the 17th floor. There i met a cabling contractor in the room and also a kwai low (white man) who is the guest of the room. While i was trying to connect the thin client (dumb terminal which does not have any processing capabilities but utilizes the server's processor) to the server, i casually mentioned the uneasy feeling i had. He told me in Cantonese,"There are ghosts in this place". I jokingly replied,"Yeah,there is one ghost behind me(i was refering to the guest)" in Cantonese as well. (In the Canto dialect, Ghost is "kwai" and we also refer to white man as "kwai". Both kwai's have the same pronunciation) He then said,"No lah! I am talking about real ghosts here in this building! I have worked here so many times and i have encountered a lot of weird incidences.". Too bad he was in a hurry and left or i would have asked him to elaborate more.
Tomorrow,I still have to go up to the rooms to re-check to ports that were repaired today. Hmmm...i wonder if i will have any encounters? Haha...this is going to be fun!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ah...question of same sex marriage

Two days ago, The Star Online highlighted a same sex marriage between Jessie Chung and Joshua Beh. Yesterday, the Government and National Evangelical Christian Fellowship disapprove this couple's marriage. Personally, being a Catholic, i would definitely disapprove this marriage. I laud the Government and the relevant Church authorities that came out to speak against this "union". Of course, there are some non-believers and contemporary human rights activists would argue that this is absurd! Surely, if two individuals regardless of their gender truely love each other that much, they should be given the chance to get married. Love knows no bounds, if Jessie Chung and Joshua Beh can put aside the fact that both of them are men, why not let them seal their love with marriage?

If i were to argue this point by quoting the Bible or any religious text, a lot of so-called "let-love-rule" or non-believers will not accept it since they do not believe in my faith. Hence, i shall proceed by questioning "let-love-rule" concept. It seems to be a flawless concept. Heck, if they sincerely love each other, by all means, they should get together and live happily ever after. This applies to incestuous relationships. If a father truely loves his daughter and vice versa, both of them should f**k their brains out and solemnize their love by registering as a married couple with the relevant authorities. This applies to sibling love. If you truly love your elder brother/sister and he/she loves you too, go ahead and get married! Sounds ridiculous? I don't think so. The rationale here is if both individuals truly love each other, they should be permitted to marry. Incestuous relationship falls into this category, so why not?

One thing i hate about listening to all this talk of let-love-rule crap is their immature reasoning. You preach about allowing same sex marriage marriages because they do not affect you! You spout things about acceptance when you haven't encountered any of such instances in your life! Imagine your son/father/brother who decides to change his sex and marry another man. If you can honestly give blessings to this marriage (without b*tching about it), then you have all the right to advocate let-love-rule or human rights. Until you are truly convicted in the let-love-rule, please don't go around promoting what you don't truly believe in.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Working attitude...

My first impression when i was training at Legend Hotel was that this company is a bloody cheapskate and stingy company. It makes use of students like me to do all the donkey-monkey work for them. Each department has at least one trainee. To their credit though they do not provide any allowance but at least they do provide decent meals. After almost a month of working there, my perception on this company has not changed. It is still the most kiam-siap (stingy) company around but thanks to Mr.Nicholas (my supervisor), my perception towards the work given to me has changed.

It's true that i am doing technician work that even a Form 5 student can do. I used to bitch about it day in day out but like i mentioned earlier, thanks to Mr.Nicholas, i am beginning to enjoy what i do. Though Nicholas is a assistant manager, he never once bitch about having to do all the monkey donkey work. Going through reports and making us do inventory work. He is willing to learn everything no matter how stupid or menial a job is. For him, everything is knowledge and it is little things you learn that can help in the future. Unlike his subordinate who has the mentality of "don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't improve on it, just let it be until a problem pops up". My guess is because of this kind of mentality, he is still at the position he is after four years of working with Legend and Nicholas is where he is now though he is relatively young.

I am not saying all this because i dislike one and like the other. After a month of working there, Mr.Nicholas has shown me what proper attitude we should have. Like what The Star highlighted a week ago, graduates are not hungry enough. We tend to be picky at the work assigned to us or use money to measure its worth. What Nicholas shared with me has really opened up my eyes. As part of the future workforce, we can't have the tidak apa attitude. Money is indeed everything but don't let that hinder you from learning. Yes, you might be paid peanuts to work in a company like Legend but it is in this type of companies you get to learn a lot since you have to do every donkey job there is. Unlike big companies which are so departmentalized, in such smaller setups, we have to learn how to set up a network from scratch and later provide maintainence. That is why I have learnt more about technical aspects of Windows OS, printers and networking jargons in this one month compared to 4 years i spent in MMU. I doubt one can learn this much if you work in huge companies which limits your working scope.

Though i did mention that my manager was as arse in my previous entry Materialism , he has merit in making us realize that what we study in a university or from books can never equip us for the real working life. We all know this for a fact but i never thought that it would be that bad. No books will ever equip one for the rat race in this world. I am really glad i got thrown into this el-cheapo company and met my supervisor. I must say, he has really opened up my eyes. I look forward to the next menial task i do next Monday since i will be learning something new!

Now if only i can persuade my supervisor not to transfer me to Grand Seasons next month...which has literally a dead place. I rather work my arse off in Legend than to sit idle for a month in Grand Seasons.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A big thank you to all of you...

It's been 3 days since i posted anything in my blog, it's not that i do not want to but i am too busy with training and formatting my computer. To my amazement, i didn't realize a little revelation caused such a huge reaction amongst my friends. Thank you for showing your concern, giving me encouragement as well as those who prayed (i certainly hope you continue doing so! :Þ) for my mother, family and myself.

My mum is currently undergoing intensive radiotherapy at Damansara Specialist Centre and it will last for another 7 days. She has shaved her head bald since last weekend and i have to say, she looks so cute! Really, i am not joking! Her head is very smooth and round. Maybe one of these days i will ask her permission to post her picture in my blog. Hehe...she looks like a monk now. Even my grandma who saw her last Sunday couldn't stop laughing at her! One thing is for sure, when my mum sits idle at home, she constantly nags at each and everyone of us. My siblings and myself get the brunt of her nagging but in return (she doesn't nag my dad much because my dad will be nagging her even more!), we nag her to eat more meat and vegetables everyday! Like i mentioned in my earlier entry, chemotherapy takes a heavy toll on my mum and after every jab, her blood count drops to a very critical level. Coupled with the fact that my mum cannot take iron supplements because of a blood disorder, the only way she can regain iron is through meat. So...we nag her, she nags us. Now we get to hentam her the way she hentam us back when we were kids and aren't willing to eat when we are sick.'s fun because it happens every day during dinner time.

Oh man, look at the time now, it's almost midnight. Sigh...guess i will have to update my blog another time. Working really saps the daylight out of you. Once again, i want to thank all of you. I won't be mentioning names here because the list of God-sent angels are too long for me to list them all here. You guys and girls' words and encouragement really meant a lot to my family and i. I am very touched by the sincerity all of you have shown. Thank you. God bless all of you!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Faith is a wonderful thing

Some might categorize this entry as an "emo" one. I don't really mind because i am quite "emo" now.

Faith is something that be best describe as a sense of trust and confidence you have in someone or something. I believe that faith in God is not something one can obtain with a snap of a finger or any other means. Faith is given to an individual by God. We, mere mortals, can only ask for more faith from Him and through His Grace, He will grant us that. I have personally witness miracles happening because of Faith.

The first case was my maternal grandmother. Almost a month ago, my taoist grandma was at the verge of dying. The doctor discharged her from the ICU and told her family to make arrangements. She was in such a pitiful state that the doctors can only give her mild dosage of morphine and other drugs to keep her "high" and to numb her pain. Even she herself knew her time was near. On the 16th October morning, she work up early in the morning and told my eldest uncle in Cantonese,"Ask Jesus to bring me to Heaven". She, being a staunch taoist all her life, wanted to know Jesus.

My eldest uncle, respecting her wishes asked his siblings who are Catholics (he is a Taoist) to get a priest to baptize her. They managed for find Rev.Phillip Tan from St.Ignatius Church and she was baptized on that day itself. Miraculously, the very next day, blood has returned to her pale face and she can start eating porridge instead of liquid food. She started to tease people around her though she was still bedridden. 3 weeks down the road, she is now very healthy and can eat like a horse. (she eats a lot for someone her age!) She is still on a wheelchair but she is beginning to walk small steps with the help of her children and husband. Faith in Jesus has transformed a dying woman to a healthy grandma overnight. Miracle? It is definitely a miracle.

Another amazing miracle one i have witness is the strength one can derive from Faith. My mum is a living testimony. My mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of February this year. Having stage 2 cancer certainly comes as a shock to her and my family. She never shed a single tear when she heard the news. She took it in her stride and she had to comfort us instead! My mother braced herself and underwent a surgery to remove her infected breast and went through a series of chemotherapy to kill the remaining cancer cells. Never once did my mum cry or whine to us that it was agonizing. All she said was,"If this is the cross God wants me to bear, i will bear it for it is His will be done, not mine".

Six months down the road, she completed her chemotherapy and my family and i were relieved to have this ordeal behind us. As her doctor instructed, my mum went for her routine check-up and to her and our horror, the cancer cells have reached stage four (which is the critical stage) and has spread to her lungs and liver. Once again, according to my dad (who never left her side all this while) my mum did not shed a single tear nor did she lament why such cruel fate had befallen her. That was 10 October (the day i posted an entry entitled,"What the f**k?"). When we, the children heard about it, of course we were saddened but my mum explained to me (I am the only Catholic among my siblings) that i should not be angry with God neither should i blame God. She explained to me that it is His will be done, not ours and we will never comprehend what He is doing. My mum even had to explain to my non-believing siblings that God isn't a cruel being who loves to torment His subjects. This coming from my mum, has convinced me of how much Faith my mum has in God. My mum, being the one inflicted by such a dreaded and agonizing illness, instead of having her family comforting her, she had to comfort us instead. Isn't that ironic?

As if her current strong dose of chemotherapy isn't suffering enough, at her MRI scan today, it was shown that the cancer cells has spread from her lungs to her brain. When my mum broke the news to me after i got back from work, she saw my expression and had to tell me again not to blame God. My mum just shrugged and said that she will fight this to the very end but if it is God's will for her to return to Him, she would gladly do so. Man, it is so heart wrenching to hear words like this.

Seeing my mum suffer and yet still have such strong Faith really amazes me. I will continue to pray for my mum's well being and hope that God will grant me more Faith to accept that it is His will be done, not mine. So many things has happened but yet, i find myself more drawn to Him instead of blaming Him for everything that has happened to my family members. Thank you Lord Jesus for showing what Faith can do. Amen!

P.S: For those who read this entry, if you have the heart, please pray for my mum and my family. It has been a long and taxing year for all of us and we are confident, with the help of your prayers, we will be able to make it through this ordeal. Thanks. :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jobless Graduates?

The Star Online and its printed edition highlighted the problem of unemployed graduates all over the country. Titled "Graduate Sing The Blues" and "No job, no experience, No experience, no job!" What caught my attention is the fact that the articles mentioned that "They do not know how to communicate, especially in English" (They here refers to the unemployed graduates)

Well well well...isn't this "suprising"? Our Government scrapped English as a medium of education few decades ago resulted in this. Look at our parents' generation, those who are English educated have excellent command of the Language. Don't compare with those who are from Chinese educated background back then. They speak flawless English and have excellent writing skills. Take a good look at our generation now. Most MMU students from the so-called Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan alike can't speak proper English. Though our beloved University utilizes English as its teaching language, the Administration staff can't even speak an English sentence without grammatical errors. Same goes for some of the local lecturers. This reflects how bad the situation actually is.

Besides, look at our Public Universities. I was appalled when my friend studying in University Malaya lamented that he had to learn C-programming in Bahasa Melayu!!!! Another friend of mine studying Bio-Technology in University Malaysia Sabah also have to learn everything in Bahasa Melayu when all the reference books are in English. Pointers in C-language is called Petunjuk. C-library? Perpustakaan-C. Go figure. Our economy demands workers who are well versed in English and our Government has been so stupid to neglect this. What has our National Language done for us other than to allow us to order teh-ais and roti-kosong from our favourite mamak stall or to deal with Government departments? One thing i must credit the introduction of Bahasa Melayu is that it enabled all races to communicate with one another. Even this can be done if English was used as the Education language. Until some one points out the benefits of learning Bahasa Melayu, i find it very hard to see any benefits from learning this language.

Ah...i shall not go further lamenting on the flaws of our Government policies in this matter. At least they are trying to reverse the trend by reintroducing English for all science subjects in primary and secondary school syllabus. This is a good start! Till our Government have the political will to reverse all the flawed policies introduce by their predecessors, i dare say the language problem highlighted in The Star will continue to persist in many years to come.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Two days ago, while i was about to leave from work at the "Legendary" Legend Hotel, the manager of my Department, Mr.Li Sen decided to give the three of us a pep talk (so to speak). He began by questioning the basic networking items such as a crosscable, the difference between a server and a PC's hardware architecture and the difference between a Pentium III and Pentium IV. Of course, not being very well versed with networking jargons and hardware, Brian and myself were stumped. Tan was having a tough time answering the questions since he was targeted the most because he took CCNA before. Not satisfied with our answers, he asked us, "What do you plan to do after you graduate?". He started with me and i plainly answered,"Sales!". Mr.Li Sen gave me an incredulous stare and shot back,"Have you heard of Amway?". "Yeah, but i am thinking of going into medical sales. Selling generic drugs or such," I replied firmly. My manager then turned and gave my supervisor another unbelieving stare and turned his attention to the other two trainees. Both of them couldn't provide him an answer at all. At the end, he looked at my supervisor and sarcastically said,"What a wonderful crowd we have here!" and left. Of course, none of us really gave a rat's butt what he said during this little pep talk since he took up extra 40 minutes of our time. We ended our work at 1840 instead of the usual 1800.

Looking at my manager's reaction when he heard my answer, he must have been thinking,"You studied so much to obtain a degree and you plan to work as a bloody salesman?" I can't blame him, everyone thinks the same even my parents. Why must i be an Engineer even though i have an Engineering degree? What difference does it make if i become a salesman or a professional other than status? Call me materialistic or what not, to me, the most important thing is how much money you earn regardless of your profession. I can be a VCD/DVD peddler for all i care and i can earn more money than a senior lecturer in MMU. I have a friend who doesn't have a degree and he is now a car salesman. He earns on average of RM5000 permonth and if his sales is good, he can easily reach a five figure income. Compare this to an lecturer in MMU. They spent 6-8 years to obtain a degree and a masters/PHD and all they can earn after working so many years is about RM5000-6000. Isn't this pathetic?

My manager also stated that trainees like us should know more things than an average joe on the streets. The technician jobs our supervisor assigned us to can be done by a SPM student and if we wanted to do such menial jobs, we should apply a job at Imbi or Lowyat Plaza. At that point of time, (you guys know me) i really wanted to say,"Sir, you aren't paying me anything for three months and we are doing all the donkey work for you. You are making use of us and you dare make stupid comments like that?". Fortunately my sanity kept me in line else i would be repeating my final year!!!!

Mr.Manager there might think it's a crummy job being a meagre technician/salesperson at Lowyat plaza. That's typical of a salary earner and not a entrepreneur. I dare not say i am an entrepreneur yet but being a lowly salesperson is the start of an entrepreneur. A crummy technician who deals with all the vendors and suppliers can learn the ropes of running a computer shop and how to deal with customer/suppliers. Once he thinks he is able enough, he will start his own business in the same field. He might or might not succeed but at least his chances of striking rich is higher than an office worker who only barks at his subordinates and draws a fixed salary each month.

Think i am materialistic? I am. Don't give me the BS money can't buy happiness and all. True, money can't buy happiness but without money, you can't be happy as well. Open up your eyes! The world isn't as ideal as many of us think. It is a rat race out there. Money is an evil necessity that we must have. So the next time you hear someone mentioning that he/she wants to be a VCD peddler/salesman, don't give them the scornful look. He/she might be the next millionaire.