Monday, October 10, 2005

What the f**k?

My letter to God.

Dear God,

Once again, i question why are You so unfair. Things happen to my family members one after another. What the hell do You want? If You are all that compassionate and loving, why are You letting your faithful servants suffer and let bastards like rapists or murderers get away with what they do. Oh yeah...divine judgement when they die. Hmmmm...why not let them suffer for their sins on Earth? Oh no wait...You prefer to let good people suffer multitudes of sickness and agony for the fun of it.

Hell...forget what i said. I am ranting over and over again. I converted to Christianity knowing that You were never FAIR! You never was and never will be fair. Screw it. I am really pissed with You but i know that i will never comprehend Your doings. God, i pray for more faith and help me overcome this anger in myself. Let Your will be done and i pray for wisdom to accept that. Amen

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