Thursday, October 27, 2005

Taiwan mulls over banning corporal punishment

BBC News reported that Taiwan is in a furore over a teacher caning her student for submitting his homework 10 days late. Her act of administering the punishment was recorded by another student using a camera phone. Now, law-makers are pushing for amendments to the existing laws to ban corporal punishment altogether. According to the report, even President Chen Sui-bian and Prime Minister Frank Hsieh is throwing their support behind this move. If the amendment is passed, Taiwan will be part of the list of countries that has already banned any forms of corporal punishment. The list includes China, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Iceland, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary.

Woa...that seems to be an awful lot of countries that outlawed corporal punishment. The rise of middle income parents has brought forth a generation of pampered brats. What's wrong with caning a child if he or she misbehaved? I am not talking about caning a child until the child bleeds or requires hospitalization. That would be child abuse. Critics claim that confining a child or imposing a fine will sufficiently discipline a child and we need not apply any "barbaric" corporal punishments. I beg to differ. Say a teenager became a snatch thief and was caught during one of his/her snatching sessions. If we follow the rationale of not imposing corporal punishment, we would have this fellow detained in some detention center for a period of time. Wouldn't this be as barbaric as administering corporal punishment on the teenager? Incarcerating this individual for say 5 months, practically ruins his future altogether. How? Once you are sent to some Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre, the community will know and the society at large generally discriminates ex-inhabitants of such centres.

In my opinion, instead of abolishing corporal punishment, we should impose harsher punishments such as those in the Syariah Law. No, i am not advocating Islam here. By having harsh corporal punishments, one might think twice before committing a crime. In the Syariah Law, adultery is punishable by being stoned to death and stealing is punishable by chopping off the hand that stole. Barbaric? Yes, but it serves as a grim warning to the society so that they will reconsider before commiting any crimes. Look at the number of incest and rape cases in our country! Flip open your daily newspapers and i can assure you can find at least 2-3 cases each day. This does not include cases that are not reported! What has imprisoning or the few strokes of rotan done to prevent such inhumane acts? I'd say we castrate these bastards! Look at UK, they banned corporal punishments but their crime rates are rising every year!!!

Just think about it. Corporal punishment is indeed barbaric but crimes are equally as barbaric. Society at large hasn't evolved to a point where corporal punishment is not applicable. I'd say we keep corporal punishment and at the same time educate the society. Once they have reached a matured and civilised mindset (probably a couple of decades from now) only do we reconsider other forms of punishment. Till then, i doubt the world is ready for the abolishment of corporal punishment.


Lincoln said...

Spare the rod, and spoil the child.

"He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." (Proverbs 13:24)

Unka said...

Wonderfully said Lincoln. Thanks...

Eric_tan said...

Plz, dun want syariah law