Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dr.Mahathir's words of wisdom

It all started when Tun Dr.Mahathir made noise on the issuance of APs that affected the sales of Proton. This got Rafidah into hot soup and because of this, the whole nation has once again began criticizing Proton. At the end, after weeks of bickering and criticizing, Dr.M had had enough and said it would be better for Proton to close down. To make things more interesting, Dr.M claims that he doesn't know how Naza Ria became a National Car.

What puzzles me is that all the issuance of APs and Naza Ria's National car status happened when Dr.M was the Prime Minister. How is it possible for the PM not to know what his ministers are doing? The probable reasons i could think of are:-
  • The PM is so incompetent that he cannot manage his ministers
  • Rafidah was so daring to dupe her beloved mentor and issued the APs without consulting the PM
  • Rafidah intentionally dupe Dr.M into agreeing to elevate Naza Ria's status to a National Car.
I guess age really affects a human's mind no matter how brilliant you are, you will one day get old and be senile. Our beloved former PM is indicating every bit of a senile old man. What does he take us for? Morons? The words that come out of his mouth are absurd. How can a PM not know what his staff are doing especially when it deals with major issues such as the AP and National Car status? If that is really the case, this shows how stupid and incompetent the PM was till his ministers dare to do things behind his back. Seriously Dr.M, please don't treat us as imbeciles and shut your hole. You are embarassing yourself publicly.


KM said...

Dr. M is acting very childishly now. "Oh, Proton has been critised, might as well we close proton totally wahwahwah"


Unka said...

Yeah, that's why i said, he is getting old and senile. :P