Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have Card, Will Shop

This was taken from The Sunday StarMag 16 August 2009. Been wanting to upload it but never gotten around to do it. As much as it is a write up to promote Citibank credit cards, it does contain useful advise such as utilizing credit card rebates/discounts at certain food/mall outlets.

One thing that I beg to differ is that they encourage people to spend money they have yet to earn via zero interest instalment schemes (ZIIS). Unless you can afford an item with upfront payment, do not buy it i.e if you do not have RM 1,600 to buy a digital camera, control your urge to have it now and buy it when you have sufficient funds. Many people do not realise that it is these little instalment payments that is eating away your monthly income and prevents you from having sufficient money at the end of the month. Always make it a habit to save first and spend later instead of the current norm of spend first and use ZIIS to pay for it!

Well, I hope that you do take your time to read through this article. Cheers!

Bloody Ingrates!

Read this this morning and it really pissed me off. How could the children do this to their parents? I do not know what was the reason behind this but leaving the old folks to fend for their own under a school's staircase is bloody wrong. Note to parents, never leave your assets to your kids until you pass on for this might happen to you.

Taken from The Star 20 August 2009, page N51

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Money Talks In Cancer

This article was published in The Fit4Life of The Sunday Star (9th August 2009). The title itself is pretty self explanatory. I can relate to this because of my mum's battle with the same disease. I hope you do take your time to read it. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Best and the Worst

My first update in 6 months! Whoopie!To start the ball rolling... I'll share with you the newspaper cutting I had since Form 5. It's pasted on my desktop monitor. =)

P.S: This is to test the time it takes for FB to import this into my notes. LoL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chinese Dinners...

Checklist for Chinese dinners.
  • Brandy, beer, whiskey and more recently, cheap wine
  • Guests who shouts instead of conversing within the tolerable decible range
  • Late guests who were supposed to arrive at 1900 but arrives at 2000. This results in the late serving of food that has been prepared since 1830. (Cold lotus leaf rice/roasted pork anyone? Oh, you'll gulp it down anyway cause you were starving!)
  • Karaoke sessions by seniors who belts oldies which no one born before 1970's knows of. Plus, their singing encourages people to speak even louder! (refer to previous point)
  • Relatives who are more interested in your marriage/relationship with your other half. They will take turns in interrogating your parents and yourself on the person you are dating as if they are going to spend the rest of their lives with your other half. Your life will be even more miserable if you are a female above 25 years old and not seeing anyone at the moment.
  • Gossips on relatives who are not seated at your table
  • Gossips on relatives who are absent (even if he/she just left for the washroom)
  • Self-appointed director for the night. He/she will volunteer themselves to dictate how the toast and cake cutting ceremony should be. How to spot these individuals? They are usually the ones who instruct others on top of their lungs on how the camera angle should be, who should be toasting first, how to cut the cake... etc. Erm... i think you get the picture.
  • Purpose of the dinner! Well... erm... not really. Who cares about reason for the dinner? Chinese dinners are avenues for old uncles and aunties to gather and get drunk. Heck, even funeral wakes are avenues for these old folks to gamble and do the things listed here. LoL.
Conclusion? Chinese dinners = another weak excuse for seniors to get drunk.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Oh God... it's been forever since I last wrote in here. It's 0145 in the morning as I sit in front of my laptop pondering on what happened to my blog! I love writing down my thoughts and ever since I have started working, this has taken a back seat! Hmmm... If I were to say that I was too busy to update my blog, that is simply not true. I had ample time to do so due to the flexibility of my job. I have forsaken so many simple pleasures in life (such as blogging!) since I left MMU in June 2006. It's time I take some time to reflect on 2008 and start my 2009 with new resolutions and goals! Restarting my blog is definitely one of my 2009 resolutions! LOL.

I bid you adieu 2008... 2009~ Here I come!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

Please be advised that this entry has expletives.

I used to be very temperamental person and my fuse was very short. At a moment's notice, I can transform from a mild mannered Uncle Chan to "You-don't-want-to-fuck-with-me" person. Hence, I was labeled as the PMS guy back in my early undergraduate days. Like they say, a person mellows with age but despite toning down considerably in my temper, I still had days when I blew up. My good friend Eugene Cheng can give testament to that. My temper even created discomfort amongst my close good of friends. All of that changed when my mum passed away in 3 March 2006. As I watched my mum drew her last breath, I knew life was too short... too short for me to be having so much anger and grudge against others. Soon after my mum's passing, I made it a point to apologize to all my friends. The first whom I seek apology from was Eugene. Thank God he forgave me and though we are not best of friends now, we are at least friends. From this experience, I have never blew my top nor did I hold any grudges against another person. It is also due to this experience, I have manage to handled rejections better. In fact, I have come to a point where rejections are not taken personally and it is only part and parcel of my line of work.

I have held steadfast to my belief that it is not worth getting angry or let anger control me until last Saturday... A series of events had happened for the past few years and I brushed them all aside because I knew this particular individual's behaviour. I didn't mind that he never liked the fact that I am not a hokkien-lang (hokkien clan). I couldn't care less with the knowledge that he disliked me because of my Christian faith (Oh, he did try to pass on some "bullet-proof" Buddhist charms to me which he claims can make me invulnerable to gun fire! Woohoo!). Unfortunately for me, I am not the type who will suck up to him or sweet talk my way through so that I can get into his good books. The treatment he gave me all these years... I took it in my stride. However, what transpired last week awaken my long sleeping demons; anger and grudge. When I found out on Thursday what his thoughts on me were, I was totally taken aback but I still manage to keep my cool. Such revelations can really hurt a person especially when it came from a person whom will be kin in the near future. The straw which broke the camel's back happened last Saturday noon. I went to his place to meet this individual who is very dear to me (who unfortunately stays with this asshole... for now). I was early and I didn't know the person whom I seek wasn't at home. So, I rang the bell a couple of times and out comes the asshole.

Me: Good afternoon uncle!
Asshole : ******* is not in! She's not in!
Me: I know, she's on the way back and she's almost here already...
Asshole : Ok ok...

And the asshole happily walked back into the house before I could utter another word. Leaving me standing under the 4pm hot sun for the next 15 minutes while I waited the return of my good friend. That really made my blood boil...

Now, here's a checklist;

He dislikes me for not being Hokkien ...
I can take it

He dislikes me for being a Catholic ...
I can still take it

He treats me like dirt most of the time while I am at his place ...
I can manage it.

He views me with disdain because of my profession ...
I can barely take it in... but still ok
He thinks I am a gold digger going after his assets...
This shook me a bit. I never thought he would view me as such even though I have known him for 7 fucking years and the fact that my family is much better off than his. However,I kept a lid on it and took it all in.

He can't even extend common courtesy to me and made me wait in the sun...
It may seem trivial, but that was really the fucking last straw.

If he was a friend of mine, I would have ended our friendship. If he was a client of mine, I will just cancel his policy and ask him to fuck himself. Unfortunately, circumstances made it as such I have to see his fucking face for the rest of my fucking life. Thanks asshole for this shit. If I have the opportunity, I would have said this to him;

Dear asshole, I wish you well and hope you change for the better soon. As far as I know, people like you tend to die a lonely death... since you would have pissed off your family and friends before you move on... Eh wait, what friends? I almost forgot that your definition of "friend" is "gold digger". Oh... my bad. Well, good luck to you and thanks for reawakening my friends "Anger" and "Grudge". The next time I beat them back into submission, I would have definitely become a better person. As for you, I can only look forward to see you die a slow, lonely and agonizing death. Cheers!

P.S: Pardon me for putting up such an entry this time. I really had to get it out of my system before I let Mr.Anger and Ms.Grudge overwhelm me.